10 Simple Ways to Improve English for Interview

Generally, when you get interview call letters, you will be preparing yourself for the interview like you will decide on the dress to wear, you will collect details about the company for which you are attending interviews and you will make sure that you are fine with everything.

But, how about your communication skills? Are you good at English, which is the universal communication medium?

You might be good at written English, but when you are attending interviews, you should converse and for this you need a good spoken English to impress the interviewers.

Even though, some candidates would be sound in technical skills, just because of their lack of communication skill in English, they find it hard to get a job placement.

10 Ways to Improve English

If you are concerned about your communication English, here are 10 simple ways to improve English forimprove_english an interview, so that you can attend the interview with confidence:

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1. Observe the mouth movements

Try to develop friendship with people, who are good at spoken English. All you have to do is to just observe their mouth movement and how they pronounce words. The more you observe, better you will be in a position to pronounce words.

2. Watch television news channels

If you do not know anyone, who is good at conversational English, the best thing you can do is to watch television shows and English movies. You can watch television news channels like CNN if you are interested in improving your American English slang and can watch BBC if you wish to be good at British English. But, when you watch the news, you cannot expect any emotional speeches and if you want to know how people talk to express their emotions, you can just watch movies and serials.

3. Dictionary

Try to familiarize yourself with phonetic symbols from the English dictionary. There are handy dictionaries available these days and whenever you come across new words, you can refer to the meaning and can note it down, so that you can learn those new words in appropriate places in your life. If you have smartphone, there are apps that can help you in this respect.

4. Note down

If you come across some words that are not easy to pronounce for you, the best thing you can do is to request people, who are good at this language to pronounce these words. Also, if possible note down how they pronounce the words in a manner that you can easily understand when you see it in the future. Even, you can record the pronunciations as well for listening in the future to practice.

5. Pronounce the end of different words

Pay attention to the words that ends with ‘s’ and ‘ed’. This will help you in strengthening the mouth muscles to a great extent, which in turn will improve your pronunciation as well.

6. Read aloud in English at least for 15 minutes each day

Experts are of the opinion that at least three months of continues practice is important for developing strong mouth muscles for speaking any language. So, the best thing you can do is to read aloud some content in English on a daily basis at least for 15 minutes. This will not only improve your pronunciation English, but will also improve your vocabulary and sentence structure knowledge to a great extent.

7. Be patient

Remember that you can change the way in which you speak. But, it cannot happen all of a sudden like a magic. People look for instant results and so they give up the steps they take towards achieving their goal believing that they cannot achieve it. But, patience is of utmost importance and so you do not give up your efforts towards improving your English.

8. Understand the version of English you should speak:

Do not forget that different slangs of English are present in the world. A word used in the United States has a different meaning in the UK. So, identify it and accordingly make your preparations before attending any interview.

9. Record your voice for identifying mistakes:

You can join a spoken English training and can record your slang then and there to play it in front of your trainer and can request the trainer to point out the mistakes, so that you can correct accordingly. Even, there are trainers, who offer training online through Skype.

10. Make use of the internet

There are good many sources on the internet, where you can find lessons for free to improve both your spoken and written English. You can make effective use of these sources.

Nowadays, learning any language has become easier with the help of advancement of technology. So, you need not have to worry about your English preventing you from finding the best job. So, learn and practice well to achieve your goal of attaining fluency in both spoken and written English and find the right placement opportunity.

  1. respected sir,
    i have always understand the english and writing english well but i don’t have speaking well. i am want to speaking english well.pls help me sir how i am done this.pls tells me some websites which are helpfulled me.sir,i think you are very help by me to prepare my eng well.

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