Relocating for Job – 10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

If your current employer has ordered for a relocation of job to a new branch or if you are planning for new job change yourself, it becomes important that you will have to ask certain questions to yourself before accepting or opting for such relocation.

When you can arrive at the satisfactory answers for the following 10 important questions to ask yourself, decide on the relocation. Otherwise, it is suggested to continue in the same job and position, rather than accepting job move or opting for a new job by yourself:

job relocation

1. Is the company financially stable?

In the case of branch, you will have to identify whether the new branch of your current organization is financially stable and if you are thinking about company relocation, you should find answer to this question.

You can get in touch with industry experts to judge the financial stand. If the company is not doing well, there are chances that you might be forced to look for another new job immediately after your relocation.

You can find what the current and past employees of the company have to say about the financial stand.

2. What is the cost of living in the new city?

There are great chances that the cost of living in the new city may be higher than that of the present city in which you live.

Check the cost of renting a house and other important costs involved in your day-to-day life and compare them with the present cost of living and accordingly make a decision.

If the cost of living is higher and if you will experience a pay hike to meet the cost of living, there will not be any issue. But, if things are on the other way round, this is the time to rethink about your relocation.

3. Will the company pay for relocation expenses?

Regardless of whether you are moving for your current employer or a new employer, check whether the company will pay for the relocation expenses.

On the basis of the items and distance to be moved, the moving costs are higher these days and so it is better to check whether you can claim back the money you spend towards moving to the new city.

4. Will the relocation bring career advancement?

It is important that you will have to weigh the cost advantages and disadvantages associated with the new job change. Do not think the new job as just another job; it should bring you career advancement in some form or another.

It may be a position hike or a pay hike. There should be chance for skill development as well.

5. How much should the salary influence you?

If your relocation coincides with a promotion, there should surely be a pay increase. It is true that the value you give towards salary is your personal decision.

However, experts suggest that it is not wise to make salary alone as your priority. It is true that a pay increase will help you, but there are chances that your job may disappear at any point of time.

Here, you should be true to find the answer, whether money is important for you or whether it should be placed last in the preference list.

6. Will there be a lag in your career if you reject relocation?

This is an important question to ask. If you reject the relocation, particularly when the offer is given by your present employer, there are chances that it may bring a negative impact on your career growth in the organization.

So, you should find answer to this question. If the relocation is accompanied by promotion, denying it might close the door for future opportunities, if you want to continue with the same organization. So, you should think twice and even thrice before rejecting to relocate.

7. How big is your industry in the new city?

In the present circumstances, there is only lesser job security and it is important that you should carefully examine the stature of your job industry in the new area of relocation.

This means that you need to ensure that even if you do not continue with the same organization after relocating, you should be in a position to find better job opportunities and this will be possible only when your industry is operating well in the new city.

Finding answer to this question will give you better flexibility and greater security in the new city or state.

8. Will you be happy in your current city?

Some people love the city in which they currently live. If you are one such individual, there are chances that the relocation might make you long for the present city. Think whether your happiness relies in the present city or not before you opt for relocating to the new city.

9. Will I love my new job?

This is an important question to find answer to. You might love your present job, but just because you want higher salary, you might be thinking about job relocation.

As mentioned earlier, more than salary, you should think whether the new job will bring you happiness, which is highly important for your career development. Only when you can enjoy your job, you can put your best and can shine well.

10. Will the culture of the new city will suit myself and my family?

You might have grown in a different culture and the new city might be of different culture. So, it is important to think whether the culture will suit not only yourself, but also your family members as well.

To conclude, it is important that you do not get satisfying answers from within yourself for any of the questions mentioned above, it is better to rethink about relocation.

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