How To Overcome Shyness?

A popular saying reads that ‘shyness does not bring anything except good’. Yes, if you are worried about your shyness, there is nothing to worry. It is actually a good feature. But, you should avoid it in certain circumstances in your life. So, you will have to learn how to overcome shyness. Here are some tips that will help you get out of your shyness:

Have a conversation road map: Psychologists are of the opinion that generally human beings begin their talk with strangers in five stages as follows:Overcome_Shyness

  1. Opening line
  2. Introductions
  3. Trying out topics
  4. Exploring common ground and
  5. Closure

When you remember these steps whenever you are getting in touch with a stranger, you can identify where you are and where you should be going next.

Warm up before parties: Being a shy person by nature, the best thing you can do to overcome it, is to show up early to the parties. This will give you the chance to have one-on-one time. This will also give you the time to talk to a number of people within a short period. Also, within a short time, you can just talk without getting too deep into the conversation, which in turn will avoid facing stressful situations.

Stay informed: Generally, you can start up and keep going with the conversation only when you keep yourself informed about the latest happenings in the society. When you are engaged in brainstorming conversations, it is important to remember the following two things:

  • Do not judge others
  • Do not throw comments to impress people.

Remember that others will participate freely in conversation with you only when they feel that you will not criticize them.

Look approachable: Experts are of the opinion that body language plays a major role in how we are perceived and about our thoughts about the people around. People, who hide themselves behind the neutral mask show that they are aloof. When we look friendly and stand tall, peers are more likely to recognize and they will come forward for a conversation with us. So, looking approachable is one way to overcome your shyness.

Eye contact is important: Generally, shy people do not maintain eye contact with others. But, when you do this, you are showing others that you are moody and shy. When you maintain a good eye contact with others, it will show that you show respect and want to give a good first impression.

Rehearse before your speech: If you are planning to make public speaking, rehearse in front of the mirror, so that you can rectify any movements that show your shyness outside.

Humor can help: When making a public speech, if you include some humorous stuff in your talk, it will act as a way to relax yourself.

Remember that you are the one they need: Regardless of whether you are going to speak in front of 3 or 300 people, they have gathered just to listen to you. If you want to hide the sound of your heart pounding through your chest, you can practice some grounding techniques.

Focus on putting other people at ease: When you can put the other people in ease, you will yourself feel at ease and you can win your shyness. Yes, a small gesture of smile at the gathering before beginning your speech can be a great stress reliever not only for yourself, but also for the crowd gathered to listen at you.

Learn to manage anxiety: Shyness is actually a form of social anxiety. Take long breaths whenever you feel shy about something. This will give you better relaxation.

So, follow the above-mentioned tips to combat shyness. Remember that you are not the only shy person in the world and there are many people with the same nature.


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