14 Best Free Blog Sites in 2024

Want to start a blog but don’t have the budget? In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of free blog sites. Start blogging with any of these free blog websites now!
14 Best Free Blog Sites in 2024

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. If you want to start a blog in 2024 but don't want to invest money, then you can create your first blog with free blogging websites.

I started my first blog in 2009. I paid around Rs.10,000 for a domain and hosting, but today, you can start the same kind of professional blog for less than Rs. 3000/-.

But there are various blogging platforms where you can create a blog for absolutely free. Though there is some limitation to a free blog site, you can switch to a full-featured professional blog anytime in the future.

I will show you the 14 best blogging sites where you can create your blog for free and write your first blog in the next 30 minutes.

Top 14 Free Blog Sites to Create A Free Blog In 2023

14 Best Free Blog Sites in 2024

Here are some of the best and most popular blogging platforms where you don't need to invest anything to start a blog.

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1) Blogger


Blogger is the oldest player in this race. It is one of the best platforms to create your first free blog. Blogger.com is simple to use and has a simple design. One can easily optimize the blog with the help of many features already added here.

Also with its excellent look and number of good themes, a professional-looking blog is always on the cards. You can also purchase your own domain, like yourdomain.com, for less than Rs. 500 and add a custom domain to Blogger.com.

The biggest benefit of this platform is that it provides an SSL certificate that will enhance site authority at zero cost.

You don't need to worry about security and other site issues because the blog is hosted on Google's server, and so the total security is taken care of by Google itself.

This blogging site is already SEO optimized, and it’s always good to go for a free site like a blogger.

Along with it, the limitations of customer help come up, as Blogger provides no support. Well, you can easily look up the support thread for any queries and find solutions for almost any query.

2) WordPress.com


WordPress is another most popular blogging site where you can create a free blog. One can easily sign-up and get access to one of the most powerful blogging platforms.

It's easy to set up the blog all by yourself. It is self-hosted so you can have complete control over this website. Although limited features, still the free version of WordPress has many features that will help to create a well-optimized blog.

Using the WordPress.com platform can really boost the SEO of your website with the help of different plugins. With its free SEO-friendly themes and mobile-friendly designs, it helps to speed up your blog.

But the security may be compromised here as you are the owner of your blog, so the security should be taken care of solely by yourself unless you hire an expert.

This platform is built on the latest version of PHP, which thus makes the blog lightweight and makes it easier to load. WordPress also has superb community support, which is at solving the queries of blog owners.

3) Medium


Medium is another website to look for among the list of all blogging sites that provide free blogging. The reason this platform holds an advantage is its audience base.

With nearly 75 million of its active users, it thus provides exposure to your blog post and can surely give a boost to your blogging career.

Its simple design gives a good user experience and eases work. This Platform, on the whole, has high authority and continues making quality backlinks rank higher.

Thus blogging on this platform can surely uplift our blog considering the proper steps followed.

The only problem faced here is, you are not given full control over the blog. And so some changes can’t be carried out due to such restrictions.

Well, it does have a clean CMS which helps us add pages with ease. Considering this platform for blogging can really turn beneficial when opting for free.

4) Wix


Wix is one of all blog sites that provide free blogging. It has various themes and designs that will help you to create a great design.

For customization, you can easily design your blog with its drag-and-drop feature. The backend part of your website is taken care of by WIX itself.

Setting up a blog with Wix is really simple if done manually. Also, it has an excellent WixAI feature that helps to set up a blog by just answering a few questions.

This blogging platform is optimized in such a way that it loads your blog faster and gives a good user experience. The only disadvantage I found here is that sometimes the desired result is not obtained because of its drag-and-drop option.

Also, the customer support experience on this platform is good, and they provide solutions to almost all of your queries.

If you are starting a blogging career, Wix can be beneficial at the initial level.

5) Weebly


Weebly is also on the list of all blogging websites that provide free blogging. You can easily drag and drop the template and buttons and give a better look to your blog.

Like most other blogging platforms, Weebly also consists of headers, sidebars, ad spaces, social media icons, an author box, etc.

The security of your website is taken care of in this platform and Weebly also provides protection against spam is provided.

You can't change the advanced settings, and you do not have complete control over the blog.

With the hosting storage of 500 MB, you can upload and store as many documents, pictures, and videos here. SSL certificate is also provided with the free option.

Talking about customer support, then you can get good support, and it will help you solve many design-related issues.

6) Jimdo


Jimbo is another blogging platform on the list of all free blog sites that create a free blog. You can easily host a domain and start blogging using this platform. This is a versatile platform if you want to start a free website without paying anything.

One additional benefit of this platform is that it's powered by AI, so it literally takes less than 2-4 minutes to set up your blog. Answering a few basic questions are enough to automatically set up the blog.

