Railways: A Dynamic Career for Engineering Graduates

You can have a dynamic career in railways if you are an Engineering Graduate. Usually, engineers tend to neglect railways as their career choice.

But if you want a government job then railways’ jobs for engineers are the best one. You can fit in depending upon your academic performance and ranking in the entrance exam.

So if you are engineering graduate and looking for a career in Indian Railways then there are two choices that you can make.

Option 1: You can join the Indian Engineering Service by appearing for the Engineering Services Exam or ESE conducted by UPSC as Group A Gazetted Officer.

Option 2: If you can’t become Group An officer then you can become Group C officer Non-Gazetted Job by appearing for an entrance exam conducted by RRB or Railway Recruitment Board.

So these are two options to look for if you want to further your career as an engineer in railways.Now Let us talk about both options in great details.

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Option 1: Group A Gazetted Officer, IRSE or Indian Railway Service of Engineers

The exam is conducted by the UPSC and it is very tough. You can compare the exam with IIT JEE entrance exam because just for few posts thousands of students apply. You can imagine just for over 900 vacancies more that 200,000 apply from all over the country. The selection ratio is .002.

You have to apply for the Engineering Services Examination conducted every year by the UPSC. Top position holders in the merit list can find jobs in various departments.

Here are the Branches.

Civil Engineers

Two job profiles for civil engineers in railways are

1. Indian Railway Service of Engineers

You will be responsible for maintenance of all the fixed assets like Track, bridges, buildings, roads etc of the railway. After the recruitment, you go for training for at least 18 months.

The three management departments are Apex Level, Zone Level, and Division Level.

2. Indian Railway Store Service

IRSS engineers will be responsible for the procurement of various logistics. You will take care of all the warehousing needs.

Some of the specific roles are procurement, stocking and warehousing, planning, disposal, the supply of uniforms etc.

Mechanical Engineers

Two Job profiles are

1. Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineering or IRSME

You will take care of train operations like motive power ability, crew management, rolling stock management, traffic restoration, repair, and manufacturing etc.

2. Indian Railway Store Services

The job profile is same as civil engineer’s profile. So there is nothing to add here.

Electrical Engineers

1. Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE)

You will look after assets of the electrical department of the railways. Your job may include maintenance of locomotives, electrical multiple units, main line EMUs, traction distribution etc.

2. Indian Railway Store Services

It is the same as civil and mechanical engineering.

Electronics and Communication Engineers

The last one is E& C engineers and job profiles are

1. Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers (IRSSE)

For the functional role, you will be managing vast signaling and Telecommunication assets of the railways.

2. Indian Railway Store Services

It remains the same in all over engineering branches.

Salary: Salary of all the four engineering branches can be over Rs 80,000 to Rs 90,000 per month with allowances.

Option 2 Group C Non-Gazetted Senior Section Engineers Exam Conducted by RRB

You qualify for Group C jobs by appearing for the exam conducted by the Railway recruitment board. Here are the three engineering departments with following job posts.

Civil Engineering

Following are the job posts for the civil engineering department.

1. Senior Section Engineer – Maintenance of railway tracks and the work involves 24 X 7.

2. Senior Section Engineer Bridge – Here your job is related to maintenance of newly constructed bridges.

3. Senior Section Engineer Works – Here you are responsible for maintenance of various railway buildings.

4. Senior Section Engineer drawing and Design – You will be drawing, designing and estimating for projects and surveys.

5. Senior section Research Engineer – It is research work in RDSO or other railway research institute.

6. Senior Section Engineer TMS – Responsibility is to overlook track management system.

Salary: Rs 9300 to Rs 35,000 per month.

Mechanical Engineering

Job posts for mechanical engineers are following.

1. Senior Section Engineer for Mechanical Workshop – Manufacturing and Maintenance of factory.

2. Senior Section Engineer Mechanical – Job will depend upon the posting.

3. Senior Section Carriage and Wagon – Here you are responsible for maintenance of goods and passengers carriages.

4. Senior Section Engineer DSL – Engine maintenance.

5. Senior section Research DSL Electrical – Depends upon posting.

6. Senior Section Engineer J & T – Manufacturing and Maintenance.

Salary: Rs 9300 to Rs 35,00 per month.

Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering

Job posts for E & C engineers are following.

1. Senior Section Engineer for Signal – Signal related jobs.

2. Senior Section Engineer Telecommunications – Job will be about communications.

3. Senior Section S & T Workshop – Manufacturing and Maintenance.

4. Senior Section Engineer Drawing S & T – Planning department office duty and engine maintenance.

5. Senior section PCO, Shop Floor – Manufacturing and Maintenance of the factory.

Salary: Rs 9300 to Rs 35,000 per month.

There are posts for the engineers who have BE degree in any department. For example post for Chief Depot Material Superindent whose responsibility is to manage railways stores.

So these were job posts for Group C engineers.

You have to decide which one you want to go for a career Group A or Group C engineers.

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