How to Choose an Engineering Course & Branch

Choosing a right engineering course could be very difficult just after completing your 10+2.

You alone can’t decide which course is the best for your future. You have to take your parents in the loop and consult them before you choose a course.

In this article we give you some of the best engineering courses that you can choose from. We also give you some tips to choose a course.

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But before all of this you need to know the dilemma you will be facing while choosing a right engineering course.

The Dilemma You Face While Choosing an Engineering Course

I remember what happened to me.

After completing my 10+2, I appeared for the common entrance test conducted in my state for entrance in different engineering colleges.

Once my ranking was known I had to appear for the counselling. There I had to choose a branch and a college if I was ever going to become an engineer.

I remember those days very vividly.

I had to attend many rounds of counseling in coming days. I was looking for the best college with my favorite branch.

In the end I had to satisfy with a college and the branch I would like to graduate in. I gave preference to the branch over my college while I was choosing a seat.

You need to decide before the counseling what branch or course you are going to choose.

Whether it is electrical, mechanical, electronic etc you have to decide very early on.

I was accompanied by my parents while the counseling was going on. We both agreed upon the branch and college and then finally we chose a course.

Few Tips Before You Choose an Engineering Course

Choosing engineering course out of so many is not an easy task. tips to choose

However we give you some tips that might help you choosing a course while you are at counseling cell.

1. Attend All the Counseling Round

The first tip is you must attend the entire counseling round. Once you start appearing for the counseling you have to go through round after round.

It happens that you may not get your preferred college and branch in the first round. But you can get one if you attend the rounds till the end.

2. Branch or College

Once you are in the counseling room you have to make a decision in few minutes. Usually it happens that you are getting your favorite college but not the favorite branch or you are getting a branch but not in good college.

So what do to? Well I will recommend you going after the branch.

3. Your Interest Vs Jobs Prospects

Again there are branches which are evergreen and they can give you jobs right after you complete the course. Branches like electronic and communication, mechanical, electrical etc are very high in demand.

However it happens you don’t like them and your interest is in some other branch like Textile or Biotechnology.

So which one do you prefer? My suggestion is that you need to follow your passion.

4. Post Graduation Opportunities

Choose branch that has great prospects. It means you can do post graduation or PhD later if you like.

So make a wise decision.

5. Specialization

Specialization is very important. If you want to learn only software then go for software engineering or computer science. Do not choose electronics or electrical branch.

So these were few things that you must consider before you choose a branch.

8 Best Engineering Courses to Choose From

Now let us look some of the best engineering courses that you can go for after your 10+2.

Some of the courses are evergreen meaning they were relevant in past and will be in future however there are some which may not be in demand right now but hold a great potential in coming days.

We will talk both kinds of courses.

1. Electronics and Communication: E & C is the one of the evergreen engineering courses all around the world. However the course is tough compared to other courses. top engineering branches

2. Electrical Engineering: Electrical engineering is also an evergreen branch but you have to learn many things like E&C. Usually Students find it difficult to complete the course in 4 years.

3. Mechanical Engineering: Third best is mechanical engineering, if you complete it you will get a job very easily.

4. Civil Engineering: Civil engineering is also evergreen because it is the oldest branch of engineering.

5. Computer Science: Now following four courses have great potential in future. The first one is Computer science.

Learn both hardware and software.

6. Bio Technology: Second is Bio Tech. It has great future because most of the MNCs are investing in bio tech. So for getting jobs go for this course.

7. Aerospace Engineering: Similarly aerospace engineering may not be hot right now but in future you can count on this course.

8. Architecture and Construction: Finally Architecture and construction, it is new but as construction rises in the country you will recognize the course’s importance.

So these were few courses that you can choose from according to your interest and passion.

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