Top 5 Companies in India That Allow Working from Home

Working from home also termed as WFH is always considered as perfect option for those people who always want to create a balance between their work life and personal life. With the growing popularity of WFH concept more and more people are coming forward and adapting to this concept. But there are very few companies who allow their employees to work from home.

So if you are a person who is always motivated to work from the environment of his/her home then you have 2 choices. Either you apply for a job in a company that can let you work from home or you can search for online jobs that can earn you good income.

Although there are many companies which all their employees to work from home. But here I am going to share you about 5 top companies in India that allow working from home.


Infosys is one of those Indian companies that have been termed as truly Indian MNC and the company provides software development, technology and various other outsourcing services to its global clients. The best thing about Infosys is that employees are being given an option to work for 3.5 hours in a day in office and rest of the work they can complete in the comfort of their home. This option has really helped the company to retain their exclusive pool of talent.


IBM India is another such company that allows its employees to work from home. The Indian operations also include BPO services that consist of chat process and offline work that can be easily done from home. The company took this decision to allow its employees to work from home because of the increasing stress in regular office jobs and those employees who want to give time to their family can opt for this scheme. Under this scheme they need to have a personal computer and an internet connection at home.


Dell India which is considered as the largest PC maker company in the world also provides services through its India operations. The company’s top management believes that with the launch of latest remote technologies it has became quite easy to operate from a location which is outside office such as home and this is the reason company offers its employees a unique option to work from home. Company believes that this option not only ensures flexibility among employees but also helps the company to cut costs.


Accenture which is one of the top management consulting firms in India also gives option to its employees to work from home. In fact it is one of the initial companies that allowed this concept and consider this flexible working environment as the best option for its employees who needs more comfort and easiness of their home.


Yahoo the international internet giant also has operations in India and according to the Vice-President HR the company always wants that their employees can work from home. They are allowed to take calls from home and are also allowed to take part in different meetings and presentations with the help of remote access technology. Recently there was a debate when Yahoo said working from home decreases productivity.

With all such benefits and positive points’ one can definitely look forward to work from home. There are many more companies in India that are trying to implement this concept as this is beneficial for them in both ways that is employee satisfaction and it also helps in reducing the overall cost also.

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