30 Best Free Software Download Sites For Windows

Free software downloadable sites are a great way to get the latest applications for your Windows without spending a dime. Find the list of the best free software download sites for Windows in 2024. Download now!
Best Free Software Download Sites For Windows in 2024

Buying software can cost you a fortune at times, especially when you are a software fanatic who loves to download and store a variety of softwares on the device. Luckily, there are a lot of websites that offer free downloads and ease up your funds.

With various websites available, getting what we want has become a little easier. Yet, you can often fail at digging out the correct software from one site.

Best Free Software Download Sites For Windows in 2024

It's crucial that you have some alternate sites to your rescue. But, a new site always comes with a risk. Downloading your software from a spam site can cause you to lose entire data or device. 

While going for free software download sites, you must ensure they are free of malware and viruses. So, I have listed the 30 best free software download sites in 2024 to lower the risk of corrupt softwares on your devices.

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[Updated] Top 30 Free Software Download Sites

1. FileHippo

free software download site FileHippo

One of the biggest concerns of downloading software from any external site is malware. FileHippo can relieve you from this stress. It has an in-built function that checks for traces of malware and viruses in the software for you. This makes File Hippo one of the safest software download sites.

You can also find the latest updates to your desired software. If you think the older version was better, you can get that for free, too. Downloads from FileHippo are easy as the site contains a very well-organized menu.

2. Majorgeeks.com

free software download site Majorgeeks.com

Majorgeeks was founded in 2001. This site has truckloads of softwares for you to download. All the softwares uploaded on this site are personally tested by its owners. They scan it multiple times to ensure there's no virus to corrupt your devices. Even though this site seems like the one from the 90s, its content is one of the best.

If you face any issues, you directly talk to the website owners. The developers have described each of them to ease the process of choosing the perfect software.

3. Ninite

free software download site Ninite

Ninite will allow you to download multiple softwares at the same time. It supports bulk download and is safe from viruses and malware. You also don't have to worry about updating your softwares constantly. Ninite will notify you so you can get the latest version installed on your device. 

Ninite will prevent the installation of bloatware on your computer. If you cannot find the software you desire, recommend the same to them. The team usually uploads the new softwares demanded by users to their website.

4. Softpedia.com

free software download site Softpedia.com

Softpedia is a fairly well-known software download website. All the softwares uploaded to Softpedia is checked to make it safe for downloads. The website is popular because of its quick and easy downloading procedure. They provide direct links, so you don't have to jump on connecting sites. 

Not just the software downloads, you can also get news updates. Softpedia.com provides regular and exciting news updates on diverse topics. The interface of this site is easy, and the softwares are arranged in alphabetical order. 

5. Get into PC

free software download site Get into PC

Get Into PC is known for allowing its users to download expensive softwares for free. The ones which are usually priced very high can be installed for free from this website.

All the softwares are descriptive, so you can thoroughly study its features before downloading. 

Get Into PC has good customer support. You can get queries immediately resolved as they respond very quickly. This is one of the most trustworthy software.

6. Filehorse.com

free software download site Filehorse.com

Filehorse has softwares for Windows as well as Mac. Unlike most software download sites, you won't be able to trace a thousand pieces of software here. But you can definitely put your hands on the most popular ones. FileHorse uploads safe-to-download virus and malware-free softwares on its website.

7. Download.cnet.com

free software download site Download.cnet.com

Download.cnet.com does not allow shareware on its site to safeguard it from external viruses. You can choose and browse a list of over a hundred thousand pieces of softwares. It has a wide variety for you to choose from. There are games, camera softwares, movies, etc.

The products here are all rated and reviewed for user assistance. You can write one, too, if you are a registered user. 

8. Freesoftwarefiles.com

free software download site Freesoftwarefiles.com

You will discover more than 16000 freeware and open-source programs. It offers safe downloads to the user. All the softwares are divided into numerous categories. For example, if you're searching for editing software, you can go to the photography section. Free Software Files is an easy-to-use and safe software downloading website.

9. FilePuma

free software download site FilePuma

FilePuma provides softwares without spyware and viruses to its users. You can download them quickly from their optimized pages. Getting the software installed on your device will barely take a few seconds. The site also comes with a free update detector.

You can scan your computer and receive notifications for available updates. Not just the updated ones, you'll also find the old version of the software on FilePuma's website.

10. Softonic

free software download site Softonic

Softonic is a well-known website and company. It was established in 1997 and has been providing its services to the world since then.

You can find over a hundred thousand freeware, shareware, and trial softwares to download. You can read reviews in eight different languages, including Portuguese and Polish.

11. Full Free Software

free software download site Full Free Software

There are almost all types of free softwares that a user can download. Full Free Software is a freeware website. You will be spared from the trouble of hidden links and click baits on this website.

You just go and get your software installed. It has gained a lot of popularity for the availability of softwares that can resolve all the everyday issues in your device.

12. NirSoft

free software download site NirSoft

NirSoft is named after its owner Nir Sofer. You can download a lot of free softwares for your device at this site. The creator of the website is also the one who manages it. You will find that the file sizes are usually small and easy to download. You'll find almost all kinds of free softwares here. 

13. Ask4pc.net

free software download site Ask4pc.net

As the name suggests, Ask4Pc has free softwares for your personal computer (PC). As you open the website, you'll find that the softwares are divided into eight broad categories, i.e., Antivirus and security, film stocks, media editor, multimedia, system utilities, office-related, windows/OS, and other softwares. 

14. Sourceforge

free software download site Sourceforge

You might have heard about Sourceforge if you are already into downloading free softwares. The company has got a story. It was very popular in its initial years.

