How to Get FASTag (5 Best Ways to Buy FASTag)

how to get fastag

FASTag came into existence in 2014, and it is an initiative of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). It was launched in order to digitize the toll payments and save everyone’s time.

It is a tag that operates on the RFID technology that stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It is fixed on the windscreen of the vehicle from inside and enables the driver to pass-through toll stops without actually paying the toll. 

If you are a vehicle owner or about to buy a new car soon, you should find the right way for how to get FASTag at cheap rates.

At present, FASTag has been made mandatory, starting from December 2019. It is applicable all around India and vehicle owners are required to buy it and recharge it before using.

Starting January 1st, 2021, FASTag has become a compulsion for all kinds of vehicles, therefore, if you still don’t know about it, here is everything you need to know about it.

Before knowing all the different ways to purchase FASTag, let’s understand the various benefits of switching to FASTag.

how to get fastag

The uses and benefits of FASTag

With FASTag, a lot of time can be saved while waiting in the toll plaza and paying the toll fee. It can be renewed and the recharge can be done online without any problem.

This helps the young people a lot by letting them pay all the toll tax in advance and save their time in return. Some of the obvious benefits of using FASTag are-

1. Ease of making toll payments-

With FASTag, there is no need to have cash ready at your hands. You don’t need any changes or paper money on your side. You don’t even need a debit or credit card to deduct cash. 

2. Zero fuel wastage-

Most people who pay toll tax used to wait for hours just to pay a little amount. This, in turn, increases fuel wastage. With FASTag, there is no stoppage, therefore, you can save fuel and need not to waste it.

3. Long validity-

Once you purchase FASTag, it is valid for five years. It is a decent time to use it and after five years, you can renew it from various sources. 

4. No problem while recharging-

FASTag can be recharged online easily via UPI, internet banking, debit, or credit cards. You don’t need to physically go and make any payment. As long as you have the internet and mobile phone, you can recharge FASTag with a single click. 

5. SMS alerts-

FASTag users timely get SMS notifications that notify them about their FASTag validity, recharge, and the date of recharge renewal. 

6. Cashback offers-

Using a FASTag, you also get exciting cashback offers. These offers can sometimes repay the price you have paid for and save you a lot of money. 

How to get FASTag from 5 Different Ways

FASTag is available at Rs. 200. Its refundable security depends on the type of vehicle you own. There are several ways of getting FASTag. Some of these ways are-

  1. By physically visiting the FASTag issuing agency near a toll plaza. There, you can get a new account and get your first FASTag. After that, you can renew the recharge online easily for five years. Before visiting the actual location, you can call the helpline and get more detail from the toll plaza. 
  2. The National Highway Authority of India has authorized various FASTag service providers like ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Bank of Baroda, Axis Bank, City Union Bank, etc.
  3. You can also buy FASTag online on PayTM and Amazon. 
  4. The Road Transport Authority offices also issue FASTags. 
  5. You can even download the FASTag app and buy the sticker FASTag online. 

What type of documents do you need to get FASTag?

Since getting FASTag is an official work, you need to prepare some official documents before applying for it.

You are required to have documents like the registration certificate, passport size photograph, KYC documents like PAN card, Aadhar card, voter ID, driving license, or any other relevant document. 

Where should you fix the FASTag?

FASTag works on RFID technology and it should be clearly visible to the toll employees and the sensors as well. Therefore, it is best advised to put it on the windscreen from the inside.

Don’t put too many FASTags on your vehicle as it will only interfere with the technology. 

How should you recharge your FASTag?

FASTag works on prepaid recharge and the recharge will be deducted periodically at each toll station. The issuing agency will deduct a specific amount from the customer’s account at different passings. 

Whenever you pass a toll gate, you will be notified via a confirmation message. To be sure about the transactions, it is best to check these messages thoroughly to avoid any discrepancies. 

The color codes and cost of various types of tags

For FASTag, different vehicles have been categorized differently. Each of these vehicles is given different color codes.

The minimum deductible amount for the card is Rs.100. Rs.200 is allocated as the refundable deposit. The rest amount is reflected as the card balance. 

  • For car/jeep/van, the color code is violet and the minimum amount is Rs.500.
  • TATA ace and mini LCV also have the violet code and cost Rs.500.
  • Orange code is assigned to LCV 2 axle and it costs Rs.600.
  • 3 axle buses and trucks are given yellow tags and they cost around Rs.700.
  • 2 axle buses and trucks are given the green color code and they cost Rs. 600.
  • For 4 axle trucks and above, the color code is pink and the cost is Rs.800.
  • For oversized vehicles, the color code is light blue and the cost is Rs.900.
  • The vehicles are categorized as earthmovers, the color code is grey and the cost is Rs.800.


FASTags have been made compulsory recently and they are actually helpful for everyone. They have saved time for busy people and gave them the freedom to pay digitally.

If you are planning to buy a four-wheeler soon, it is best for you to purchase a FASTag along with the vehicle. It is going to keep you out of trouble and help you to save more fuel, time, and effort. 

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