Recruitment Process in Private Firms

The recruitment process in all organization is somewhat same but it may vary from company to company depending upon the designation, type of the company, type of business, full time, part time job etc.

Selecting a right person for the right job is a real hard task for a HR person of the company. If a right candidate is selected then it will save the money and time of the company or else they have to go through the same recruitment process again.

The right selected candidate should match as per the company requirements. Also the candidate should be able to handle the job responsibilities properly.recruitment process

Here are some of the reasons when the vacancy for any post arises in the company

  • Ex-employee gives the resignation
  • If there is work load then the company hires a new person to distribute the work
  • If the company has launched a project and wants new persons to handle the job
  • The current employee has been transferred to another location
  • The current employee has been given the promotion by shifting to higher role.

After knowing the requirement of the vacancy the organization decides upon the number of the candidates to be filled, qualification required for the job and the job specification. Also before giving the ad they have to decide on the pay range to be offered to the new hired candidate.

Here is the basic eligibility required for hiring in any organization.

  • You should be graduate or post graduate as per the company requirement
  • Also some companies hire the under graduate for less skill work
  • You should have completed your age of 21 years
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work with team

To select the right candidate the organization should follow proper recruitment process. Here are some of the methods of recruitment.

Whenever any vacancy arises the organization first try to do the internal recruitment. They inform their employees about the vacancy so if anybody interested then they apply. This the easiest method of recruitment as this saves time and money.

If internal vacancy is not fulfilled then the organization gives ad in newspaper or local newspaper or places ad on the jobsites / job boards or informs the related institutes.

Even some organization hires the candidates as per the references received from the current employees. They trust the reference candidates more.

Some organization selects Placement consultants/ HR Recruiting firms for their manpower requirements. These placement consultants select the right candidates resume from their database and then forward them to the organization. Last decision depends upon the organization.

The organization gives proper description of the job, qualification required and if any conditions required in the ad this makes the candidates easier to apply if he thinks he is qualified.

After placing the ad the organization receives loads of resumes. Then they select the eligible candidates as per their skills, qualifications, knowledge and abilities.

Then they arrange the interviews for the selected candidates and inform the selected candidates through email or phone call. Some organizations have one round of interview or else some have two rounds of interview depends upon the company.

At the time of interview they short list some candidates and then final decision is taken. Even some organization with interview they take the written tests [aptitude test, personality test, intelligence test etc.], reference check, group discussion etc.

The final step in recruitment process is by giving the selected candidate the Appointment Letter. The appointment letter contains the date of joining, designation details, pay scale details and other formalities.

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