Is Becoming a Chef a Good Career Choice in India?

A Spanish Proverb says that it is the belly that rules the mind. Yes, as and when you are hungry or crave for some delicious foods, the only thing that will occupy your mind at that time is food and more food.

Every individual right from fitness enthusiasts to those with jaded palates, loves to pamper his/her taste buds with tickling flavors.

Earlier, people had no other options other than waiting for wedding parties to taste their favorite foods. But, nowadays, they can relish their favorite food on any day, just by visiting their favorite restaurants.

Cooking was seen as a daily chore or activity some years ago, but this trend is changing nowadays. Yes, it is now considered an art and many youngsters show interest towards mastering this art.

Earlier, the jobs of chefs were not considered a job of high esteem. But, now with the growth and development of hotel and restaurant industry, there is an unmatched demand for people with expertise in cooking.

Nowadays, chefs are evolving as glamorous personalities and money churners as well. They are earning respect in the society as well.

There was a period when graduates in this culinary and hotel management were seeking jobs in gulf countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia, just because of the great demand and high pay.

But, now this trend is changing and with the development of hotel management and hospitality industry in India, chefs are in great demand. Furthermore, these experts are earning well in India.

career as chef

Scope and career prospects for chefs in India:

As most of us know and accept, ambition is the key for any successful career. An individual may get many opportunities, but the suitable thing he will have to do is to identify the right one at the right time to shine well.

When you are determined in a particular career, you are sure to cover miles with your skills, patience and hard work.

In India, an unprecedented growth is experienced in the culinary industry and this has brought about an increase in the demand for professional chefs.

If you get professional competence and education as a chef, you can multiply your employment prospects in different verticals in a catering establishment. Some of the positions in which you can find job in India include:

  • Recipe book writer
  • Base kitchen caterer
  • Cookery show host
  • Cuisine ship caterer/Railways/Airlines caterer
  • Event caterer
  • Wedding caterer
  • Restaurant manager
  • Deputy chef
  • Chief chef
  • Pub manager

What can you earn as a chef?

As far as salary is concerned, it relies on various aspects like confidence, specialization, experience, expertise and personal skills. Another variable that determines your pay is the place in which you work. However, trainee chefs can make somewhere between Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 per month.

Once you gain some experience of about 10 years or so, you can expect to take home somewhere between Rs.40,000 and Rs.50,000. Even, executive chefs are making somewhere between Rs.1 to Rs.2 lakhs per month.

In the case of luxury and deluxe hotels, the take-home will still be more. In addition to hotels and restaurants, you can also find jobs in bars and night clubs, food service sector or you can also open your own food service store.

Personality traits needed:

Now, you are aware of the fact that becoming a chef is really a good career choice in India, but you will have to check whether you possess the following personality traits to shine as a chef:

  • You will have to adapt yourself to the different food habits and cultures of others. So, you should possess this skill.
  • You should keep updating your knowledge on a regular basis and you should have the desire to try cooking different new dishes.
  • You should also keep yourself updated about the new cooking technologies and methods if any introduced in the market then and there.
  • Other pre-requisites include, love and passion for cooking, calmness and service mentality.
  • You should also possess the ability to work as a team with other cooks.

Educational qualification needed:

To become a chef and particularly if you are interested in finding jobs in star hotels, it is important that you should obtain a degree in hotel management and catering technology from a good institution. There are also diploma and certificate courses in this field as well. There are good many institutions in India to take up these courses.

Your idea of becoming a chef is something great. So, work towards it and enjoy a great career.

  1. If any industry is evergreen and always has careers, jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities its the food industry.Chef is the main person who is at the helm of any food business organisation.So going for food production based careers is always better.All other higher education career streams are more dependent on the market trends where as Chef Careers are not.India being the second largest population in the world and with only 12% people eating outside ……..just imagine the opportunities when 25% to 30 % people of India start eating outside and reduce cooking at home.So I can confidently say that Chef Careers are evergreen and will only increase but never on a down slide.
    Aela BK
    Culinary Academy of India.

