Excellent Tips on How to Overcome Stress During an Interview

Overcome Stress During an Interview

An interview is a place where people test your patience and self-confidence. It is a place where even the calmest and composed people get anxious and end up ruining the interview. This is why everyone needs to learn how to avoid falling into the trap of old nervousness and anxiety that takes hold of them inside the interview room.

It is nothing to be ashamed of. We all get nervous at times; it is normal human behavior to get intimidated in uncomfortable situations. It happens more often with freshers who don’t yet know how to face an interview and how to overcome stress during it.

If you fall into the category and want to know how you can stay a little less nervous while answering questions in an interview, you should read this article till the end.

In this guide, you will get 10 excellent tips on how to overcome stress during an interview.

Overcome Stress During an Interview

1. Be prepared and do your research

One of the worst mistakes that eradicate a candidate’s confidence is the lack of research and preparation. What makes a person anxious totally depends on the individual. However, there are a few things that happen with most people.

The lack of research and preparation reflects in your eyes and the interviewer guesses it instantly. Therefore, it is the topmost tip for you to practice. Before arriving at the interview venue, make sure you have done enough research.

When you have everything prepared, the confidence of it will automatically reflect in your answers.

If you don’t do enough research about the company or the job role, you will get nervous while answering questions and that’s how you will lose confidence for the rest of the interview.

2. Arrive early at the venue

Always arrive at the place of the interview at least 15 or 30 minutes prior to the beginning. Arriving at the last moment or getting late for the interview will only make you nervous and anxious from inside.

Apart from creating a negative image in front of the interviewing faculty, you will start losing confidence after arriving late and you will not be able to answer questions as confidently as you should if you were on time.

3. Never speak fast

Due to excitement or nervousness, most candidates, especially freshers, tend to speak too loud or too fast. Speaking fast is really risky for two reasons. First, your answers don’t seem very clear to the interviewers and it creates confusion.

They might even ask you to repeat your answer again. Second, speaking loudly makes you breathless. When you speak too fast at once, you will run out of breath in a few minutes, and that will break the flow of your answers.

Therefore, it is best to take your time before answering questions. Don’t rush, speak slowly; no one is going to interrupt you from giving answers slowly.

Take full breaths in between. Yes, an interview is important, but it is more important to give answers that you feel confident about.

4. Stop yourself from shaking

Shaking happens more often when you are sitting on the chair, struggling to give answers. Shaking happens involuntarily in response to the threat your mind observes. The best way to stop shaking is to tighten your thigh muscles or wherever the shaking occurs.

Observe your body and find out where you are going weak. Clench your muscles and appear more confident.

5. Stop your Voice from shaking

If you often suffer from shaking your voice during nervous situations, there is something you can try. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue as far as you can. Say aloud any nursery rhyme you want.

This will help you clear the back of your throat and you will sound better and your shaky voice will vanish away just like that. Don’t do it around people or they will think you’re going insane.

6. Find a comfortable sitting position

When you will get the final interview call, don’t sit unless you’re asked to. When the interviewing team tells you to sit, you should take a comfortable position and sit straight. Don’t be slouchy and be attentive to avoid any sudden movements.

By taking a comfortable position, you will look more confident and avoid all the strain and discomfort that can come on your way.

7. Bring your own water

One of the most underrated things in an interview is taking your own water bottle. It can save you from a dry mouth and even make you feel fresher.

Usually, the interview venue has ample water but take your own water bottle with you just in case. Also, inside the interview room, feel free to ask for water as it will save you from giving answers from a dry mouth.

8. Express with your hands and make eye contact

Although some people find it nerve-wracking, making eye contact when you are nervous actually helps in relieving the anxious nerves. To avoid looking nervous, you can also use your hands to gesture and add to your confidence.

Using your hands to express means you will be able to create a better impact on the interviewers.

9. Listen carefully and then answer

Listening is one of the most underrated skills a person can possess. Giving an interview is not just about speaking confidently and giving the right answers.

It is more about how aware you are of your surroundings and how well you listen to the questions the interviewer is asking you.

10. Be your best and honest self

Confidence comes the best when you are being honest. Most people get nervous when they are not sure of something or when they are lying on someone’s face. Therefore, to sound naturally confident, pretend less and be as honest as you can.

Let your talent speak and remove all the lies and blurry answers out of your mind. Using heavy words and articulating your answers to sound professional is good in small doses only. In the bigger picture, most interviewers judge a person by the authenticity in their answers.

Therefore, be yourself.


It is totally human to get nervous before or during an interview. But you should get rid of it while justifying your candidature in an interview.

You should learn how to conquer your fear and nerves before they take hold of you and stop you from evolving. Use the tips mentioned here on how to overcome stress during an interview at every interview and see the change for yourself.

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