How to Become an AI Expert in Just Six Weeks

AI Scholars Academy offers a six-week Gen AI course designed to make you an expert. Learn from Pritam Nagrale, an AI and digital marketing pioneer. Perfect for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Enroll now to stay ahead in the AI revolution.
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Learning any new technology can prove difficult. Such difficulties aren’t experienced by greenhorns only but also by qualified and experienced persons. That’s primarily because modern-day technology evolves rapidly and almost every day.

The same adage holds true when we speak about Artificial Intelligence or AI, a technology that was thrown open to the public around late 2022 and early 2023.

AI took the world by storm as several large and small enterprises and corporations entered the fray to create their own Artificial Intelligence based tools and resources. In less than a year or by the beginning of 2024, most major corporations and millions of smaller companies worldwide were using AI-based tools and resources.

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What This Means for You?

You might have read about the surge of AI from your favourite newspaper or from some website. Or someone could have told you about AI resources. It’s also likely that you have some personal interest in knowing more about AI, wanting to learn it and acquire skills needed for your work or business.

The exponential rise in AI resources and their rampant proliferation worldwide also means that you would have to be AI savvy too. It’s quite likely that some of the functions you perform at the job would necessitate the use of AI-based tools. As a businessperson, you could require AI tools in future to ensure greater profits and sustainability of the venture.

Furthermore, as an increasing number of organizations adopt AI tools, it’s also imperative for you to have at least mid-level knowledge and skills to use this burgeoning technology while benefiting from its features. This means you’ll have to learn and acquire AI skills to remain relevant in today’s highly competitive job and business markets.

AISA Course Meets These Needs

Thankfully, AI Scholars Academy, a division of Dmatic Digital Pvt. Ltd, fully comprehends the needs of Indian students, working professionals as well as homemakers and senior citizens. While a student would require AI to gain extra knowledge about a subject, a working professional might have to deploy AI resources at the office.

Keeping these needs in mind, AISA offers two courses:

  • AISA Gold
  • AISA Diamond

Both these courses are specially crafted by taking into consideration, the number of AI tools that would prove useful in the near future and the long run. Additionally, these sources aim at equipping you with skills that could help you thwart redundancy and remain relevant in the fiercely competitive job market.

Furthermore, these skills could also prove useful if you’re eyeing a side business with AI or plan to launch a startup using the best resources this amazing technology has to offer.

AI Expert in Six Weeks

You too can benefit from these courses and become a certified AI expert in as less than six weeks. This course has been handcrafted by industry experts and hence, cover all features of AI for both professional and personal purposes.

These experts understand that learners require a flexible learning solution. Hence, AI Scholars Academy has created the Gold and Diamond course in an easy-to-learn manner, with great emphasis on practical and on-hands training. Available instantly after you successfully register, you can embark on the six-week journey to master AI right now.

All courses from AISA are specially crafted to meet the needs of Indians. That’s because AISA faculty members believe that AI has a vast potential for deployment in India and Indians can benefit tremendously by harnessing the new technology to the fullest. Furthermore, these courses are presented in an easy-to-learn manner and hence include 45 hours of training videos and lectures.

Additionally, you can get access to other amazing features such as Live sessions and much more.

Knowing the Master Trainer

All AISA courses are handcrafted and curated by Pritam Nagrale, founder of Dmatic Digital Pvt. Ltd. He has invested thousands of hours in researching various AI models found within and outside India to create a course that would meet the specific needs of Indian learners and professionals while offering the highest possible value for money.

Pritam Nagrale is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded India’s first digital marketing organization under the brand Multiline Solutions. The company was rebranded Dmatic Digital Pvt. Ltd as the demand for digital marketing services as well as digital marketing courses witnessed an overall boom in India.

A pioneer of India’s digital marketing industry, Pritam Nagrale is also a master trainer who has trained several successful entrepreneurs and working professionals in digital marketing. To ensure you learn AI technologies and resources quickly, Pritam Nagrale will be conducting the training. He is fueled by the passion to ensure that India benefits fully from the global AI revolution.

If you’re passionate about mastering AI skills and joining the AI revolution sweeping across India and the world, you can enroll at this link.

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