8 Reasons NOT to go for a Gulf Naukri

Unfortunately, our younger generation feels that they could get a better job in Gulf countries. So, they start looking out for a Gulf Naukri when they are in college.

Here, I want to be specific, so I am talking about the people that mainly belong to labor class. In other words, the crowd which is interested in Gulf Naukri is people with less educational background.

gulf naukri

It is quite common in India to hear that people working in gulf countries make huge amount of money monthly and live a quality life.

Well! Unfortunately this is not true. With my own personal experience I have concluded 8 reasons why Gulf Naukri is not for you.

Here are they

1. Outside Your Country

First problem that I faced when I landed in a gulf country to work is that it was very alien to me. Working outside your motherland in a foreign country is always difficult.

You will have to adjust with new kind of people, new weather and new food habits. If you have lived in India then adjusting these things would be very difficult.

In simpler words, I am talking about home sickness.

So, all those youngsters who want to go for a Gulf Naukri must be prepared to face home sickness because things won’t be like India.

2. Serious Visa Issues

Now, I will talk about some technical issues. Getting a valid visa could be a real challenge. You have to be careful about fake visa rackets and other frauds.

If you know, human trafficking to gulf countries is a serious problem. It is quite normal that people from poor families are cheated by fraudsters who are running a visa racket.

They take huge amount of money from them and in return they will give a fake visa. Therefore, you have to work very hard for getting visa which is legal and genuine.

My visa was genuine but I had to run daily up and down for getting it. So be careful from getting into fake visa rackets.

3. Tough Law of the Land

The law and rule of Gulf States are very different from our country. These countries are not democratic like India. There laws are very different from here.

So what are there laws? In simple words, the law is an eye for eye and an ear for ear.

If you have done anything wrong then you could find yourself in a serious trouble. You have to adjust to their law.

Hence, all the young people who want to work in Gulf States must know this fact.

4. Working & Living Conditions

This is very important reason why a Gulf Naukri could cost you heavily. Working and living conditions in a gulf country are dismal.

You have to work 10 to 12 hours a day without any facility for workers. In fact, even basic amenities are missing for workers. Moreover, there are no strong labor laws to support rights of workers.

If we talk about their living conditions then it is as bad as working condition. Dozens of people are crammed in a small room.

A living room is shared by too many people. It is very inhumane.

Therefore, do not fall into the trap that everything is good there.

5. Problems with Money Transfer

Your hard earned money from a Gulf Naukri could never reach to your family back in home. This could be a possibility.

Although this is very rare and your money do reaches to your home but you have to face serious problem in sending hard earned to your family.

Even I had serious problem in sending money to my family. But later on I learned how to transfer it through legal banking channels.

Therefore, you have to worry about money transfer also.

6. Strict Migration Policies

Moreover, these gulf countries have very tough migration laws. Labors from India have to go through tough screening process.

If your visa expires then you would be put in the jail. Many of my friends have to face this situation.

I have to explain these things because many youngsters looking for a gulf naurki live in a dream that they will party there after working all day. Well! This is not real and just a dream.

In real life, you have to face harsh realities.

7. Job Security

A job in India is much secured than a Gulf Naukri. Even though a Sarkari Naukri in 2013 pays you less but it is still better than a Gulf Naurkri.

For a job in gulf countries it is never sure that for how many weeks or months a worker is going to work. Normally workers are hired on the contract basis.

If a contractor does not want then they could fire these workers.

Thus, there is no job security and a false impression is created that Gulf Naukri is very stable and pays continuously.

If you want job security then you should search for a Sarkari Naukri in 2013.

8. Away from Family

Finally, the eighth reason is very obvious why you should not go for a Gulf Naukri is that it is very difficult to be away from family.

You have to live there for years without any connection with your family. Although you can talk to them over phone but still it is very painful to be apart from family.

It is better advised that you try for a job in our country rather looking outside.

So these were 8 reasons why a Gulf Naukri is not good for you.

Only One Advantage – Money!

You see a lot of people wanting to go in Gulf countries for jobs. Although I mentioned 8 reasons why a Gulf Naukri is not good for you but still there are a lot of people who would like to go there.

And the main reason that they want to go is money. To some extent it is true that in gulf countries you get a chance to make handsome amount of money.

So the people who are from poor background think that they will work there for some time and accumulate some money and come back home.

However, I suggest them that they should better start a small business here in India rather going to gulf countries.

  1. Hi,

    I got a job in UAE and I’m just 23, I’m planning to work in UAE for 5yrs and be back to India. So, Is UAE work experience considered in India? How well life be when I get back there?

  2. Dear Indians,
    Do not go to gulf for jobs. Saudi’s reserves are burning by 150 billion $ a year. in 2014 Dec, it was 750 billion. Now it is around 575 billion and declining.

    Once they ran out of cash due to less oil prices, either terrorist activities will become too much and these places will be very dangerous or the emirs of these states will enslave you.

    Be very careful and yes this is gonna happen in 4 years from now

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