Later, the company was sold and received a lot of hate for viruses and malware. Later on, another company again bought it, which discontinued the presence of third-party apps. After that, it surged into popularity again.

SourceForge remains one of the most trusted and variety-providing software download websites. To get the assurance, you can go to its homepage and check the number of downloads people have made in a week.

15. Download Crew

free software download site Download Crew

Download crew has software for a crew of devices. It just means that you'll find free softwares for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

You will find brief reviews and descriptions of every software on this website. This makes it easier to know the uses and features of your software. 

16. SnapFiles

free software download site SnapFiles

SnapFiles is an easy-to-use software with which you can download shareware as well as freeware. Snap files rates and reviews the softwares and categorizes it for you to download. SnapFiles was established in 1997. All the programs are tested and checked before they make it to the website.

17. LO4D.com

free software download site LO4D.com

LO4D has divided its softwares into 12 broad categories. There are softwares for audio and video, business and development, customization, education, games, graphics, hardware software, internet software, mobile phone, security system optimization, and utilities.

It has a built-in antivirus system to protect your device. It is also free from installers, download managers, and Adware.

18. BytesIn

free software download site BytesIn

BytesIn is a newbie in the world of free software download websites. When you visit the homepage, you'll come across three broad sections. They are the latest software, essential software, and most downloaded.

The weekly section would greatly help keep up with what's popular. The other three arenas are mobile, gaming, and crypto. It offers softwares for both IOS as well as Android.

19. Techno360

free software download site Techno360

Techno 360 started its journey with a blog. Today their entire blog is dedicated to information regarding digital freebies. It is best suited for downloading safe and secure cracked software.

There is a wide variety of softwares available on this site. Don't forget to check here when you can't find your desired software anywhere else. You can also refer to the user reviews before you download the software. 

20. Filecroco.com

free software download site Filecroco.com

 Filecroco houses a very user-friendly interface. You will discover that softwares are divided into various categories.

You will find Antivirus, gaming, multimedia, system utilities, audio tools, office tools, networking, admin, and many other sections to explore. You'll also find the latest versions of the softwares you've installed.

21. Pirate PC

free software download site Pirate PC

It is one of the most secure free software download websites. You might find pirated and cracked software, but they are comparatively secure. This website might feel like a boon if you are fed up with connecting links and spam websites.

They have a very easy and quick one-click download method. You go to the site and get the software without the fear of malware.

22. ShareWareOnSale

free software download site ShareWareOnSale

The name says sale. It is very normal to find 100 per cent off on softwares at this site. You will find heavily discounted softwares and freebies which are safe to download. The payments on this site are made via PayPal.

This ensures that your credit/debit card information is safe with you. Apart from software, you'll also find some online courses, games, and apps to download.

23. ZDNet download

free software download site ZDNet download

ZDNet has a stunning library of softwares in its keep. You can find all sorts of tech-savvy softwares and others free of cost. Not just softwares; there are tons of links and files.

You can also download some really heavy games and movies from this site. If you have second thoughts regarding a software download, check the reviews and ratings of it over here. 

24. Giveaway of the day

free software download site GiveAway Of the day

The giveaway of the day has a new giveaway every day. You get full-version softwares to install on your device. This website has been hanging around for over ten years on the web.

You can enjoy many virus-free downloads and very affordable offers on this website. Also, you can easily find your way to the desired software due to its easy-to-navigate interface. 

25. Donation Coder

free software download site Donation Coder

The site describes itself as one meant for software lovers. It was founded in 2005 by Jessie Reichler. It has professional-grade softwares of remarkable quality. You will mostly come across softwares for Microsoft Windows.

Some of the best features of this site are update notifications, easy installation, and tech insights. It is also free from Adware, malware, and spyware.

26. FossHub


Advertisements are the most annoying part of free software downloads. Fosshub eases it a bit for you. They show you a single ad. FossHub's free softwares is also free from Adware, spyware, malware, and bundles.

You can get quick and easy downloads for your device at no cost. They provide you with direct download links and also respect your ad blockers.

27. Tucows.com


Tucows was started in 1993. You will find a lot of shareware, freeware, and trial softwares here. It supports Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. 

The traffic on this site is distributed to several server locations worldwide. This is a result of its system of mirror sites. Apart from software, you'll also find web-based apps and services.

28. Soft32

Soft32 best free software download site

Softwares on Soft32 support Mac, Windows, Linux, PDA/Mobile, and iPhone devices. If your Windows is suffering from operating issues, don't worry.

Soft32 has a stack of more than ninety thousand options to fix it. They have some sections to ease your searches, like the most popular, new release, our picks, and essential downloads in their menu. 

29. FileOur

fileour: free software download sites

If you're looking for free and safe software, try FileOur. It may not be super famous, but it's a secure place to download. No viruses! You get software straight from the creator's server.

FileOur has software for all types of computers. It's organized neatly with categories like browsers, cleaners, and more. Just click what you need! Each product has a short description.

They cover compression, audio, gaming, and more. Whether you need multimedia, games, or file recovery, FileOur has both free and paid options for you.

30. Software Informer

Software Informer

Software Informer is a project by Informer Technology Inc. It is designed to keep software fanatics updated with the latest advancements and discoveries.

It is a beginner-friendly website to help you navigate your way into this software world. You can definitely bag some freeware and heavy discounts on this site. Do not forget to read the engaging and insightful articles they post on this website.


Now, you have a list of 30 places where you can get free software download sites for your computer. But be careful and watch out for fake or spammy websites. Only download from websites that look safe, and check their history before giving them your information or connecting your computer.

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