Top 5 Mistakes People Make at Interviews

Interviews are really important and necessary nowadays if you want to land a perfect job. You have surely heard stories about perfect job candidates that were incredible on paper and they did not pass the interview. The current job market is competitive so the first impression that you make is really important. Let us talk about the 5 mistakes that people usually do at an interview so that you can avoid them.

1. Communication Style Problems

Mistakes in InterviewsEmployers are quite different from one company to another. You can make a much better first impression if you manage to match the communication style of the interviewer. This can be done by simply mirroring what you see. Allow the person in front of you to take charge and set the conversation tone.

As a very simple example, let us say that the interviewer is all business. In this case you should not try to say a joke. You have to be businesslike. If he is amiable, try to talk about interests. No matter what style the interviewer has, always answer a question directly.

  1. Taking a Long Time to Answer or Talk

Interviewers always encounter people that take a long time to answer or talk and this is really bad in most cases. When it takes you a long time to answer a question, the employer might think that you do not understand the question. When you spend a long time talking, you might end up talking nervously. The employer might think that you are lying or hiding something.

You have to practice answering directly to questions asked. You can use role playing with friends to help you out and avoid making this mistake.

  1. Lack Of Preparation

This is quite common. There are some questions that you wouldn’t want to be asked. Instead of just being afraid of being asked something, how about preparing for the questions? If you do not know how to do that, it is a good idea to talk to a career coach so that you can answer those tough questions in a way that looks good for the interviewer.

  1. Earnings And Salary Information

Candidates end up weakening earning potential because they talk freely about income that they currently have. It does not matter what job you are hunting in this case. Your current income will have a huge effect on the offer that is given to you. You need to know how to prepare for salary questions as this can possibly add thousands to the new offer that you will end up signing.

  1. Negative Remarks About Past Managers Or Employers

You can call it professional courtesy but it is something that so many candidates fail to understand. Even if the past employer was really bad and unreasonable, negative comments will show that you disrespect authority. Even if your past experience was a negative one, you have to present it in a positive way to an interviewer.

Make sure that you fully understand all mistakes that were mentioned above and avoid them at all costs. If you have problems in interview situations, you should think about hiring a career coach to help you out. The investment is small and the potential is high since you can actually land a job even if you are experiencing difficulty at the moment.

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