5 Things Not to Do if You are Fired from Job

Getting laid off is not a fun. Even though, getting fired from job is a situation that makes you panic at the first instance, you should never do it. Like the things to be done on getting fired, there are certain things that you should not be done when you are fired.

Here are 5 things that you should not engage in when you are fired:

1. Beat yourself up

Experts are of the opinion that getting fired can happen even to the best professionals. So, remember that you should not dwell into the things. On the other hand, it is better to pay attention to what should be your next action to find the right placement with a good pay that is higher than the current pay.

2. Decide you are not fit for another job

Just because you have got fired from the current employer, it does not mean that you are not eligible for another job. Unless you were fired for stealing or drinking or for some fraudulent activities, there need not be any worry.

3. Sign your termination right away

Many organizations offer what is called as severance payment in exchange of termination papers. This is done by the organizations to safeguard themselves from the potential legal claims from your firing.

But, you should be careful here and should not sign the termination papers immediately. Rather, you can ask some time for reading the terms and conditions and even you can get the help of a lawyer and the professional might help you in negotiating a higher pay as well.

4. Trash-talk your former employer

Some fired professionals commit the mistake of trashing the past employer, particularly in social media. But, this can backfire them. So, you should never take steps to write some rubbish messages about your employer, just because you were fired.

When you do this, there are chances that your potential employers will get to see this and they will never show interest in employing a person, who writes nasty things in the case of any mis-happenings in the future.

5. Spam your network

Even though, networking is good, sending out an email blast with your resume is not good. Whenever you receive a letter from a vendor with the subject line as ‘dear customer’, you will feel happy isn’t?

This is the same way in which your network will react, when they receive a looking-for-work or generic email. Whenever you post a comment on social networking sites, remember to proof read the same.

To conclude, this is the time to prepare yourself for the next job and do not just sit worrying about what has happened in the past. It is true that losing your job is the blow to your ego and your first instinct will force you to do anything possible to change the situation.

This is the time when you should contemplate carefully, rather than running away or talking too much to others about what has happened. Effective management of your transition is something challenging, but it is an important part in managing your career.

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