How to Add Personality to any Office Space – Big or Small

Whether working for a big multi-national, a small local business or from home, sitting at a desk all day can become stultifying.

Personalising your work space helps to make you feel more at home and bring out your best qualities.

There are many ways this can be achieved, from adding a few personal touches to a cubicle to designing your very own work station.


A splash of colour brightens up any space. Even if you are confined to a small grey cubicle in an office full of identical small grey cubicles, it doesn’t take much to make your own space vibrant.

office space

Photographs or postcards add much needed colour to any office, and take up little space. Looking up to see the grinning faces of your children beaming down at you as you work can make you smile through even the toughest day.

Choose pictures that invoke happy memories, such as holiday snaps or photos of friends and family, or shop around for interesting and many-hued postcards to decorate the walls of your cubicle or office.

Gadgets and Accessories

There are thousands of fun, useful and entertaining gadgets on the market, and adding a few to your work space can add a playful touch to an otherwise dull area. office mug

Look for things that make you smile without causing too much distraction. Be wary of things which make noises, as these can be off-putting to both yourself and your co-workers, but instead choose some funky accessories to make your office a nicer place to be.

Novelty mugs and pen holders featuring your favourite cartoon character or an amusing quote give you something non-work related to look at when you are lacking in inspiration.

Small toys give you something to fiddle with when you are pondering a problem, and stress balls let you take out any tension in a safe fashion.


office chairDepending on your particular work situation, you may be lucky enough to choose your own furniture, in which case you can really make the space your own.

You may want to kit your office out so it looks incredibly professional, as this can help you feel more productive. Alternatively, you may wish to add a bit of fun to your furniture.

Office chairs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and while it is important to have one that offers you the correct support, there are plenty of ergonomic designs that also look cool.

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