Freshers! Get Ready for the Jobs in Automobile Industry

automobile jobs

Automobile industry in India is changing rapidly. Whether they are Indian companies or foreign, both want to increase their market share. Hence, competition is very high among these companies to get their share of profit.

automobile jobs

This is good news for both, consumers as well as for students who are looking for jobs in automobile industry. As a matter of fact, automobile industry is among top hirers in Year 2017-2018. They are recruiting large number of candidates in their company.

Therefore, if you are a fresher with a degree in automobile engineering then you have a great opportunity to get a job in automobile industry. Let us see, what you need and how you can get the job.

Automobile Jobs are Mainly in Private Sector Not in Govt. Sector

Jobs in automobile industry, is only in private sector. There is a very little opportunity that a graduate in automobile engineering would find a job in government sector. It means jobs are not in government sector.

Candidates who want to become an automobile engineer and serve in government job has very less chance. Hence, it is advised that candidates should look their prospect in private sector rather than government sector.

Moreover, automobile engineering jobs could be in Indian companies as well as foreign companies. You have to decide which company you want to work for.

So again, there is no job in government sectors.

Various Automobile Companies Offering Jobs

As I said companies that are offering jobs are both, Indian as well as overseas. It is up to you which company you would like to join. However, I will give you name of some famous companies that you might know or would like to join.

Top players in Indian Companies:

  1. Maruti
  2. Mahindra & Mahindra
  3. Ashok Leyland
  4. Hindustan Motors
  5. Bajaj Auto

Top players in foreign Companies:

  1. Ford
  2. Honda
  3. Hyundai
  4. Toyota
  5. Audi
  6. Volkswagen
  7. Skoda
  8. BMW
  9. Renault etc

All the automobile companies are very reputed and pioneer in their field. All of them can offer a job that could be promising as well as pay you a high salary.

Apart from these companies there are other industries also who are hiring automobile engineers. They are

  • Automobile Component Companies
  • Service Stations
  • Transport Companies
  • IT Companies

Self Employed

If you want to be self employed then there is also an option. You can set up you own

  • Maintenance Workshop
  • Opening up a garage.

What is Your Job in Automobile Industry – Job Profile

Your job as an automobile engineer could have variety of roles. Job opportunities could in many areas like

  1. Designing of New automobiles
  2. Engineering for extra performance
  3. Production of automobiles
  4. Human resource management or HR
  5. Sales and Services
  6. Marketing and Finance
  7. Customer Care
  8. IT & Research and Development

However as a fresher you must focus on three roles design, development and manufacturing. Here is the job profile of each of them

  1. DesignA design engineer has to prepare blueprint or model of a vehicle or a component
  2. Development A developmental engineer would assess the blueprint
  3. ManufacturingManufacturing engineers would deal with mass production of the vehicles.

Some of the job profile as an automobile engineer would be

  1. Automobile Designer
  2. Production Engineer
  3. Driver Instrumentation Engineer
  4. Quality Engineer
  5. Automotive Technician
  6. Paints & Supplier Warranty recovery specialist

Skills that You Must Have

To be able for the job, you as an automobile engineer need certain skills. Apart from a bachelor’s degree in automobile engineering, you need

  1. You need a strong background in science and mathematics
  2. Creativity and innovation is the key to success
  3. Objective and logical thinking
  4. A sound technical and problem solving skills
  5. Sketching and Drawing skills are the must
  6. Team work and communications skills
  7. Hardworking and ready to learn new things

As a fresh automobile graduate, you must start developing these skills if you want to get a job.

Your Salary

A job of an automobile engineer demands so much from you, but at the same time it is ready to pay you back something in remuneration.

A fresh graduate can expect

Rs 10,000/- per month to Rs 15,000/- per month

If you are from institutes like IIT then you could expect more.

More experienced could get even more.

Rs 75,000/- per month to 100,000/- per month

Courses & Colleges for Automobile Jobs Preparation

Here are the websites of some colleges that offer courses in automobile engineering.

  1. Anna University, Chennai –
  2. SRM University –
  3. Bharath University, Chennai –
  4. Veermata Jiabai Technology Institute, Mumbai –

Future for Jobs in Automobile Industry

I always tell you the future of any job before you apply for it.

Future of automobile engineering in India looks promising. The reasons are

  1. India growing rapidly hence middle class would buy new vehicles.
  2. Moreover, India has a large youth population which is ready to be employed.

Therefore, you can look forward as an automobile engineer.


Finally, I will conclude by saying that jobs in automobile industry are mainly in private sector not in govt sector.

If you are a fresher then your future as an automobile engineer is very bright. There is a lot of scope in this field.

Only thing you would require is right kind of skill and a strong desire to succeed.

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