12 Best Productivity Apps, Tools & Software to Try in 2024

Want to boost your productivity in 2024? In this article, find the list of 12 different types of best productivity apps. This productivity softwares will help you achieve your planned daily routine in 2024. Pick the best fit for you according to your need!

At the start of every year, we all list what went right and wrong. We all want to improve ourselves in the upcoming year.

With the onset of the New Year, we make resolutions and make promises to do certain things and not repeat the mistakes done in the last year.

Everybody wants to enhance their lifestyles in the New Year. And want to remove all the bad habits they had in last year.

The resolution we take for the New Year we follow strictly for a few initial months, but what happens after that? We get lazy, and we get started with our normal old routine.

And then we forget the resolutions we had taken to improve our lifestyle, such as I will wake up early in the morning every day, I will lose some weight this year, I will exercise every day and much more.

We spend most of our time on mobile phones. Nowadays, we are so addicted to it that we cannot even breathe without it.

Most people want to get away with their mobile addiction but feel helpless and cannot get rid of it quickly. We start feeling that we need to change something about this.

I have a great idea which will help you in both ways.

If you have made the resolutions to improve your lifestyle in the New Year and at the same time you want to change your mobile addiction with a better alternative, then this article will definitely help you.

It will help you to ease your path of resolutions by using some beautiful and essential apps that will enhance your productivity and also help you to make your life better this Year.

We have filled our mobile with many apps which are very common on everybody’s phone, such as YouTube, Google Maps, Music App, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

No doubt that these apps entertain us. But here I will not tell you about the most common apps because even if I won’t say you will have these on your device. And these apps you must have been using for many years.


Best Productivity Apps for Android

So, here is the list of the things you must include in your list of apps with the new year to improve your lifestyle.

You must have on your phone:

1. Strict Alarm App

Strict Alarm App

If you are the kind of person who wants to start a day early in the morning every day and finds it difficult to wake up from bed and of course, you must have used different types of alarm and also you would have slept again by putting it in snooze mode every day.

This year you must have a strict alarm app on your device which will force you to wake up from bed.

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

This app is different from other alarm apps. It stops ringing only when you have walked a fixed number of steps. You cannot cheat by shaking the phone.

You have to set up some steps (can set from 10 to 100 steps) you want to walk only then will it stop. So it has the potential to wake up even the laziest person.

2. Exercise Instructor App

Exercise Instructor App

At the start of every year, we all pledge to look after our health by exercising/yoga. Everyone wants to stay fit all the time.

But at the end of a month or two, we forget our pledge, and again we go back to the old schedule of not exercising, having no diet plan, etc.

If you have made the resolution to become healthy this year, you can use an instructor app to keep yourself on track throughout the year.

Health, Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Calorie counter

Health, Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Calorie counter

This app is listed among the editor’s choices and awarded Best Productivity App. It has lots of features, such as it gives you a personal diet chart according to your fitness goal.

It also calculates your nutritional and calorie intake. You can even manage dietary health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, etc. It also includes a gym and yoga routine with expert help. There are countless features of this app.

Home Workout – No equipment

Home Workout – No equipment

It is a workout/ exercise app. This app is best for men who want to tone their muscles at home. It shows all the postures and daily workout routines. It contains a workout guide through exercise.

Female Fitness – Women's workout

Female Fitness – Women's workout

It is exclusively designed for women by the same developer who has developed the app mentioned above for men. This app has similar features as mentioned above but is only designed as per female requirements.

3. News App

News App

Everybody needs this app to get updated with the happenings around the world. Getting updated with the latest happenings will improve your personality in many ways.

You get better knowledge; you improve your thinking level. It also gives you the power to speak out on any topic. You can present your point on any topic. It will give you an edge over other people.

Your reading skills will get improved, and also you will learn new words at the same time. So, all of you must have one news app this year.

