Do you go With the Trend or Listen to Your Heart for Your Career

Are you among those who follow the trend for choosing their career? Or you are among those who listen to their heart rather going with the prevailing trend.

I really do not know, in which category you fit in. However, in reality, majority of youngsters choose to go with the trend that is prevailing right now.

They think that is going to be best for their career hence they follow the trend.

But there are quite a few people who are lone wolf and they listen only to their heart. Let’s debate more over this issue.

Do you take Your Career Seriously?

First question to a high school or a college student would be do you take your career seriously. Do you think that after few years you will be successful in shaping your career?

We know that many students have a frivolous attitude towards their career and overall life. So, they do things, what others are doing.

But out of hundred, there is a student who listens to his heart and defy the norms set by the society in general.

I would say if you are taking your career seriously then you should start thinking it from now on.

Are You a Lone Wolf?

As I said earlier, there are some loners who do not follow what others are doing. They make their own way rather following on someone else path.

If you are really a lone wolf then you will definitely listen to your heart. However, in reality, such individuals are numbered.

In a batch or a class you will hardly find such students. But if you find them then they are different from the rest. The most common trait of a student who listens to his heart is that he is a lone wolf.

Which is Better, Following Trend or Doing What Your Heart Says?

Let’s compare two of them. First is going after the trend. It means if trend is for a Sarkari Naukri then you will go for a government job. But if trend is for a private job then you might go after a private job.

So which is better? Well! It depends upon you. If you feel, following a prevailing trend would be good for your career then you are most welcome.

On the other hand, if you feel that listening to my heart will be rewarding for career then do that.

But in reality, you will win when you listen to your heart rather following the trend.

Are You Torn Apart Between Your Hobby and Money?

What is the debate all about when I say choosing a career by following the trend or listening to your heart? Well! It is simple.

When I say going behind the prevailing trend it means that you are choosing a career just for the money and when you are listening to your heart then it means you want to choose a career close to your passion.

So the debate is clear now.

Every individual who listens to his or her heart goes through this dilemma. Whether trend or Hobby!

Do You Follow the Prevailing Trend in the Society?

The question is already being asked. Now I will give you the answer.

If you blindly follow the trend then you might be playing with your career. It is important not to follow a trend just because everyone else thinks that it is better.

Use your mind or listen to your heart. I can only say, simply following something is not going to take you anywhere.

Or You Listen to Your Heart?

You might only listen to your heart and has nothing to do with the outside world. Well! Listening to your heart is really good but there is a caveat.

If you completely ignore what others are doing then you might not be able to share ideas with others. You will remain in a box.

So you should also try to share and take ideas from others rather confining yourself in a room.

Or You Neither Follow the Trend nor Your Heart

As I said both following trend and listening to heart has got some problem.

So there could be a possibility that you neither follow the trend nor listen to your heart. Then what other possibility is left?

Well! There is a possibility that you might consult a career counselor. If you are in dilemma and not being able to decide between following a trend or passion then you could take the help of a career counselor.

A counselor could suggest you choosing a career which is trending as well as close to your heart.

Hence a career counselor could be a way out.

What is the Actual Trend among Youngsters in Our Country?

Until now we were debating what you should do and what you should not. However, we need to also do a reality check that what our youngsters think when it comes to choosing a career.

Do they go by the trend or listen to their heart?

Well! The situation is not that disheartening. Today, young students are much more confident in deciding their career. Few years back when going for a Sarkari Naukri was their first choice now they have moved on.

Now they are making independent decision and going for a career that is close to their passion or hobby.

Finally, your Heart Should Prevail Over the Trend

After so much of debate and preaching I would suggest you to always listen to your heart. It is because I always followed what my heart said not the general public opinion.

Moreover, if you are in a dilemma then there is nothing wrong in consulting a career counselor. A counselor can surely show you the way out.

Hence, your heart should always prevail over the trend in the society.


I think enough has being said. Finally, I would say, you should watch the trend as well as stick to what your heart is saying.

Ideal situation would be when prevailing trend is close to your passion.

But if you are not clear then do not hesitate to consult a career counselor because this would be a right decision.


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