The drag-and-drop feature here provides convenience in designing the blog. There are limitations to designing a website, and that is the only thing to worry about.

7) Bravenet


Bravenet provides you with a good package for blogging with its advanced features along with a sub-domain. Although you can purchase a domain and add this custom domain, starting a blog with a free domain is also good.

This blogging platform is among the list of all free blogging sites that provide a platform to create a blog without paying anything. Bravenet provides an interface for simple design and efficient outlook.

Bravenet offers an email marketing tool that aims to provide convenience in building an email list to nurture your clients. It also helps in designing email messages.

In the initial stage, with a limited audience, this blogging tool can be used to collect emails and drive traffic to the blog.

The only disadvantage here is- it doesn't provide a cPanel to control your website. Its customer support is not very helpful.

Still, despite these disadvantages, the Bravent platform is good for starting a blog for beginners.

8) X10Hosting


X10Hosting is another free blogging platform where you can host your domain and share thoughts through blogging.

It has a simple interface, and so the List of all free blogging sites that provide free blogging includes x10Hosting. With the help of languages like PHP and MySQL, this platform provides fast website loading.

Talking about various tools, eCommerce tools such as Magento is also provided here to create your own e-commerce store. Business emails are also provided to boost performance and drive traffic to your blog.

9) Freehostia


Freehostia is a platform that provides a faster webpage loading and a stable server. A good blogging platform to start with for an individual with no investment.

If you want to set up an e-commerce store, this platform provides e-commerce tools. Freehostia platform is preferred by many as it helps because of faster speed, good design, and various other features.

Freehostia provides good uptime for the hosted blog sites. The only thing to worry about here is the customer support which is not up to the mark.

10) Joomla


Joomla is an easy-to-use blogging platform for hosting any website and adding your own domain. Joomla has a flexible design and a classy look, almost similar to WordPress, though limited features compared to WordPress.

You can customize font, color, size, emoticons, tables, or backgrounds easily. Joomla consists of an excellent classic editor which looks similar to Microsoft Word.

Considering the e-commerce store, it consists of a number of tools that can help you for the setting up an e-commerce store.

This platform's large user base thus helps give exposure to blogging at the initial level of your career.

11) Tumblr


Tumblr is one of the fastest-growing platforms on the List of all free blogging sites that provide a blogging platform. Tumblr looks similar to other platforms like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Tumblr is known as a micro-blogging platform, and this platform can turn out to be really profitable.

Tumblr gives a classy and appealing look to your published blogs and images. It also provides hundreds of good and free themes to choose from for better customization. Also, the availability of 3rd-party apps thus makes it amazing.

You can also schedule your posts without much difficulty.

Considering the list of all free blogging sites that provide free blogging, Tumblr is one of the best options to start blogging for free.

12) Webs


Webs is another free website builder in the List of all blog websites where you can create a free blog. It has amazing features, and opting for it can really uplift the quality of the blog.

The drag-and-drop option helps to customize the blog easily and design it efficiently. The in-built website builder for mobile helps you make responsive web pages which helps load blogs on smartphones faster.

Webs do allow you to track your audience base so that you can write posts according to the interest of your audience.

Although the free features are limited but are good to go at the initial level of blogging.

13) Squarespace


Well, the list of all free blogging sites that provide free blogging is incomplete without mentioning Squarespace. You can easily customize your blog with the help of this platform. It is one of the easiest and less time-consuming ways of making a blog.

This platform consists of an in-built mobile website builder that can help you to load your blog on any mobile device. Also, you can add CSS to your blog to give the desired output.

The important thing to note down is that most photographers tend to prefer this site due to the availability of various themes, and also, this is one of the great ways to make money.

The platform consists of various online marketing tools which help you properly maintain an online store.

14) Ghost


The platform provides an elegant look for a better blogging experience.

Ghost is a very good platform to start with, and this platform makes a way in the list of all blogging sites that provide free blogging opportunities.

The simplicity of Ghost thus gives a plus point for the beginners to easily cope with the initial problems.

The dashboard provides rich features such as templates, themes, widgets, plugins, etc., to give a professional look to your blog. Plugins provided here are few in number as compared to other blogging platforms.


Above mentioned is a List of all the best blog sites that provide free blogging. As most of us enter the field of blogging with a low resource, so in this case, the above free blogging sites can be very beneficial.

Blogging today is a fine art. Spend your first few months in learning and experiments, and I can assure you of good results and a huge success.

Blogging might seem difficult initially, but with proper knowledge and guidance, you can surely excel in this field.

Thus this article might be helpful for all those young budding bloggers who have a passion for writing and are desperate for success.

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