10 Most Interesting & Lucrative Career Options

interesting career options

When we choose a career, we ensure two things, firstly that earning from it should be fixed for the lifetime (at least up to 60 years of age), and secondly, we look for its future security.

Some career options have got the tag of most secured and reliable careers such as Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers etc. and many other career options are treated just as a hobby like dancing, painting, sports etc.

Do you know why some options are just as a hobby for many people? Due to lack of knowledge people do not opt these options as a career. We do not take the risk of choosing other available options as a career in future.

Students who secure fewer percentiles in their 10th and 12th examination also forced to opt usual career options because of no or partial knowledge about other career options.

Here I will help you in knowing about some attractive career options available around us which give lots of opportunities and also a stable and safe career in future.

These careers always attract people and draw everybody’s attention, give name and fame in less time (if you work hard) and also provide a better future.

These career options always face a stigma in society as a bad career option. But making a home with a strong foundation will always be safe. Getting a degree and becoming professional in any field gives you confidence in the workplace.

You will become more prepared for any kind of work. You have to make your base strong by acquiring all the skills and education required for a chosen career.

interesting career options

1. Dancing

If you want to make dancing as a career, you need guidance and training for this. You should start learning dance at your early ages. The early you will start the better you will grow.

Even if you have not learnt proper dancing at your early ages, and you have an inborn talent of dancing you can train yourself by own through various online training classes.

Courses: You should do bachelor or graduate courses in dancing as we do for a study-related career. You can also go for a diploma or postgraduate courses in dancing. This will provide you with a secure and professional career in dancing.

Institutes: There are many institutes in India which train dancer and certify them. Also, there are plenty of government institutes of dance. Online you can get the lists of institutes situated in every state. Some notable institutes are available in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Career as a Dancer: You can become a dance teacher and can start your own institute, as a choreographer you can join any reputed industry or local theater, you can become a performing artist; also you can teach dance online on YouTube channel (these days it is growing fast).

Financial Security: Lots of dancers are employed by academics, Kala Kendra, professional theatrical institutes etc. The more experience you gain in this field, the more money you can make in future. You can also be appointed as manager of cultural activities by big institutions. You can make decent money and can also stable your future by opting dance as a career. This career also gives fame and lots of opportunities.

2. Drama/ Acting

Acting/ theatres give a long-lasting career. One can opt this career at any stage of life. It does not always require a certified course. Moreover, if you take training or do courses of acting/ drama, it would always be better.

Courses: You can take a bachelor’s degree in performing arts from any institute. There are lots of government institutes also available for Performing arts. One can also certify in a diploma or can go for a postgraduate degree. Masters degrees are also available in drama.

Institutes: Many Institutes private as well as government institutes are available all around the country. One of the famous government institutes is Sangeet Natak Academy for dance, music and drama. One can also go with foreign universities like New York Film Academy for certified courses.

Career: There are extensive career opportunities associated with this career option such as professional actor, director, assistant in production, drama teacher, arts administrator etc.

Future security: You can easily earn name and fame in this career option. The security of the future is always there because it gives lots of opportunities. You can become a professional actor for the film industry, television industry projects, in other daily soaps etc. You can also start your own production house or can establish yourself as a YouTube actor.

3. Fashion Designing

Earlier this career option was opted by mostly girls, but in today’s era where the fashion industry is growing day by day, this career option is not based on gender. Today fashion designing has evolved as a full-fledged industry.

Courses: You need to have a degree from a reputed fashion designing institute and must be creative skills. You can opt this career option at any stage of your life. The duration of fashion designing courses varies from one-year diploma to three to four years of bachelor’s degree.

Institutes: The most famous government college for fashion designing is NIFT, Delhi. There are many other reputed private institutes in India offers courses to become a fashion designer.

Career: You can work as a professional fashion designer in the fashion industry, can open your own brand/ industry, can become a fashion consultant etc. This career offers many opportunities and provides a stable future too.

Future security: The salary is high even for the fresher and as your experience increases you can demand as much you want.

4. Modelling

No formal education is required to become a model. You only need excellent communication skills and attractive appearances such as certain height, weight and clothing to enter into the glamorous world of modelling.

Courses: One can attend modelling school to become a professional model. And can learn about walking, talking, posing, makeup and clothing in a certain way so that it looks presentable. Even if you are not attending these schools and you know presentation skills and communication skills then also you can excel in this field.

Institutes: There are very few modelling courses available in India. Maximum of them are located in Mumbai and Delhi. You can also go for foreign institute certified courses in modelling.

Career as a model: You can work in the fashion industry as a contractual model or full-time model, you can work for advertising companies, can become a teacher for girls/boys aspiring to become a model.

Future Security: As a model one can get many opportunities to work. It provides more widespread exposure. Sometimes it takes a few years to get stable but not so long if you have the high-quality portfolio and working experience in small projects.

Once you get stable in this field the more assignments you are likely to get. This career provides a glamorous life and fame. There is competition in this field but where it is not? You only have to work hard on your area of interest.

5. Airhostess

To become an air hostess personality and communication is more required than education. You need expert English speaking skills and a certain height and weight.

