Pros and Cons of Indian Navy Jobs

You might be surprised to know there is a shortage of young officers for our defense services.

Whether it is Army, Air Force or Navy they are all running short of officers. Why is it so?

Well in this article we look at navy jobs and try to examine all the possible pros and cons of the job.

It will help to make a decision whether to go for the navy jobs or not.

Pros of Indian Navy Jobs

1. Secured Job and Lifetime Pension

The first major advantage why young candidates can go for a navy job is a secured job and a pension for life time.

Once you join you will always be part of Indian Navy and you don’t have to worry about your payments. Moreover you also get pension after retirement that is not there in other private jobs.

Job security is guaranteed.

2. Experience and Exposure to the World

The navy job can give you an experience and exposure to the world like no other job.

While you work as a seaman you learn various thinks and get to meet people from other parts of the world because you travel a lot.

You can use this experience and exposure later to further your career.

3. Benefits like Housing, Medical and Canteen

After secured payment you also get many other benefits like free housing, free medical treatment in military hospitals and discounted merchandise.

Often a private job can’t give you these many benefits. The best thing is medical benefits. If you want to go under a surgery then it is absolutely free if you are in navy. Compare this treatment outside where you have to pay a fee.

4. Disciplined Life and Close Community

You live a disinclined life because of your work environment. You do have a close community of other navy men.

You don’t have to depend upon the outside world because everything you can find in the campus like housing, hospital, school, canteen, shopping mall, playground etc.

These things are missing in a private job.

Cons of Indian Navy Jobs

Now let us look at some of its disadvantages also.

1. Once You Joined Can’t Leave

Defense jobs are not like private jobs where you can resign whenever you like. Once you get enrolled you have to spend remaining life working as a navy man.

You can leave only after certain period of interval until then you have to work whether you like it or not.

2. Frequent Transfer

The worst part of a defense job is transfer. After every four years you have to shift from one location to another. If you have a family then this could be very hard.

You have to live alone because you can’t take children with you. You also have to adjust with new working environment.

3. Cramped Living Quarters

Living without family could be very tough because you have to live in a hall with other hundred men just like you.

You may not enjoy the living condition but you have to do anyway.

There is a restriction on speech and appearance.

4. Nothing Much for Future Prospects

Finally there is nothing much for your future career. After retirement you can find a job but it is not going to be very exciting.

You will find a job with a moderate salary after living such a tough and disciplined life.

Moreover there is also a tough competition for these jobs because so many candidates apply for Indian Navy.

Students still apply because there is no other option in their life.

Finally I leave it to you to make a final decision.

  1. Its my pleasure to work for an Indian Navy.

    Pledge to go ahead and follow the terms and condition.


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