Looking for Employment Agency – Check these 10 FAQs about Employment Agencies

If you’re searching for a job for some time now and not able to find one then employment agencies could make your work easy. They could help you to find a right job in right time at right place.

You do not have to go door to door for interviews if you know how to use an employment agency.

Here are 10 FAQ’s regarding employment agencies.

1. What is an Employment Agency? How do I Choose best One?

An Employment agency or recruitment agency helps you to get a job that you deserve. You do not have to struggle because employment agency would suggest or recommend for a job according to your qualification.

You could directly reach out to an employment agency and meet the consultant there. You could have a chat with them and if you feel they are genuine then you can go for it.

To contact various employment agencies you could take help of classified ads online or offline in newspaper. You can also call a local helpline number to find a near by employment agency. Or you can search in Google by including your keyword, e.g. “employment agency” + in + “your city”.

2. How Employment Agencies Can Help Me Out that I cannot do myself?

Why do I need an employment agency, why cannot I do myself? Well! The recruiter sitting at an employment agency would really make your job very easy.

As a fresher, you do not have any idea about the job market. You will not know which job would suit you most according to your qualification. Moreover, you do not have any idea that right now which has a great future.

All these things a recruiter could tell you. He will guide you and tell the job that suits you the most. You will get all the inside knowledge that you do not have now.

So employment agencies could really help you out.

3. Where I should Post My Resume Online or Offline?

Well! you could do the both. But posting resume online is more preferred that offline because you do not have to physically go to the employment agency office to submit a resume there.

You could directly reach out to their website and submit your resume. It won’t be any problem. If you like to go to their office and submit then you could do that also.

But the best way to do is online because you could submit resume to many website like LinkedIn and other top job boards or forums.

4. Can I Submit my Resume to Multiple Employment Agencies?

Yes, you can submit to multiple employment agencies. But there is a trick. If you want to submit your resume to multiple employment agencies then do it offline.

The reason is simple. If you submit to multiple agencies online then your resume would not be picked up by them. Suppose you submit on monster.com and they will only pick up your resume if you have particular keywords in it.

If your resume does not have those keywords then they might not take it.

But if you submit offline physically, then there is no such chance.

5. What is the Fees or Money I Need to Pay an Employment Agency?

In most of the agencies, you do not have to pay fees for their service. Employment agencies are not like consultancy services. Therefore you do not have to pay them in return for a service.

It means if you do not get a job then you have no right to blame on to employment agencies because they are not charging any money from you.

In foreign countries also, you do not have to pay recruitment agencies. It is because clients will pay these agencies. Clients are companies which are recruiting you.

If you work for them for at least 6 months then company is going to pay the employment agencies. So you do not have to worry about paying employment agencies.

6. Is Interview with a Recruiter is different than a Normal Interview?

No. Interview with a recruiter is just a dress rehearsal of actual interview with the employer.

Let me explain here. The employment agency is like a middleman which connects a job seeker with the company that needs them.

If you are a job seeker then employment agency would suggest you to go for a particular company to go for.

So you do not have to worry about the interview with the recruiter because real interview would be with the employer or the company that is going to give you job. Here are some interview tips for fresher.

But interview with employment agency could be a good dress rehearsal.

7. I Submitted My Resume to an Employment Agency and now they are not Replying Me?

Sometimes it happens that after submitting resume to an employment agency they do not call you back. Well! What does it mean?

If they are not calling you back then you could call them and ask what the matter is.

I think they would tell you straightway that you are not fit for the interview or right now there is no such opening.

Normally if they do not call you back then it means they are not interested in your resume.

8. Could I re-edit my Resume after I have submitted to the Employment Agency?

Yes, you can. But it is preferred that you write your resume carefully because resume is your sales pitch.

This is what you are going to present to employer and he is going to ask questions related to it.

Therefore it is better that you create a resume which is perfect and you do not need any reediting of it.

9. If Employment Agency Fails to give me a Job then could I Sue them?

Yes! Of course.

But I do not think there would be any need to go that far because you could go to other agency and apply for a job.

So it is better to be prepared to get rejected.

10. What to do next if I have been Duped by the Employment Agency?

You could only be duped if you have paid money to the recruitment agencies. So do not pay any money to them.

If you do not pay money then you will never be duped.

As I said earlier normally employment agencies do not charge money from you because they are paid by the company.

So never give them any money.

These were 10 most common questions asked about employment agencies.


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