Courses: You can go for certificate courses, which varies from 6 months to 1 year. The courses are air hostess training, air hostess management, customer services etc. You can also go for a bachelor’s course or diploma courses base on your educational qualification.

Institutes: Very famous institute is the Frankfinn institute of air hostess. There are other institutes also available which offer you a course to become an air hostess.

Career: People get recruited by aviation companies such as Air India, Go Air, Indigo. As an air hostess, the career span will be nine to ten years. After that air hostess move to management level, training level or ground hostess level.

Financial security: Career as an air hostess is very promising. These companies pay well and also provide different allowances to air hostess based on their experience.

6. Radio jockey

If you have fantastic communication skills and you can entertain people by your voice or by way of talking, then this career option definitely suits your personality.

Courses: No specialized courses are required to become a radio jockey. You need to have a charming and friendly personality. You must have a clear voice and pronunciation. You can do some certified training course or internship from reputed radio channel or institution.

Institutes: There are hardly any specialized institutes for radio jockey. But if you want to make it professional and want to do some course, you can look for All India Radio training. Some institutes also offer courses in mass communication and broadcasting.

Career as a Radio Jockey: This career option gives a number of job opportunities. You can work in any promising radio stations such as RED FM, Radio Mirchi, AIR etc. After becoming famous and successful RJ, you also move to television or on big platforms for anchoring. You can even start your own training school.

Future stability: This career is long-lasting and provides a stable future. Initially, the salary may be less, but as your skills and experience will increase, pay will jump even higher.

7. Photography

Photography is emerging as a lucrative career option among all age group because this provides a wide range of opportunities. If you want to become a professional photographer you need to get training of some skills, no other educational qualification is required for this option.

Courses: From an associate level to master level photography courses are available. You can also take diploma courses or bachelor's courses in photojournalism.

Doing a course to learn different skills in photography would always be helpful. Some skills required are originality, creativity, marketing skills, technological skills etc.

Institutes: Private institutions and some universities offer certified courses in photography.

Career: From becoming a wedding photographer to wildlife photographer, there are endless opportunities available with photography. You can run your own studio, can become a fashion photographer, can work for a company as a commercial photographer, and can work for magazines or news channels as a photojournalist.

Future security: Future stability is higher in this field. The more skilled and experienced you are the more opportunities you will get in future. The monetary stability is also there in this field.

8. Animation

The animation industry is growing industry in India. Choosing animation as a career option would always be safe if you have a genuine interest in art and design.

Courses: Several programs are offered like certificate courses, bachelor and master courses. You can also go for diploma courses from any government or private institutes available in India

Institutes: Most famous institute of animation is Arena multimedia and Maya academy of advanced cinematic. Other institutes are also available provides courses in game designing, graphics designing, visual effects art etc.

Career: After completion of a course from the institute you can be recruited by any industry. You can make a career in advertising, cartoon production, filmmaking, video gaming, television, digital advertising etc. One can also start their own enterprise.

Financial stability: Animation itself is an industry; it will always provide a stable future and also high salary package. The pay scale of an animator is high, and it increases with an increase in experience and skills. Career opportunities are available in India as well as abroad.

9. Travel and tourism career

Travel and Tourism industry is the fastest growing industry in this decade and likely to develop faster in the coming years. If you want to make a career in this field, you must know that there are endless career opportunities associated with this industry.

Courses: Many institutes offer bachelors and master’s degree. For short term courses, diploma or certificate courses are also available. You can do the travel management course or tour operation courses.

Institutes: Private institutions and some government universities in India offer courses for these courses. Some universities are Banaras Hindu University, Bangalore University, University of Delhi etc.

Career: You can work with travel agencies as a tour planner and tour guide, an adventure tourism expert, tour operator etc. The best part is doing a course can also offer you a government job in this field because the government is focusing more on the tourism industry so lots of career opportunities associated with this.

Future security: People love to travel around the world since ancient times. So nothing to worry you will always have a job and a stable future with this option. Salary is also good in the tourism and travel industry.

10. Chef

Cooking is an art. People generally underestimate this option as a career thinking that this is a daily household chore, but these days this is high growing career options. People love to order food due to their busy schedule. This led to an increase in demand for a competent and professional chef.

Courses: To become a professional chef you must have a diploma or bachelors degree for professional food production courses such as culinary courses. You can also take a certified course of the chef for six to twelve months.

Institutes: Most of the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) offers culinary courses.

Career: You can work in food processing companies, can become an entrepreneur and open your catering business, work with an industry which requires corporate catering etc.

Future Security: With the growing demand of online food, an increasing fashion of hotels and restaurants becoming a chef is a smart option. It provides lots of business opportunities as well as future stability.

Advantages of choosing above listed career

  1. These options provide money, fame and popularity.
  2. These require specific skills which can be learnt in less time and no specific educational background is needed (some career options demand 12th pass).
  3. Can be opted by any age group people whether student, homemaker or other working professionals.
  4. Most exciting and attractive career options.
  5. With experience and skills can be converted into own business venture in future.

It is essential to do a detailed analysis of any career options before choosing it for the future. So before making a decision related to career analyse your strengths, weaknesses and area of interest then make the decision wisely and smartly.

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