50 Best & Simple Resume Format For Freshers (Download in MS Word)

Do you want to make a CV for freshers? Check 50 best and simple resume formats for fresher jobs. You can download these resume templates in MS word.
Download Resume format for freshers

Applying for any job begins by sending an application letter and resume. Indeed, these two separate documents impart the first impression about a jobseeker to every recruiter.

A well-crafted and visual resume stand a better chance of being shortlisted, regardless of your skills and experience. Often this translates into an interview call.

Having a professional CV writer to draft your resume is acceptable but is often expensive.

But you don't need to worry. I have added 50 best and simple resume formats for freshers here. You can download the resume formate according to your job and just add your details to create an impressive CV.

Resume Format For Freshers

Common Resume Writing Mistakes

Several unintentional mistakes and errors are best avoided in a resume, especially when applying as fresher.

  • Use of archaic, flowery language
  • Understating achievements
  • Failure to highlight hobbies
  • Lack of personalized touch. Meaning, your resume should read as though it is speaking to the reader
  • Too much or very scant information on projects, internships, and experience
  • Zero or negligible emphasis on extra-curricular activities and hobbies

Thanks to the Internet, you may find resume makers online, or you can freely download simple resume models for fresher and sample resumes quickly.

Best Resume Format For Freshers

Download Resume format for freshers

These simple resume formats for freshers in word files serve as a guideline for those with excellent writing skills. In contrast, others can create a great one by simply filling in relevant details, sans altering the language.

Hotel ManagerMechanicalSocial Worker
Sales PersonEngineerComputer Science
ExecutiveArchitectGame Designer
PharmacyInsurance AgentPublic Relation
AgricultureAdministrativeWeb Designer

You may also download Completed Resume format for fresher/experience in PDF.

Points to Check for Using this Resume Format for Fresher

Before you embark on drafting a resume, either with your skills or using a sample, here are some vital points to remember.

1. Ensure that information provided on your resume is valid and provable by an employer, should they decide to run an employee background check that is common nowadays.

2. Include your job objective at the top. This is the key to a successful resume. Some recruiters judge job seekers based solely on their stated career objective before reading further for qualifications.

3. Type in reader-friendly fonts. Employers do not prefer large, elaborate, and complex to read font. Though they may appear great on the computer, their appearance can be different in print.

4. An ideal and best resume format for freshers should not exceed one-and-half A-4 size pages unless merited by the number of achievements and projects.

5. Avoid clutter by writing too many words. Provide ample space between sections and use tabulation, where possible.

6. Run a spell-check for punctuation and grammatical error.

7. Never exaggerate or downplay your achievements.

8. Stop sending photocopies of your resume to save costs. Photocopied resumes impart a bad impression.

9. If any, do not speak about remuneration received during internship or project work on your resume.

10. As far as possible, try and avoid mentioning your references in your resume unless the would-be employer has expressly demanded the information. Instead, it would help if you mentioned that references could provide them upon request.

This helps you select from the wide circle of your parent's social circle who are best suited to the industry for which you are applying.

Multiple Resumes Advantages

The best way to apply for any job as a fresher is to create multiple resumes. This can be done easily by downloading the latest resume format for freshers from the Internet and following the set pattern.

This enables you to send a resume that best suits the profile of your applied job.

It is also important to note what document has an employer sought from job seekers: Curriculum Vitae (CV), Resume or Bio-Data. These are three separate documents and serve different purposes.

Many companies that call for applications from fresher and experienced staff are unaware about what document to ask from jobseekers and hence, loosely use the word ‘Resume.’

However, others, especially more giant corporations with highly professional human resources managers, will be particular about the document they require from you, along with the application letter.

Therefore, it is also worthwhile to download sample CVs and Bio-Data and create your own.

Happy Job Hunting

A great-looking resume, CV, or bio-data increases your chances of getting an interview call.

Psychological research worldwide proves job hunting is one of the most stressful experiences for everyone- fresher and experienced.

You can take some bite off this stress by sending an excellent resume that helps you during the interview with HR and other managers. One way to assess your resume is to have it read by parents and, if possible, by an HR manager.

In every probability, they may be able to point out areas where you can fare better by mentioning something you may have overlooked or missed.

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