  2. If not food tell me which Industry is Flourishing ………….manufacturing is down, IT they throw out people anytime they like, BPOs are passé, Robots are taking over Automobile Industry is being taken over by Robots, most of the IT Segments will throw out people as AI is going to take over Human work force…….
    Today Food, Catering, Culinary and Food processing Industries are the most happening segments and Chefs will be in a Great Demand. A Time was there when Cars were sent to BPO Employees to pick them up and drop them back. A day is soon coming that all food and food Production employees will enjoy all such privileges. This is the right time to get into the Food Industry and make it big. TO Become a chef there’s no short cut. Join a good Culinary Institute like Culinary Academy of India run and managed by Chef Sudhakar of which I am an alumni. I am into exclusive Vegetarian Catering in Pune and cater to small numbers but serve very authentic Maharashtrain Food with quality. Today my chef who’s not even 10th pass makes more money than a Middle Level MNC employee. He may not be qualified but he’s got an art to satisfy the Five Senses of a Human Being with his food.
    Thengal Varadkar

  3. Hey Guys,
    I want know some info about the career as a chef which i would have an interest on it. I have 2 years of commis chef experience in New Zealand but i don’t have any specified qualification in it so thinking to pursue a career in india as a professional chef . could you guys please help me out weather the experience which i had is helpful?
    how can i find jobs and how much income i can expect?

    Thanks in advance ,

    Cheers Guys.

    1. Hai ,
      Please contact the culinary institute in Hyderabad. They offer very specialised courses for experienced people. I was working in Carnival Cruise lines as Chef Tournant and I felt I need a professional qualification go up the career ladder. I approached Culinary Academy of India and they offered me Advance Diploma ion Culinary Arts. The course was excellent and was well delivered by highly qualifies and technical faculty. Including the Director Chef Sudhakar has conducted the grade manger classes for me which were of very high quality and such works I have seen in the ships only.I don’t remember the contact number but you can browse on the net and get in touch with them.

    2. As you already have some experience that too overseas Experience.I suggest you contact Culinary academy of India Hyderabad and check with them. This is a very professional college and enjoys a very good reputation in the hotel and culinary industries. They conduct some special Culinary courses for people like you. I have seen lot of foreigners come to cai and learn various cusisnes. The college itself is headed by a leading and well known culinary professional chef Sudhakar.Wish you all the best.

      Sachin Nag
      Higher Education Counsellor

  4. Sir u just told about india wt about out side india wt is their monthly payment there sir plz let me know it

  5. Sir, I want to choose my carrer as a chef.But,i didn’t did hotel managment.please tell some other alternatives for it

  6. Iam intrested in courses at Culinary Academy of India.But its very tough to get an admission ,Iam trying to get into Bachelors degree in culinary arts,Can anyone guide me to get an admission into this course pleas?

  7. Chef career is the most sought out career now .As an alumni of Culinary Academy of India I have seen may students who left their degree of engineering,Finace and other and Joind the chef course

  8. hloo sir,
    i am Rudrendra Singh. i am a student of class 12th. i love coocking. i wont to become a chef. and i don’t know any think about this field.. so plzz help me..

  9. Consider taking up a chef course at Culinary Academy Of India!Top culinary arts colleges in India.They offer

    Bachelors degree in Catering technology and culinary arts
    One and half year Craft course in food production
    PGDCA-Post graduate diploma in culinary arts

  10. Hello sir/madam its chander , i am graduated with honours in economics (B.A. ECONOMICS hon.) But i want to choose my career in cooking so it is a good idea for me or not please suggest me . I love cooking

  11. Hello sir i am Anuja Gangawane and i took admission for chef will it be ok just i want to know how to be a sussesful chef and further career.
    And salary N further jobs

  12. HOW Can you say that?
    do yoy evwn know whats the culinary scene here in India. I think you dont. So listen.
    Kitchen is one of the most brutual place to work, here in Indian. The “dignified job” you were talking about, completele bullshit. Constant abuses are hurled at you, the environment is full of negativity, you work for about 13-15 hours a day and at the end, you make about 10,000.
    How can you even say that this sector is dignified career choice. 15 hours standing in the heat, constatly doing work while listening to abuses is not somwthinf your parents have raised you to do. Im pretty sure of that.

    1. hiiii,
      sorry to hear that. actually i was planning to take culinary arts. so , i wanted to know all this u said , is this from ur personal experience? did u also take culinary arts?
      would be very thankful if u answer my questions…
      need some guidance
      my contact : 7989396681




  14. Dear Sir,

    Greetings for the ananta,udaipur.

    My self nitin patnaik working as a pastry chef.
    total experience 16 years started in oberoi group of hotels.

    Nitin Patnaik
    my contact no

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