How to Get Timely Promotion & Assured Career Growth in Government Jobs!

I have experienced that government jobs not only provide job security and good salary but also an excellent career growth. Government job also provides social respect and status to you. Normally, you join any government organization at the entry level which assures good kick-start of your career.

Government organizations have different hierarchy of portfolios based on the seniority and performance. As you go up in the career ladder in the government organizations, your salary and other perks also increases. You also enjoy more responsibilities and power.

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1. Promotion Policy

Every government organization has a promotion policy in place which ensures your timely promotion. Promotion policy in government organizations is linked to minimum number of years in one grade (normally 3 years), performance of the staff and seniority.

If your performance is outstanding and you have completed minimum number of years say 3 years in the present job, you will be promoted to higher grade. You salary, benefits and power will increase.

Even if you are not able perform sometimes in exceptional circumstances, you will get promotion next year say in 4 years. Here, your seniority in the current post plays a pivotal role.

You will get preference over others who are junior to you. Hence, I mentioned earlier that your career is protected in government jobs i.e. you get promotions based on the performance as well as seniority.

2. Additional Benefits linked to your promotion

As you are promoted to higher grade, you take pleasure in more power and responsibility that you get. It also boosts up your confidence and motivates you for elevated level of performance.

In additional to these benefits, there are other financial benefits which you will get after promotion. Some are listed below.

  • a. Increase in the basic salary.
  • b. One additional increment in the basic salary.
  • c. Eligible for vehicle loan, housing loan and other loans at very less rate of interest.
  • d. Increase in conveyance i.e. increase in monthly petrol and diesel allowance or chauffer driven car.
  • e. Increase in other perks like dearness allowance, house rent allowance, yearly bonus and many other allowances.
  • f. Increase in medical benefits.
  • g. Eligible to travel by flights and stay in luxury hotels (For example, 3 star and above).
  • h. Eligible for membership of some of the prestigious clubs.
  • i. Higher reimbursements for telephone, mobile and data card bills.

3. Power and responsibilities linked to your promotion

As you are promoted, you will be entrusted with higher power and responsibility.

1. Normally, when you join any government organization at entry level, you do all the work yourself i.e. you are supposed carry out all the roles and responsibilities of the job yourself. You may not have any assistant for delegation of your work.

2. After you are promoted to higher grade, you may be heading some department and number of staff will be working under you. Your job changes from doing work yourself to getting work from the staff reporting to you. Your job gets managerial. You delegate the work to your staff and ensure that you get best results from them. You are responsible for the performance of your department.

3. You next promotion will be head the city or region wherein you will be controlling particular business or the departments in that particular city or region. All the departmental heads will be reporting to you. You have to get work done from all the departmental heads. Your role will be strategic and you are responsible for the performance of business or department in that particular city or region.

4. You will next be promoted to all India or state head for particular business or section of the government organization wherein you will be responsible for all India or state performance of that particular business or section.

5. Finally, you will be promoted as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Managing Director (MD) of the government organizations wherein you will be all India head or state head of that government organization. You will responsible for all the overall performance of the government organization.

Hence, you can see that how your roles, responsibilities and power are increasing as you are growing up in the career ladder in the government jobs. You will get immense pleasure and satisfaction after handling such challenging roles.

Your morale will always be high as your career growth and promotions are taken care in government jobs. Along with the higher roles, responsibilities and power, you get higher financial rewards in terms of increase in salary and perks as well.

Hence, I advise you to choose government jobs for better career growth and challenging work. Keep searching good dailies or Get Sarkari Naukri for latest information on the government jobs. Wishing you a great career ahead in government jobs!

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