How to Break Your Bad Work Habits?

If you are reconsidering your own goals, it is important that you will have to examine your work life. You will have to consider the changes you will have to make in your work habit to turn out to be a pleasant colleague for your fellow employees.

Here are the details about the common bad habits at work and ways to break them, so that you can identify whether you have any of these habits and can find ways to get out of the same as well:

Planning poorly

Many people follow the habit of not following the work to be done the following day in an efficient manner. Reports state that many of them just leave the office at evening or night, without having any clue about what should be done as the first work the next morning.

To get out of this issue, the best thing you can do is to plan the things in advance. Before leaving your office, just plan the work to be done first hour the next morning to begin your day in an efficient manner.

Spending the day just in responding to mails

The important thing to remember here is that replying to mails just shows that you are responsive and this does not mean that you are productive.

You might feel that you are carrying out your job well as you respond to the professional mails you receive, but professionals are of the opinion that doing so does not mean that you are achieving your goal and being productive.

So, the way to break this is concentrating on your productive work and replying to mail in the middle of work, rather than sitting around just for replying to mails.

Asking for work-from-home opportunities

Many people these days ask their employers permission to work at home with a view that they can save time on commuting.

But, when you do this, you will get a lot of distractions like kids, friends and other distractions. Even though, some are able to be more productive when working from home, many are not able to achieve their work goals when they work from home.

The solution is that when you decide to work at home, keep away from your family and allocate a dedicated space at your home for work and also make sure that your colleagues can get in touch with you easily for talking about work-related issues and clarifications.

Giving preference to personal life as against work

It is true that every individual will have some sort of emergency in life. When one of your colleagues request you to take care of his/her work for a week or so just because he/she has some personal work to do during office hours, it is better not to accept.

When you do not give preference to your personal work, your subordinates will also follow your path.

Being late for meetings

Some follow this habit, which will have a negative impact in the minds of higher authorities. Those, who are late to the meetings, not only spoil their works, but they also create an impact on the work of other people.

So, to break this habit, set a reminder and follow the practice of being on time to the meeting.

Using inappropriate jokes

This is considered a very bad habit as you cannot expect all your colleagues to like your jokes. Some might laugh at your jokes just because you are their higher authority, but it will create a bad impression about you.

Avoid racially targeting goals and you should be highly careful about sensitive subjects like religion and politics.

So, follow the tips given above to break your bad work habits and gain better respect among your colleagues.

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