Why Do Firms Use Psychometric Testing In Recruitment?

Psychometrics refers to a field of study closely related to various concepts and methods in education and psychological evaluation. psychometric-test Initially psychometric tests were designed for educational and psychological situations only.

However, psychometric tests are today used in occupational guidance and counseling to help employers choose the best candidates for a job. The tests can also be used by individuals when planning their career paths.


Psychometric testing is a valuable resource in the selection and recruitment process. The tests measure candidates’ aptitude, expertise, personality trait and approach.

Psychometric tests provide insights into how candidates for a job can perform in certain job positions and work environments.

Although most psychometric tests do not evaluate a person’s psychological and emotional stability, some tests are designed to gauge individual’s truthfulness, reliability and inclinations to react in certain ways or give certain emotional responses.


Psychometric testing is designed to produce definite results based on statistical theories and structures. The tests should be reliable, consistent, analytical, non-discriminatory and objective.

Psychometric tests are considered a combination of aptitude and personality test. The aptitude test gauges candidates’ proficiency, skills and abilities while the personality test gauges individuals’ characteristics and traits.


Some psychometric tests are conducted impromptu while others require a certain level of preparation and studying.

For example, psychometric tests that focus on candidates’ skills and aptitude on a given discipline require the candidates to research that area.

Psychometric tests that are career related and predominantly focus on candidates objectives, personality interests and capabilities require candidates only to familiarize themselves with their work environments, priorities and the job features.

Career planning

Psychometric tests can also be used by individuals to find out their career options. The tests are designed to help people identify the professions that match best with their skills, goals, character and interests.

Many career counselors use psychometric tests such as the Strong Interest Inventory to help people find suitable career paths.

Psychometric testing is used by recruiters and individuals to determine which job positions and careers respectively are suitable for individuals’ capabilities, personality and ideals.


Candidates and recruiters should know that the results of a particular psychometric test might not always reflect the true aptitude of the respondent.

Some people do not do well with standardized tests. Some have trouble with all kinds of formal tests altogether.

In addition, psychometric tests are not intended to be the sole barometer for gauging individuals’ suitability for certain job positions or occupations.

Individuals can take free psychometric tests online. The tests can also be taken from local libraries and career development offices.

Individuals who decide to take these tests on their own should consider taking several tests and compare the results to have a good idea of their abilities and suitability for certain occupations.

The tests should be used as a guide in the career choice process rather than as a definitive ruling on individuals’ career options.

Many companies use psychometric testing in selection and recruitment because it provides an objective evaluation of job-seekers, it is easy to administer and evaluate and eliminates designer and culture bias.

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