Scoring that Winning Essay Paper

The greatest students love writing essays since it gives them a chance to shine, it provides them with intellectual exercise, are interesting and enables the writers to create thoughtful arguments on difficult subjects in often prescribed and restrictive word counts.

For some students, it takes a little more help and they often buy essays from or other sites with competitive prices. Whether they utilize a writing service to buy essay writing from thepensters or just write them out themselves, it always provides them with the challenge of crafting up essays that are better than the last one.

The issue, however, is when you have to bang out these essays on a regular basis. It gets too easy to get stuck and often you find yourself repeating the same process every time; especially when you are receiving good feedback from instructors.

So, do you order more essays or do you take them to the next level and go for brilliance all on your own? Below are some practical techniques and tips you can follow to improve your essay writing.writingcolor


It is always a good idea to plan ahead, however, spending too much time trying to perfect and structure your essay could be wasting time since it could easily change as you go.

You might find that some methods work the best for you while others don't. Whether you are a planner or not, it's not a bad idea to sketch out a couple points on paper prior to starting.

When you begin writing your essay, don't be surprised if you find yourself moving away from it a little bit.

Build and Enhance your Vocabulary

Having a good vocabulary will enable you to say precisely what you mean, concisely and clearly. Don't waste too much time filling your piece up with words or rambling points.

It's better to get your point across with half the number of words since readers don't like to waste their time having to read through long pieces.

Implement the 3 point 5 Paragraph Essay

  1. Tell your readers what your topic is about and what you intend on proving or showing
  2. Explain the 3 main support ideas of your piece to support your position or prove your argument
  3. Summarize your main point, support ideas and reinforce your conclusion

The 3 point 5 paragraph essay is a type of essay which includes 5 paragraphs focused around 3 points or ideas with the first paragraph being the introduction, the next 3 paragraphs being the main idea or point and the final being the conclusion.

Walk a Mile in Your School's Shoes

At the end of every day, universities and colleges want to see a student graduate and get out there in the world and be successful.

When it comes to your essay, it’s important that you are presenting yourself as a person who is in love with learning, who has the ability to think critically and who has a passion for just about anything.

Last Tip

The writing part of your essay is the last step in the overall process. Ensure you do your due diligence of researching and creating a detailed outline prior to getting started with the writing part.

If you don't have something to write about, you won't be able to write well.

Have a wealth of information before you begin to write. It's much better to have ample amount of information to write about than not enough. For more detail you can visit the website

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