How can Local Guardian & Consultants Help Students from Other Cities

Have you heard of Local Guardian & Consultants? Do you have any idea about the concept of Local Guardian on rent?

Well! It may be new for you. But this is what we would be discussing in this article in great detail. How they are shaping our lives and how they are important to us, we discuss it all.

I start this article with telling you why am I writing it then I give you a brief introduction about Local Guardians and why do you need them.

After that I go in detail how they help you and what they can do and what they can’t.

Finally I tell you about some of the local guardians in the country and what it takes to hire them.

local guardian consultants

So let us begin.

Why am I Writing this Article?

I am writing this article from my own experience. I faced difficulties of epic proportions when I landed into a new city as a high school graduate.

I faced problems because I did not had a guardian and a guardian is needed for everything whether you want to rent a house, pay your college fees, opening a bank account, even getting a SIM card etc.

And I didn’t want that you also face similar problems like I faced. So I wrote an article telling you everything about local guardian you can hire.

My experience could help others so that they do not face the similar problem.

What is a Local Guardian?

What a local guardian is.

Well, in simpler words you land in a new city just after you have completed 10+2 and you face a lot of difficulties in getting basic things done like opening a

  • Bank account
  • Getting a new SIM card for your mobile
  • Renting a house
  • Paying college fees

If you want to get these things done then you do need a guardian. You cannot expect your parents to be there with you when something comes up.

And even if you have some relatives in a new city, there are chances they don’t play the role of a good local guardian.

So in order to replace your parents there is thing called Local Guardian & Consultant you can hire on rent.

It is a service given by a company or firm so that you don’t feel the need of parents to be with you every time you need them. A local guardian will help you out in everything; they will be around you whenever you need them.

The company will provide you every help you need in a new city. Basically they are a conductor between your real parents and you.

And for doing that they charge you a fee. Nothing is free!

Why Do You Need Local Guardian?

I don’t think this need an explanation as I have discussed it above that you want to get certain things done like opening a bank account, getting a SIM card, paying your college fees etc.

However, a local guardian can do more than that. It is because they are present for you 24 X 7 all the time.

What if there is an emergency? Like you or your friend met an accident and you need a guardian in the hospital then your local guardian would be available.

You need money overnight because you are going out of the city your local guardian is there for you.

However, a Local Guardian will hide nothing from your parents because they need to inform them.

How Can Local Guardian and Consultants Help You?

There are different ways a Local Guardian service provider can help you.

Different service providers offer different kind of services. I mean to say your Local Guardian could be different than others because there are too many out there.

Some local guardian are less involved that they will help you out in doing in very basic things and some are more involved meaning there service is more personal.

More personal meaning they could help like if you had a problem with your girlfriend/boyfriend and you want to meet her/him overnight to solve certain problems or you want to go out of the city.

And you want your local guardian to tell your parents about this or not. It all depends upon the Local guardian you are signing with.

So they help you at different level.

What All a Local Guardian & Consultant Can Do for You?

Although we debated what all they can do. But here is the bullet list of certain things that you might expect from your local guardian.

  1. Updating your parents about the child’s academic performance every month.
  2. Bank account, SIM Card and Getting a house on rent all is done by them.
  3. Books, reminding you about upcoming exams and other materials for your college.
  4. Food, shopping, Mobile top ups and complete city guide.
  5. Helping out in certain emergencies like there is an accident or friends commits a suicide or a police case etc.
  6. What if you need extra money, suppose you want to go out of the city then local guardian can help you with it.
  7. Finally they also pay regular visit to you so that you don’t feel homesick or have any problem with adjusting to new environment.

What All a Local Guardian & Consultant Can’t Do?

So in above paragraph we discussed what all they can do. However it is important to draw a line. You need to be aware of what a local guardian can do for you and what he can’t.

A local guardian can’t do anything and everything. They can’t go beyond their limit.

Sometimes parents want their local guardian to spy on their kids. Like to follow them and find out everything what they are doing.

However, your local guardian can’t get into your social life. Like if you want to stay out in night then you got to take permission from your parents not the Local guardian.

If you started drinking then Local may not interfere.

Like you were out and police caught for not wearing a helmet then can your local guardian speak as a father or mother on your behalf.

Or you took huge amount money from your parents for good reason but you are throwing the money for frivolous things.

Then in such situations local guardians need to draw a line whether they can interfere or not.

Few Local Guardians That You Would Like to Know

There are few local guardian service providers in the country. They are one of the best available right now.

  1. Miraaya Innovative Learning Pvt Ltd – This service provider is based in Mumbai and founder is Karan Behl.
  2. Local Guardian and Consultant – is based in Kota, Rajasthan. The founder is Kamal Jain with over 3000 clients.
  3. Bright Education Services – Siliguri, West Bengal founded by Prakash Gupta.
  4. Indian Educational Services available in many cities. You can check the website here.
  5. Galaxy Educational Consultancy Bangalore.

These 3 are some of them. Find out more on Google.

How Much Does it Take to Get a Local Guardian?

Finally I am going to conclude this article giving some information about the fees. Nothing is free as I said. The fee structure depends upon the service provider.

For example Miraaya Innovative Learning Pvt Ltd charges Rs. 950/- monthly, registration fee not included. Similarly you got to talk to your provider about your fees.

So this was complete article about Local Guardian. Read it and then you can go for them if you are new to a city.

  1. Good work being done.
    I had fetched a reliable trusted guardian fir my son in Australian fir higher studies.
    I need a appropriate format letter for producing the same to my bankers here.and once he lands in Australian.
    Can u please help me


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