How to get Media Jobs like “Barkha Dutt”?

I think title of the article is very clear. It is all about the media jobs. Younger generation in India is very much interested about the jobs associated with it.

In this article we shall discuss what is a media job? Then we will look at some reasons that why it is so trending in India. Moreover, we will find out how media jobs are different from other jobs in the market.

Then I will tell you how you can get a media job and more importantly what you should have to it.

Then we will conclude with the future of media jobs.

What is a Media Job?

So, what are media jobs? I think in the title I mentioned the name “Barkha Dutt” and you must know what she is doing.

Thus, basically media jobs are related to the mainstream media and entertainment industry. Although media jobs could be a vast topic but here we shall touch some of the basic things that people what to know it.

As I said, Barkha Dutt is nothing but a journalist. Therefore, first job is journalism. Journalism could be print as well as electronic. Young students are mainly interested in the electronic journalism.

They know very little about the print journalism. There is a reason for this, we shall discuss in coming paragraph.

Journalism is not the only job that comes under the media jobs but there are others like PR or public relations.

Journalism and PR are the two media jobs that young students are interested in. Hence, it must be clear that what a media job is.

Why Media Jobs are Trending in India?

Why in last 5 to 10 years media jobs have become so popular in India. Well! The first obvious reason could be the opening of cable networks and satellite TV channels.

If you know, today in India there are more than 700 channels running of all types. Soon it is going to be more than 1000. Now these numbers are huge and it suggests there is a boom in this industry.

Out of 700 many are new channels. And the most profitable channel to run by the business owners are the News and Entertainment especially the former one.

So, to run a news channel successfully they need ground reporters, journalists, TV presenters, cameraman and other crew members. Thus, for recruiting journalists and tv presenters they look out for young as well as experienced candidates.

A lot of job opportunities have been created related to media because of boom in the industry. This trend is further going to increase.

How Media Jobs are Different from Regular Jobs?

Jobs related to media industry are bit different than regular jobs like doctor, engineers, Lawyers etc. Jobs in electronic media are glamorous. You will get name, fame and money.

On the other hand, print media does not have these things. In fact, younger generations are interested in media jobs only because of fame and money. They want to get popular instantly.

You will not get fame in regular jobs.

It is not that media jobs are only glamorous and there is no hard work in it. But at times these jobs could be very demanding for field reporters unlike TV presenters.

Moreover, in media jobs you get to build a lot of connection with the people who are rich and powerful. You can know them through developing contacts. You will enter the circle of power elite which are politicians, businessman and other officials.

These things make media jobs totally different than regular jobs.

How can you get a Media Job?

Well! You all know that to get a media job you must be a graduate and have a degree in mass communication for a reputed college in India. We all know this. But here I mean something else.

You do not get a job just with a degree in mass communication because thousands of other candidates are also waiting. So how do you stand out from the rest and get a job in popular news channel.

The X factor that you need is a developed personality. Your personality should be developed and ready to handle any situation. In media jobs, just academic qualification does not work, especially in electronic media.

As you have seen all these TV anchors have a developed personality. Fortunately or unfortunately, electronic media is more about appearance rather substance.

Thus, develop your personality with academic qualification if you want to get a job in the media industry.

Top 10 Mass Communication Colleges in India

Some of the best mass communication colleges in India are the following

  • 1. Indian Institute of Mass Communication New Delhi
  • 2. Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai
  • 3. International School of Business and Media, Pune
  • 4. Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune
  • 5. Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
  • 6. Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad
  • 7. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
  • 8. AJ Kidwai Mass Comm Research Centre, Jamia Milia, New Delhi
  • 9. Manorama School of Communication, Kottayam
  • 10. Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore

What is the Future of Media Jobs?

Now, we shall discuss the future of media jobs in India. A young student who wants to get admitted to above mentioned colleges would surely like to know what future holds for him.

According to me, the future of media and entertainment is very bright. This industry is growing rapidly hence it will require more manpower to meet the demands.

Still, in our country there is a dearth of information in rural part. So in future to spread information in every corner of the country we will see more news channel mushrooming.

Therefore, the future of a mass communication student is great.


Finally, I will conclude by saying media jobs are great and it is different than regular job as it is more glamorous. Here personality matters more than the academic qualification.

Moreover, the future of media jobs is very bright. All students who want to get a job in media industry must start developing a personality from now on.


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