amazon travel

Benefits of Booking Domestic Flight Tickets on Amazon Travel

Do you know it’s possible to book flights and buy air tickets for travel within India on Amazon? Yes, that’s right. From May 17, 2019. Amazon India is also selling air tickets....
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10 Best Ways to Save Fuel – Save Money & Environment

With petrol and diesel prices shooting an all-time high during October 2018, residents of India are coughing up extra money to fuel their vehicles. Nowadays, most middle-class and upper middle-class households in...
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Great Ways For Energy Conservation And To Save Electricity At Home

The average cost of electricity supplied to households in India in 2018 is pegged at Rs.5 for one kilo Watt hour (kWh). The rate can differ according to your location and...
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15 Easy Ways to Make Water Bill Payment

We need water throughout the day. Over 55 percent of female and 60 percent of male body consists of water. This indicates the significance of water in our lives. We require water...
Electricity Bill Payment Online

15 Quick Ways to Pay Electricity Bill Online & Offline

Did you know it is possible to pay electricity bill and save money at the same time? Not always, but there are 15 different ways to pay electricity bill in India. And...
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20 Best Ways to Earn Free Paytm Cash Regularly

Everybody knows about Paytm – the popular online payment app that allows you to store your cash and pay for your online and offline transactions at the click of a button. It’s...
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10 Best DIY Hacks to Get a Free Mobile Recharge

Like it or not, the ubiquitous mobile phone today has become an indispensable part of our daily life. From connecting us to people we need to talk to instantly, to entertaining us...
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10 Best Online Money Transfer Apps & e-Wallets in India

There was a time when sending money from one place to another involved standing in long bank/post office queues, patiently awaiting your turn till you finally reached the counter only to...
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Best Mobile Phones under 30000 in India

Buying a mobile phone is never an easy task. Nowadays, customers are spoilt for choice as more manufacturers from various parts of the world enter the smart phone market. Each one...