7 Things To Do If You Are Fired from Job

Now, you are fired from job! The reason might be something messed up or it also someone else might have done something wrong or might have blamed you.

There are also chances that your boss might not like the fact that you still exist in the organization. Regardless of the reason behind, the mere fact that you are fired still exist and you cannot escape. Now, it is the time to think about your next move.

The important point to remember here is that insulting your boss or making prank calls or vandalizing your past office building is not going to change the things anymore.

Even though, you might be tempted to do these things, these activities should not be your plan of action.

7 Things To Do If You Are Fired

Here are 7 things you can do at this point of time:

fired from job

1. Remain professional:

You can respectfully ask for the reason behind your firing and research whether it is a valid reason or not. You can pay attention to the termination meeting and should logically think at this juncture.

It is true that you are feeling extremely frustrated, but you should be ready to have a long-term picture at this situation and should remain professional.

2. Negotiate for the most favorable deal:

Many people commit the mistake of signing papers early without understanding that they can talk about many things even now to make things fall in their favor.

It is true that you are already fired, but this does not mean that you do not have any rights to ask the reason behind the same.

There are chances that your boss might feel guilty and can come forward to help you out when you follow a good approach.

3. Ask for extra time:

Your boss or higher authorities cannot pressurize you to immediately sign the termination papers.

You can ask for some time to sign the papers and in the meantime you can talk to somebody, who can change the things around. Remember that no one will think about your rights than you.

4. Consider how your termination will be relayed in your future:

Generally, you will have to specify in your resume that you have so far worked for so and so company and generally you will be asked about the reason for quitting the lost job.

Also, when you are getting out of an organization, you will be provided with experience certificate. Here, it is important that this certificate should not have any negative remarks about your performance.

In addition, some companies call up the past employers to ask about people applying for job with them. In such a case, you should ensure that only the HR department of the organization you are getting out of should answer and not your boss, who is firing you.

Even, if your boss is asked, there should never be any negative remarks about you. So, it is better to get out in an amicable manner. Never show your anger and anguish for being fired.

5. Get it documented:

In most of the cases, you cannot just rely on people. It is better to get reference letter from your employer that clearly states that your termination is upon the consent of both the parties.

It is better to get a reference letter copy before signing the termination papers.

6. Utter, but do not do it online:

Remember that whatever you post online will tell a lot about you. The best thing you can do is to find a supportive family member or a friend to cry out your heart.

Remember not to tell the whole world about what happened. Also, your past employer will not like to see that you have cursed him on your Facebook Status.

7. Send a thank-you letter:

Once you have negotiated everything and have got everything you need, be a generous person to send a thank-you letter to the management.

Remember that email just won’t help and you can make your effort to actually reach out and show up your gratitude. There are chances that they may be impressed and regret that they have lost you.

To conclude, this is the time to sort all the things. Begin your job search afresh with a positive attitude. Your job hunt will turn out to be highly successful by placing you in a better organization with better pay.

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