Benefits of Learning French Language

learn french language

French ranks 14th on the Ethnologue list of world’s most widely spoken languages. However, it ranks fourth as the most powerful language on Earth for doing business, says World Economic Forum

In any case, French isn’t a really popular among foreign language learners due to its inherently difficult grammar and pronunciation styles.

At the same time, learning French language can open amazing vistas for anyone. That’s because French is not as uncommon as the above figures indicate.

Why French Language is Important?

French is the national and official language of France. However, it’s also the national and official language of 13 other countries. Additionally, it’s the co-official language of 16 other countries. This means, there’re total 29 Francophone countries worldwide. These countries were once overseas territories or colonies of France.

Furthermore, France has a rich heritage of literature. French cuisine ranks among the topmost of this world. France is home to several prestigious institutions of higher learning. The country also ranks among the Group of Eight or G-8 most industrialized nations of the world. As a result, France exports a lot of stuff around the world.

Therefore, if you wish to learn French, here’re some strong reasons why this language is important.

Importance of Learning French Language

Here’re some reasons that would highlight the importance of learning French language. As I mention earlier, it can open amazing educational and career vistas for anyone.

Official Language of United Nations

French is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Therefore, it’s a very important language in foreign relations and diplomacy. The UN and its member organizations issue lots of communiques and information in French. Therefore, French is an excellent language to learn if you’re aspiring to enter foreign services.

Higher Education in France

France may not be exactly a destination of choice for higher education. Most Indians prefer English-speaking countries such as US, UK and Australia for pursuing professional courses. However, France has excellent universities that offer specialized courses in hospitality management, healthcare, European history, politics and diplomacy, medicine and biotechnology, culinary arts as well as French language itself. And degrees from France are valid worldwide.

Indian Defense Sector

France is a major importer of defense goods to India. These include the recently inducted Rafale Multi Role Combat Aircraft, Scorpene class submarines and various other equipment that is in use with the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and the Indian Army. A lot of these deals are now between French defense companies and Indian private sector.

Learning French gives you an opportunity to join this growing field of Franco-Indian defense cooperation. Of course, only knowing French won’t get you an excellent job in the defense sector. You’ll require additional qualifications too.

India’s Wine Industry

India has a growing wine industry that heavily depends upon France. That’s because France has the widest possible range of finest grapes that go into making exquisite wines. Most Indian wine is made of local cultivars of French origin grapes. Wine making is also a skill perfected by the French.

Anyone desirous of joining this booming and upcoming sector of Indian wines needs to learn French. They can take courses in France on wine making, brewing and distilling all kinds of alcoholic drinks. Incidentally, such courses are very rare in India.

In Conclusion

It’s worth noting that France once ruled Puducherry (erstwhile Pondicherry) in southern India. There’s a huge Francophone population there too. As India’s trade and diplomatic ties with France and rest of the Francophone world are on the rise, learning French is becoming increasingly important.

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