13 Best Ways to Concentrate on Studies and Focus Better

Are you unable to concentrate on your studies? Do you want to focus on studies for long hours? Read 13 best tips to improve and increase your concentration power.
concentrate on studies

With the board exams coming up we all want to go that extra mile to score the best grades we can. In the last few months, our dedication reaches a whole new level.

Despite doing everything there are times when we are just holding our textbook for hours and not a single word is grasped by our brain. This is because we are distracted somewhere else and cannot concentrate on our studies.

I scored 93% on my 10th board and 90% on my 12th. One of the most common questions I was asked was, “how many hours do you study?”.

It was a difficult question to answer because there were no fixed hours. I used to set my goals on completing a topic and not the number of hours I stare at my textbook.

You don’t have to study for the entire day if you study with the complete focus for just a few hours. Today, I will help you with some easy tips and tricks to increase your concentration and study better. 

How to Concentrate on Studies (13 Best Tips)

Ways to Concentrate on Studies

1. Get in a mood to study

We refuse to do anything we are not in the mood for. So, before you go to your study room make sure you have prepared your brain for that. Your thought becomes emotion and that emotion turns into action.

You can start to get in the right mood by setting goals for the day, listening to a motivational video, or reading some quotes. If you don’t feel like studying, try to understand the reason for such feelings and then work on it to increase your concentration. 

2. Make a timetable 


I know it is difficult to stick to a timetable that we make for ourselves. But, making one will give you an idea of how your day will be and spare you from wasting your time.

For example, if you’re scrolling on social media, your timetable will remind you that you are supposed to complete that physics lesson.

It makes you feel guilty for not studying at that moment. You can definitely add snack time, my time, and time to call your friends in your timetable so it feels more realistic and achievable. 

3. Avoid stressful situations

You need a calm mind to focus completely. If you end up in a fight with your friend, partner, or family members it disturbs your mind.

Your thoughts wander to the same situation again and again. Try to avoid fights or quarrels and stay away from toxic people. 

4. Take small breaks

small breaks

When you feel too exhausted, take a small break of 10-15 minutes after every one or two hours and do something relaxing or entertaining.

When you constantly study for long hours your brain reduces its productivity. Taking a break helps it refresh and thus prepares it to study again.

But, a small break has to be small. A lot of students decide on taking a break but end up spending their entire day without studying. Make sure you return to your desk after some time.

5. Complete one task at a time

With exams approaching we all have that pressure built up inside our brains and thus we feel like completing almost everything right away.

You need to prioritize one important task, complete that and then move on to the next one. Don’t try to complete everything in one day.

Completing one topic thoroughly is always better than completing three in a rough manner. Your focus increases when your brain is not jumping from one task to another.

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6. Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

You feel those extra hours you have spared from your sleeping time is a good sacrifice but no, you have reduced your productivity with that. When you sleep well your mind and body relax.

Otherwise, your brain is stressed and finds it difficult to stay alert. Your ability to think and solve declines and thus your studies are not retained.

You can exercise, do breathing exercises and avoid using electronic devices like phones, T.V, and computers before sleeping to improve the quality of your sleep.

7. Complete your favorite topics first

We often delay our studies by saying we’ll do it later and that later comes very late. 

That journey from your bed to your study table is a tough one. If you choose to study your favorite or easy topics first you have some motivation to start your work.

Once your interest builds up you automatically forget all the distractions and start focusing.

Also, easier topics can be completed in no time and thus give you a sense of accomplishment which pushes you to achieve more.

8. Take a power nap

Take a power nap

There are times when no matter how hard you try you just can’t keep your eyes open. Your brain feels heavy and you feel stuck. At such times, a power nap can save your day. Set your alarm for a short time and go take a nap.

Power naps can reduce stress, improve cognitive functioning and keep you alert. So the next time you are exhausted, reset yourself with a snooze. You can concentrate better on studies after a power nap.

9. Read aloud

Researchers at Waterloo University have found that reading aloud can help you remember words for a longer time. When you are reading the text aloud your brain is occupied and it becomes easier for you to avoid getting distracted.

It can even help some people kill the boredom of studying. If you also want to work on your reading skills and pronunciation this could be a great activity.  

10. Organize your books and notes

Organize your books

Make sure all the books and notes you have collected during lectures or tuitions are properly arranged with you. Imagine the book you need to study from is somewhere under a huge scattered pile of books and papers.

Most of your energy will be wasted in finding what you want and thus later on you will be too exhausted to focus on your studies.

11. Turn off all your social media notifications

You pick up your phone to check out that one message, meme, or photo and end up scrolling for hours.

I cannot advise you to stay away from your gadgets because with the advent of the pandemic your entire study material is stored in these gadgets.

But, you can definitely turn off notifications for your Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other similar sites. This will help you to at least stay on the right app on your device.

12. Stay away from T.V

Watching T.V is good entertainment but it can really hinder your studying capacity. When you watch T.V your eyes get strained.

So, at the time of reading from a book or a laptop screen, you might feel irritation in your eye or get a headache. It is best to watch your favorite shows after you have already completed your tasks for the day.

Also, while watching a movie, cartoon, or news your brain gets attached to an emotion. If this is a negative or frustrating emotion it will disturb your mental peace and you will not be able to concentrate. 

13. Try having some comfort food

comfort food

Last but not least. When none of these work, you probably need something to eat. Grab your comfort from the kitchen and relish every bite of it.

Comfort food is basically the food that provides you consolation or makes you nostalgic. Pizza, chocolates, maggie, ice cream, hamburgers are some of the most popular comfort foods.


So that is it. I have listed some of the popular hacks to help you focus on your tasks. But, concentration is a mental ability and completely depends on your internal efforts. No one can teach you or give you concentration.

You will have to improve it. Everything in the list will provide a boost to your current ability but the ultimate work has to be done by you. 

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