Starting a Freelance Career? Mistakes to Avoid

Freelancing as a career has become really common to many people around the nation. It is no more preferred to work as an office employee in 10 to 5 job. People want an extra income.

This is only possible if freelancing career is taken up. But, while working as a freelancer, many people make some common mistakes. Many freelancers chalk out the mistakes with experience. Common pitfalls must be avoided by the freelancers.

Mistakes to Avoid if You Start a Freelancing Career

Working for free

Some freelancers offers free trial period to their clients. This creates a good impression on the client as he does not have to invest money on something which he is trying for the first time.freelance career

This is an excellent way to prove a freelancer’s worth. Based on this trial period, the client will decide whether to take the service of this particular freelancer or not. But, if you keep on working for free, this will devalue your effort.

By doing this, you are exposing yourself to people who might take advantage. If you don’t want to be hurt in the long run, stop working for free.

Improper price quote

Many clients have no idea about how much exactly is the cost of project. They just wish to get maximum service in very low price.

Thus, the freelancer should not stoop down to client and provide him high quality content in low price. You must choose the clients who can actually afford your services.

No idea about accounts

If you are earning as a freelancer, it is equally important for you to keep a track on your accounts. Even, taxes are an important part of freelancing activity. You must not wait until the end of financial year otherwise you have to pay the amount in bulk.

Keeping track on income and expenses is another important part of freelancing business. Paying quarterly taxes is preferable than paying the sum at once. You can even save some money for yourself through quarterly tax payment schedule.


Some freelancers trust their client. But, in the world of freelancing, you may end up with distress due to cheats and fraud people. Now, how would you understand whether the person with whom you are dealing is a genuine person?

It is preferable to have a contract with everyone with whom you are working as a freelancer. The contract will be a guarantee to ensure that, your effort is not going to be wasted anymore.

Always doing what client says

It is appreciable to please clients with your work. But, client is not always right. You should not agree with client always. You should judge whether the spoken words of the client is justifiable.

It may be difficult to adjust with the change in mindset at an initial stage. But, ultimately you will realize that you are a winner. The main challenge in front of the freelancers will be to act professionally and gracefully.

Failing to meet deadline

Meeting deadline is an important as well as a serious issue to each freelancer. Delivering the end project within the deadline becomes difficult for many freelancers. Some freelancers meet the deadline but include numerous errors in the process.

Thus, a freelancer needs to be really specific about key points and to deliver flawless service or product within the deadline.

Freelancing is a rewarding career for many people around the world. Rather, it is less stressful as compared to full-time job. You can earn as much money with time and effort you dedicate towards the freelancing activity. You have flexible schedule to work without going to office. But, due to some mistakes they suffer from loss. If these are rectified, the freelancers would be having a great career.

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