20+ Top Free Classified Websites in India For Ads in 2024

Find the best free classified websites in India for buying and selling products, services or posting jobs in 2024. Find here list of top 20+ classified ads websites to help you post your ads easily.
Free Classified Websites in India

There are a thousand ways of advertising, both online and offline. Advertising has evolved a lot over the years, and one can’t underestimate the power of advertising. From posting job advertisements to lost and found adverts, there are many categories you can advertise.

Out of all these advertising categories, classified ads are the cheapest and most affordable. When print media came into existence, classified ads used to be expensive.

Fast forward to today, and they have become really cheap. As an extension, classified ads are now also available on classified websites. 

In this world full of instant advertisements and social media, classified ads still haven’t lost their glory yet. They are actually very affordable and help you get more leads. 

When it comes to the internet, classified ads vary from website to website. This article will tell you about classified ads and classified submission websites to post them for free. 

Free Classified Websites in India

What is the Purpose of Classified Ad Websites?

Classified ads websites act as a marketplace for individuals who want to advertise different kinds of stuff and publish public notices. Some of the most prominent purposes of online classified websites are:

  • Classified submission sites offer a big help to small businesses and startups. They can easily publish ads and get leads at low prices. When searching for a particular product, service, or job, classified ads help people find them easily. Classified ad websites are sources of enormous traffic. Therefore, if you are managing a business, it can help you advertise your business easily. 
  • Classified websites also charge a minimum fee and expose millions of people at once. People consistently use these platforms to post ads and find the right audience. This has made classified sites a great platform to find regular visitors who can actually buy or respond to your requests. 

20+ Top Free Classified Websites in India in 2024

1. TradeinIndia.com

Trade India is one of the best places to post classified ads and find daily utility items. The website shows the most popular products on the main page. At present, there are more than 86,000 product categories in which you can post your ads. 

2. Khojle.in

Khojle is a classified submission website that allows users to post classified ads for free on different categories like education, bank, finance, vehicles, matrimony, and many more categories.

3. Locanto.com

Locanto is an extremely useful platform, especially for those who want to post free classified ads and get an international audience. Here, you can post ads without spending any money and reach many people at once.

4. Indyapages.com

Indyapges.com is a website catering to the Indian audience. Here, you can post classified ads based on finance, jobs, business, rent, legal, jobs, and everything in between.

5. Sggreek.com

Sggreek is basically a blog where you can find various blogs on career tips, finance, etc. You can also post some ads on the website like home improvement, latest news, business, finance, and so on.

6. Oodle.com

Oodle is an international classified ads website. Everyone uses the website from the US to India to find classified ads on pets, furniture, merchandise, etc. 

7. Clickindia.com

Clickindia is a platform where sellers around India can visit the website and post ads. The website gets massive monthly traffic; therefore, it is an excellent option if you post jobs. You can post free classified ads without registration in India. Here, you can also find job ads, data entry jobs, government jobs, etc.

8. Indiabook.com

Indiabook.com is a website mainly focused on the Indian audience. Here, you can post online ads on different topics like matrimony, business, economy, science, astronomy, etc.

9. Vivastreet.co.in

Vivastreet is a website where you can post ads on various topics, just like any other classified ad website. However, here, your ads will also be visible to an international audience. 

10. Adpost.com

Adpost is a website used by 30,000,000 people each month from 12 different countries. Therefore, it is a perfect palace for you if you want to target a national as well as an international audience. The best thing about adpost.com is that you can post free classified ads for free. 

11. Classifiedexpert.com

Classifiedexpert is a platform where you can post free ads and get the traffic you deserve. Due to the decent amount of traffic, more people from over ten countries regularly visit the website. Therefore, if you want international exposure, this is the right place to start.

12. Gumtree.com

Gumtree is a website that allows you to post ads on specific categories. It is mainly famous for car classified advertisements. Apart from that, you can also post ‘for sale property, jobs, pets, services, and community ads here. 

13. Classifiedads.com

Classifiedads.com is again a free classified website that allows you to post free classified ads on the website. It has got pretty decent traffic, so the number of people watching your ad will be sufficient in number. It is a well-categorized website, and the organized ads help the users navigate the website. 

14. Thegreensheet.com

The green sheet is a perfect classified ads website for real estate and vehicles too. While visiting the website, you can easily find the ‘post an add’ button. No matter what your category is, you can post an ad and quickly contact customer care in case of any discrepancy.

15. Adlandpro.com

Adland Pro is the ideal place to post ads. Here, you can find thousands of ads at once, based on different categories. For example, you can find some least popular categories like telecom, legal, music, and so on. 

16. Classifiedsforfree.com

At Classifiedadsforfree, you can post an ad request for free. Here, many businesses and individuals come and post ads without paying a penny it is a perfect place if you have a low budget.

17. Bhartiads.com

Bharti ads is a website filled with all sorts of ads that you can categorize into different categories like education, events, general merchandise, personal classifieds, real estate ads, and basically an amalgamation of all sorts of ads. 

The website has more than 1,46,000 registered users at present. 

18. Ads.DelhiOnline.in

The tagline of Delhionline says- ‘best for small, must for all’.

The website offers free classified ads on different fields like education, jobs, lifestyle, and more. It is an amazing website where you can promote your small business.  

19. EpageIndia.com

Epage.com has a pretty simple dashboard and is very simple to use. If you are looking for an easy-to-understand classified ads website, you should try out Epage.com. 

20. Mykyword.com

Mykyworld is a website that offers free classified ads to everyone looking for them. This is why you don’t need to worry about spending any money. Mykyworld allows you to post ads on a plethora of topics. 

21. Namanas.com

Namanas.com is a website that aims at the Indian audience. On the home page, you can find classified ads categorized based on the city they are from. 

22. Backpage.com

Backpage.com is a website that allows you to post ads for free of cost and get good traffic as well. If you are aiming for a specific audience, backpage.com is a place where you should post your ads.

23. Jobiba.com

Jobiba is a classified ads website that exclusively offers a place to post all kinds of ads related to government as well as private jobs. 

24. Ablewise.com

Ablewise is a classified ads website that helps find specific ads and allows them to browse. However, the website doesn’t have much traffic. Therefore, you can choose any other website if getting traffic is your primary target. 


Classified ads are a great source of traffic, and you can post ads anytime you want, at extremely low prices on classified ads websites. Therefore, if you are looking for more traffic and leads, you should try any classified sites from the classified websites list if you haven’t tried them yet. Some of the sites mentioned above even offer free classified ads that you can make the best use of. 

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