Google News- For English Readers

Google News- For English Readers

Daily Hunt(For Hindi News Readers)- Available in 8+ Languages

Daily Hunt

This app is available in almost ten local languages. If you do not have time to go through a newspaper,

you can read it anywhere because along with the national and world news, it also covers local area news.

4. Daily Planner App

 Daily Planner App

Successful peoples have one thing in common, and that is discipline. If you want to be successful this year, you must have to define your daily goals or plans, and you must have to stick to it.

For this, initially, you will need some instructor so that you will not get diverted from your path. There are many apps that will help you to achieve this.

Any. do (To-do list, calendar, reminder & tasks)

Any. do

All these features you will find in one app. Millions of people use this. People also use the GoogleKeep app, but Any.do has more advantages than this.

You can organize your daily work and can set a reminder. You can plan your day in a better way with this.

Tick Tick

Tick Tick

This is a task manager and to-do list app. It helps you to make a schedule, organize your work and manage time with all your work. This app is an alternative to any.do app.

5. Habit Tracker App

With the start of the New Year, we all want to do away with our bad habits. If you are going to enhance your lifestyle this year, you must keep track of your habits.

Because whatever we are today, it is because of our habits. And we can bring a change in our life when we break bad habits.

Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker

This app will help you organize your daily life and track your daily habits and routines.

It will also help you remove your bad habits and add good ones to your life. Because it tracks how much time you have wasted on a particular thing.

6. Sleep Cycle Tracker App

Sleep Cycle Tracker App

Some people always face sleeping problems at night. We all need good sleep at night to wake up fresh in the morning.

If your sleep is not good, the next day the total productivity will be less, and you will feel tired or anxious the whole day. Some people snore at night. Snoring is part of poor sleep.

Sleep Time: Sleep cycle smart alarm clock tracker

Sleep Time

This App helps you to sleep better. It analyses the quality of your sleep and detects your snoring. It will help you improve your sleeping habits and resolve your snoring problem.

Anyone can use these six kinds of apps to get on track. I have included the list of additional apps that can be used by students who have made resolutions for their studies and want to change their study pattern this New Year.

8. Note-Making App



This is a note-taking app. For a long time, we have been using the same pattern of studies by noting down everything on papers or diaries. You can change this habit this year with Evernote.

You can save your note in various formats, including text, photos, videos, etc. Copy any information from the web and paste it into Evernote. It gets saved automatically.

This app can be used by other people, also. This app has many features which give it advantages over other note-making apps.

9. Time Tracker App



This app tracks where you are spending your daily hours. You have to set a timer for each work you are involved in a day. At the end of the day, you will know how much time you have wasted and how much time you really studied.

This way, you can improve your sitting habit.



Another app is TimenEye which has the same features.



Little different than the above two but used for the same purpose. Additional features are you can plan your week in advance and work accordingly. It has a reminder too.

10. New things in the New Year

2023 resolution

Some people plan to do different things in New Year, like learning different languages and different skills, reading some books, and more. It’s a good habit to learn new things and improve your personality. This will make you a better person over the years.



You can learn different foreign languages with this app. It includes French, German, Italian, English, and more. You can practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills through a game and can become a pro in any foreign language.

English Novel Books – offline

English Novel Books – offline

People who love reading make a resolution to complete a certain number of books within a year. This idea is really cool. To read so many books, you do not have to buy them.

You can download this app because it has massive e-book collections. One can choose their choice of categories from the list.

Skill Up – skill improvement app

Skill Up – skill improvement app

With the help of this app, you can learn six essential life skills. It includes skills such as social and cross-cultural skills, planning skills, leadership skills, global living rules, etc.

Learning these skills will make you unique among the masses and, over the years, will help you to become a better person.


While incorporating these apps into your life, you will also be using your mobile phone better because these apps will keep you engaged to do your work properly.

All the apps mentioned above are for improving your lifestyle this year. These apps can be used by everyone, whether you are a student or a working professional, or a homemaker. These apps will help you to enhance your lifestyle in your own way.

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