25 Good Paying Career for People Who Love Travelling

If you love travelling and going every corner of the world then you can turn your passion into a money making job.

People love travelling but you have to spend a lot of money on fair and hotels. But if you get a job related to travelling then you could easily finance your hobby and enjoy travelling.

So here I have listed 25 good paying careers for people who love travelling. You can choose any of them according to your educational qualification.

So here is the list.

1. Travel Blogger or Writer

First one is travel blogger or writer. You can have your travel blog up on the internet. You can share your experiences and photos on the Internet.

If the blog is hit then you make good money.

2. Merchant Navy

Merchant navy is also a good job if you would like to go abroad and travel through sea. After graduation you could join and make Rs 600,000/- to Rs 1200,000/- a year.

3. Travel Agent

Travel agent is a good job because you can help others and make commission. You can make Rs 50,000/- to Rs 100,000/- a month.

4. Travel Tour Guide

Companies need travel tour guide for their customers. If you have travelled around different cities of the world and know landmarks then company could hire you as a travel tour guide.

5. English Teacher

English teacher are required in foreign countries to teach good English. If you love travel and have good knowledge about English then this job is for you.

6. Geologist

Geologists have to travel around the world to study rocks. They travel continent to continent examining different types of rocks. Geologists are scientist and they make $60,000 to $120,000 a year.

7. Chef

Chef and cook are required by hotels. If you are a good chef then you could travel Hong Kong to Singapore to New York. Money is great like Rs 12 lacs to Rs 24 lacs a year.

8. Air Hostess or Flight Attendant

Air hostess or flight attendants get to travel different destinations. You could get into the hospitality sector and make money at same time travel abroad.

9. Cruise Ship Workers

Cruise ship travel from Europe to North America to Asia. You could be a small worker and travel the world.

10. Archeologist and Paleontologist

Like geologists, archeologists have to travel different parts of the world for search fossils and other things.

11. UN Aid Workers and Peace Volunteers

UN aid workers and peace volunteers get to travel around the world. However, the job could be tough because you need to go various conflict areas.

12. Interpreters and Translator

Interpreters and translators are required by government and foreign companies. If you have knowledge about languages like French, German, Japanese then you could get a job and travel at the same time.

13. Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers also travel from one state to another. Although job is very tough but if you love travelling then you could make money while you are on roads.

14. Roadie

Roadie is nothing but bikers. If you are gang of bikers then you move from one place to travel. You don’t make money but you could be a roadie and live your dreams.

15. Consultant

Consultants travel around the world. If you are consulting something then you have to travel different parts of the world. But the job is not for everyone.

16. Diplomat

Diplomat is high profile job and you can travel to different countries in the world. Every 3 years you are in a new country. However, not everyone can be a diplomat.

17. Personal Yacht Sailor

If you know to sail a ship then you could become a personal Yacht Sailor. Yacht owners need sailors who can sail them from one country to another. You make millions in a year.

18. Missionary

Missionaries have to go foreign countries to spread religion. I am not suggesting you to become a nun but you could be a missionary and travel at the same time.

19. Importer/Exporter

Importer and exporters get to travel around the world to showcase their products and make deals. However, you have to establish a big business.

20. Hotel Manager

Hotel managers have to go from one city to another for the company they are working in. Job of a hotel manager is very good and you get to travel as well as make good money.

21. Travelling Nurse

Travelling nurse also gets to travel around the world but the job could be tough. You could easily make some money with this job if you love to travel.

22. Destination Photographers

Photographers are wanted for weddings and fashion shoots. You could travel to exotic place around the world.

23. Au Pair

Au Pair is nothing but a baby sitter. You could be hired by a rich family and you need to take care and travel with them. Money could be great.

24. Civil Servant

Civil servants also have to travel around the world. However civil servant is a high profile job.

25. Event Coordinator

The last travelling job in the list is event coordinator. Like an event manager, event coordinator’s job requires him or her to go different places.

So these were 25 good paying travelling jobs. Most of them are good paying and some of them are not. You choose one of them.

  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Narahari Vishlavath I did My Education B-Tech(Electronics And Communication Engineering)
    I am Very Interested To go Sea Side Job But I don’t No what is the Process about this. Please Sir/Madam Suggest me What Is My next Process.
    Thanking You….
    Yours Sincerely,
    Narahari Vishlavath.

  2. Hi ,

    I love travelling and have a good experience looking after sick people . If anyone needs an assistant for looking after sick or nanny service can contact me on 9833890506.. National and abroad .



  3. I like tour guide job very much. I have done M.A. in Ancient and Medieval Indian History from Rajasthan university. I have got Tourist Guide license India Tourism ministery of culture n Tourism Govt. Of India (Iittm)Northern India (red card) 4 years guiding experience in Jaipur inbound outbound tourist

  4. Dear sir,

    i am looking for a job, i am having experience as hotel waiter,barman.restaurant captain,restaurant manager
    currently working as marketing manager for reputed 3 star hotel in kerala ,trivandrum india.
    i am ready to work in any situation i am running 40.

  5. Sir, I am now seeking a job anywhere in the world. Aged 59 yrs, returned from Gulf after working as Executive Steno Secretary/Document Controller and prior to that worked in Indian companies for more than 15 years as Steno Secretary. Please let me know if I can get any suitable job in a Cruise Ship, as I have come to know that there there is no age limit. If necessary some short term training of 3 to 4 months may be provided to me. I am ready to accept any job.. I can do English correspondence independently. I possess a good health and if God is willing, intend to work a few years in Cruise Ship for some saving for the rest of my life and also for fulfilling my obligations in life. Awaiting your swift and kind reply.
    Thanks and regards,
    Varghese Abraham.

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