How To Be Confident? – Develop & Improve Self-confidence

Theodore Roosevelt has rightly stated that ‘believe you can and you are halfway there’, this is all about self-confidence.

Even though, people might call themselves of having a lot of self-confidence, at least in some point of their lives, they feel themselves to be down under without even a single percentage of self-confidence.

When self-confidence and self-esteem goes down, it will create a lot of mental issues in men and women.

This is why, it becomes important that people should learn how to develop and improve self-confidence, so that they can easily get out of the tough periods in their lives and can enjoy a great improvement both in their personal and professional life.

Develop and improve self-confidence

If you want to be a man/woman of confidence, here are some tips that will come handy:

improve self confidence

Change your perspective:

Self-confidence is all about your view of your own abilities and its level will be usually determined on the basis of overcoming certain difficult and tough situations in life.

Here are some tips that will help you in changing your perspective:

Identify your talents:

Remember that each human being is good at something. God has created us with some hidden talents and all it takes is to discover the talents that are hidden in you.

You can give yourself the pride of your talents. When you feel inferior, you are victimizing yourself. So, never let this victimization happen to you.

Try to express yourself, you can choose tools like dance, writing, music or art for expressing yourself. Also, when you can add many interesting things to your life, you can gain better confidence and this will also give you the chance to develop many new friends.

Take pride in good qualities:

Identify the talents that make your personality great. It can be anything like your ability to cope under stress, listening ability, your sense of compassion or your sense of humor.

You might so far been thinking that there is nothing admiring about your personality. But, when you dig deep into yourself, you will realize that you have a wide range of admirable qualities.

Write them down and whenever you feel low in confidence, these write ups will boost your confidence to a great extent. You will find that the positives in you outweigh the negative points that create concern about yourself.

Identify your insecurities:

Think what makes you feel ashamed of yourself? What does your inner mind says about yourself? Whatever thought bogs you down should be identified.

It might be a negative experience in your life or regrets you experienced in the past or anything of similar fashion. Give that feeling a name and write it down in a paper.

You can just tear out the paper into small pieces and can say to yourself that those are past events and they will never disturb me again. This will surely increase your confidence level to a great extent.

Talk about it with your close friend or well-wisher:

When you can talk about your past rejection to someone, even if the person cannot help you find a solution, you can feel somewhat relaxed about the past event.

This does not mean that you will have to get rid of whatever makes you feel bad, but it means that you should try to understand and accept yourself and your past without necessarily thinking them as something bad.

If one of your friends can give you the encouragement that you are capable of tackling your insecurities, it would be better. But, if you do not have any such person behind you, there is no other option other than acting as a cheerleader for yourself, even though, it is something tough to achieve.

Bounce back from your mistakes:

The important point to remember when you are worried about your past mistakes is that no one is perfect in this world.

Even, the most confident people have insecurity. At some point in their lives, people feel that they lack something.

Remember that life is full of bumps down the road and insecure feelings often come and go. The repeated thoughts depend on whom we are, who is living with us, the present mood, etc….

So, if you are worrying about a mistake, remember that it is the past mistake and you should apologize for it and should take steps to ensure that it should not happen in the future.

This should be done rather than worrying about the mistake again and again.

Adopt a positive mindset:

Try to avoid pitying about yourself and also avoid the pity and sympathy of others. You should never allow others to make you feel inferior.

If you continue to show your dislike for yourself, others around you will also do the same thing. On the other hand, speak positive words about yourself and about your future and your progress.

Do not hesitate to project your confidence and strengths to others. When you do this, you can move forward in a positive direction.

Whenever you find that a negative thought pops in your mind, counter attack it with at least two positive thoughts. You can continue this exercise, until negative thoughts fear to arise in your mind.

Stop comparing:

Finally, stop comparing yourself with others. God has created each human being as a unique individual as against others.

So, never compare yourself with others, but you can compare yourself with your past and the present and can enjoy your improvement, which will automatically boost your confidence level.

So, take the above-mentioned steps to control your destiny, rather than allowing others to control it.

Using these tips you can develop and improve your self-confidence.

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