5 High Paid Blue Collar Jobs in India

If you think blue collar jobs don’t pay well, then it is time to think again.

Here are some of the blue collar jobs which can pay you well if you are good with the given task and have the expertise.

blue collar job

1. Cook

Often regarded as a ‘not so dignified’ job, you can earn really good being in this profession. However, times have changed. Nowadays, people respect cooks and chefs, appreciating their efforts more than ever.

The popularity of cooking shows and competitions have increased the importance of quality cooks across India. The only limitation here is that, it is not what everyone can opt for.

This is because cooking is an art and you need to train yourself really well so that your efforts are noticed and appreciated.

2. Tailors

When you hear ‘tailor’, you imagine the traditional tailor who is busy with his sewing machine day and night, and at the end of the day is paid with pennies. However, with the changing times, the requirements and expectations from a tailor has changed too.

Now, people expect the tailor to design clothes according to the latest fashion trends. One has to upgrade their knowledge and be sure that their clients and employers are satisfied with their work.

For this, the pay scale has even been revised and the payments are good enough to have a great living.

3. Shop floor managers

Till the last few years, the efforts of shop floor managers were quite invisible. However, with the rise of MNCs and malls everywhere, people have started recognizing the value of the shop floor managers.

The recruitment firms make sure that they look for qualified individuals for this post. This goes without saying that they pay decent packages so that the level of satisfaction is achieved for employers and employees.

4. Supervisors and line in-charge

This category majorly caters to BPOs and related industry where the requirement is of qualified individuals who can understand the issue and can resolve them accordingly. The pay scale varies but the payout is still appreciably good to keep the employees motivated.

5. Cab drivers

Lastly, the cab drivers are in demand. Till the early 2011, the frequency and flexibility of demand was high and supply was bare minimum. However, with the rise in cab services in India, people have taken up this opening positively.

Apart from this, many people have taken this as a part time opportunity too, which has helped then live a better life. This requirement is simple and here you need just one thing – know how to drive.

Noting the above professions, one can be sure that if there is recession or due to any reason they cannot continue with a white collar job, they need not shy away from these blue collar jobs. This is because one can get decent money and respect from such blue collar jobs too.

Concluding, it can be said that white collar jobs pay more than blue collar jobs but the latter can potentially outshine the former.

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