Should You Choose Your Passion as a Career?

As most of us know money is highly powerful and it has the ability to make and break kingdoms. It makes dreams come true and it makes some people happy, while some people, who cannot get it face miserable situations in their lives.

Nowadays, it is considered that the pursuit for money is something that is directly connected to the pursuit of happiness and there are some people, who argue that money is equal to happiness.

Even though, this mindset may seem to be good, it can turn out to be problematic in certain circumstances. This is because it can force people to stray down a path that does not best suit them.

When people are in the verge of choosing their career, they go behind the money and so select to follow the paper trail. It is true that money can buy anything that can bring us temporary happiness, but money cannot buy time.

So, time is the valuable asset and should be spent wisely. No one should feel that he/she is simply wasting time in their life by choosing an unsuitable career.

The present generation is particularly in trouble since jobs are scarce and many youngsters these days are stuck with the jobs that they do not like just because they want to earn money to beat the inflation.

Even though, this can be the right move from one point of view, it is something that should not be followed for the rest of our lives. Generally, experts are of the opinion that people should choose a career in a field that is passionate to them.

passion as career

Here are some of the reasons why choosing your passion as your career can be the great idea:

To enjoy the profession:

Career should be something enjoyable and should not be stressful. You should feel happy about visiting your office every day for five or six days a week.

But, if you feel stressful about the work in hand every day at office, you cannot enjoy your profession. On the other hand, if the work is something that is passionate to you, it will never be stressful.

Remember that you are gifted with only a single life, so it is better not to waste it just for money sake working at an organization that you actually do not like to work.

You can relate to your work and can come up with better ideas:

Being forced to work is something draining. Even though, it is true that there will be times at every job, when you will feel dull and draining, when you are passionate about the work, this dullness will not last longer.

When you love what you do, you can get better and creative ideas to get out of the dullness.

You will never feel that work is forced upon you:

When you give more importance to money as against your health and passion, you will be caught in a cycle of misery. Rather than becoming a career or journey, your work will turn out to be a taxing nuisance on your mind and body, when you do it just for money.

Even though, many people would suggest you that money is important for leading a tension free life after retirement, what is the point in spending a miserable life now, just because you want to lead a tension-free life after retirement?

Feeling of hatred is worse:

Even though, you might be earning well in your current job that is not your passionate job, you cannot get out of the feeling of hatred.

Many professionals are happy with the money they earn, but at one point in their life, they realize that their hard work towards a profession that is not passionate to them has taken most of their precious time.

Eventually, this hatred will cause stress as against happiness at some point in your life, even though, you might feel happy with what you presently earn.

You are more inclined to work late hours:

When your profession is passionate to you, you will never feel the burden when your profession demands you to work at wee hours.

This is because you will never feel that you are forced to work during wee hours and it is your interest towards the job that drives you to work. So, the experience will be enjoyable.

You should remember that every industry has a busy period and so without any doubt, you will have to put some extra working hours during the busy seasons. When this is done on your passionate profession, you will really enjoy working late nights.

Remember that people who are successful in their profession have stated that the reason behind their success is that they have chosen a field that is passionate to them.

So, your aim of succeeding in your career can be reached only when you choose a passionate profession even though, you might earn less in such a career. To conclude, without any doubt, you should select your passion as your career.

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