How to Become an Accountant in India

An accountant’s role is very important in the firm because as an accountant you have to answer lot of questions about the profit & loss of the company, finance of the company etc. Accountant’s one mistake may put company in risk.

An accountant should be detail oriented and should have analytical skills. To become accountant only theoretical knowledge is not enough a practical knowledge is also required.

Educational Qualification

First of all to become an accountant you have to choose commerce stream after your 10th and do a five year course or after your 10+2 do a three year degree course in commerce.

Without a Bachelors degree in Commerce no one is going to hire you as an Accountant. At the same time good percentage is required in the accounting subjects.

Good Maths Skills will help you a lot while working as an Accountant.

Field to apply

Accountant is required in every field and in every industry, so there are lots of opportunities for the accountant. For every businesses accountant is required.

Steps to become Accountant

1. Immediately after your graduation most of the firms will not hire you as an accountant as you don’t have the experience. So where to get this experience?become accountant

If really you want to make career in Accounts then for some time or at least a year you have work under Chartered Accountant (CA).

Don’t think they will pay you good package. No, they will pay you a little bit (I mean you will not say it as a salary) or nothing. Don’t worry it will be like an internship and at the last you will learn a lot.

2. There are many institutes now a days teaching professional accounting or Industrial Accounting. So after your graduation find out the right institute and join them.

These institutes train a graduate to become a successful accountant. They teach about VAT, computerized accounting, TDS, E-Payment, E-Filing, Business Accounting, Auditing, Share Market etc. They also offer placement service to the candidates.

3. Learn Tally New Version Software and new courses available in market of accounting. With advanced technology new software, new technologies are introduced every other time so try to learn new things and remain updated.

4. In your college days or during summer vacation also you can find a job as a part time accountant and can learn the practical knowledge. During this period you will know your interest towards the accountancy as a career.

5. Even if you get a job in small firm, the small firm accounts is different and big firms accounting is different so try to learn new things and go ahead.

6. Masters in Commerce degree will also open more doors for you. Even Masters Degree will help you to shift for higher position of accountant and a job in the big corporate companies.

At the last I can say increase your knowledge in accounting field, keep trust, remain dutiful towards your profession and then definitely one day you will be the successful Accountant.

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