5 Symptoms of Job Burnout and Ways to Stop it

What is burnout? symptoms of Job burnout can affect physical and mental health. Understand the signs of burnout and how to deal with work burnout and overcome
symptoms of Job burnout
Competition is stiff, and every company, small or big, wants to stay ahead of its competitors. For staying ahead, they need every employee in their organization to perform exceptionally well. In a race to perform well, employees are often overburdened with work beyond their working capacity. This leads to job burnout among the working class. Many working professionals face this problem. However, how do you come to know that you're actually suffering from job burnout? Well! If you're suffering from job burnout, then it's really not that difficult to find out?

Here are 5 symptoms of job burnout

symptoms of Job burnout

1. Getting Agitated Quickly

The first and obvious symptom of job burnout is you get agitated for no reason. Your behaviour towards others wouldn't be civil anymore as you start arguing with them for small things. You might've noticed your colleagues or family members talking loudly and showing their frustration and anger while they're in conversation with others. If you find a person at your workplace or in the home whose behavior is hyper, then he or she is a victim of job burnout.

2. Bickering With Family and Friends without any Reason

A person suffering from occupational burnout usually vents his or her anger at their family. You would've indeed observed your dad that he might bicker over petty issues with your mom when he comes from his office. It is a clear sign of job burnout. There is a sudden outburst of emotions as the person cannot control what's inside him. Job burnout surely affects your personal life as well. Not just family, but a person could get into a spat with his or her friends for no good reason. Thus, who's bickering with family and friends means he is affected by job burnout.

3. Gradually Degrading Job Performance

The third symptom of job burnout would be the gradual degradation of your job performance. Your boss and peers might complain that you aren't performing at your level. In your office, you're not able to concentrate on the work given to you. Your work efficiency would be significantly reduced, affecting your performance. Hence, your seniors would come to know that you're undoubtedly affected by work burnout.

4. Deteriorating Mental and Physical Health

Now comes the severe effects of job burnout. Your health condition might start deteriorating, leading to mental and emotional exhaustion. Mentally, you're going to be disturbed, and there will also be a negative impact on your physical health. Job burnout could affect your mental balance to a large extent. Your physical health is also closely related to mental balance; hence, it will also bee affected.

5. Slipping into State of Permanent Depression

State of permanent depression could be the most extreme symptom of job burnout. However, it is a reality that job burnout could go that far. If you're living in a continuous state of depression, then you might be because of job burnout. Although it is very rare in today's world where competition is so tough, it's quite possible that a person slips into depression because he can't take the pressure. In cities, you could know many such cases where working professionals run into a state of depression. Even a failure can get the job.

How to Deal with and Get Out of Job Burnout

Symptoms of Job burnoutWell! You can easily get out of job burnout if you're affected by it. It's quite easy to do, and you can come out of any depression within a few months. You can very well come out with even an extreme level of depression. Here are some of the quick ways of job burnout recovery

1. Realizing You're in Trouble and Accepting Rehab

The first step for coming out of job burnout would be to realize that, indeed, you're in a depression. Normally, the person who is in a case of job burnout pretends to be OK and denies he's in any trouble. Hence, he has to come out of the denial mode and realize he is in great trouble and then accept rehabilitation or other kinds of treatment. If a person is not admitting, he's ill, how could someone cure him.

2. Speak to Your Spouse or Close Friends

You can open up with your spouse and speak candidly if you're in any trouble. Speaking to others always helps in sharing your grief and feeling better. You can tell what's inside you and share your inner feelings and listen to your heart

3. Take a Break

The best way to beat job burnout is to take a break from your hectic daily life. You can go to a quiet place and spend quality time with your spouse or even stay alone. If you sit quietly and talk to yourself, it will surely help you to get lighter and feel relieved. Giving time to you is the most important thing.

4. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and different forms of mediation could also help you cure job burnout. You can find so many yoga centers in urban cities where you could go and meditate for some time. Yoga is the easiest and most effective way to counter job burnout.

5. Visiting a Counsellor

Finally, if nothing works for you, you could visit a counselor who could help you come out of job burnout. Although it will cost some money, it can be worthwhile if you come out of depression. A counselor could address your exact problem and give ways to come out of it. So don't hesitate to visit a counselor. If you're suffering from job burnout, then there are ways to come out of it completely. You can become normal and beat all odds if you follow the above mentioned tips to beat job burnout.
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