Sarkari Naukri for a Cyber Security Professional

Why Cyber Security Job in Sarkari Naukri Only?

As we all know, a cyber security job comes under the Information technology (IT) and IT industry is mainly driven by private sector. I know better because my home town Bangalore is the hub of IT industry.

But why would you prefer a cyber security job in Sarkari Naukri, when there are so many vacancies in private companies. Well! I leave up to you, why you want a Sarkari Naukri but not private sector jobs.

Cyber Security Professional

Nonetheless, there is a great opportunity for Cyber security professionals in government jobs. There could be many reasons which we will discuss in this article.

What is Cyber Security?

First thing a job aspirant should know, what is cyber security? I do not think, you are not familiar with cyber security. Every graduate from any discipline should have a fair idea about Internet and other information related to it.

Always a company or an institution wants to protect its data. Hence, cyber security is nothing but protection of data or other critical information from outside attacks by hackers or people with malafide intensions.

Cyber security is of utmost importance for private companies and governmental organization alike. In fact, today national security and business interests of a country totally depends upon cyber security.

Job Profile: What is the Job of a Cyber Security Professional?

Well! Job of a cyber security professional can be categorized into 5 various levels according to the work experience of a job seeker.

1. Entry Level

Entry level position of a cyber security professional is Executive Manager. Your duty would be correlating the broad security guidelines of the organization with daily security operations. This position is for aspirants with least work experience.

2. Middle Level

Middle level job position is Manager. Manager’s responsibility would be management of security programs, data security, policy creation & management, business continuity and disaster recovery. This position would require more experience.

3. Senior & Top Level

Senior and top level position is Chief Manager. His role would be design and development of information policy, regulatory compliance and the most important information security governance. This job profile is for experienced candidates.

4. Senior & Top Level

Here senior & top level position is of Security advisors and Auditors. Responsibilities are advisory services for information security, designing policy, risk assessment and compliance to both global & industry standards. This job post is also for experienced candidates.

5. Senior & Top Level

This position is Chief information officer. Your role would be rationalizing cost of current and future investments to minimize information risks. This position is for highly experienced candidates with years of experience.

You have to see where you fit in among 5 job categories. Although there is a little chance for a fresher but you can get the job after having few years of experience.

Qualification for a Cyber Security Job

Qualification for a cyber security job in Sarkari Naukri or private company is following.

  • You must be a graduate in any discipline. However it is preferred, if you have a degree in computer science. Basically, software engineering background.
  • Complete knowledge of computer networks. You should know the psyche of a hacker who can hack.
  • You must have done courses in cyber security. The certified courses like CISA (Certified Information System Auditor), CISM (Certified Information Security Management), CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professionals)
  • You can courses from other vendors like CCSP (Cisco Certified Security Professional) and MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer)
  • You should also have work experience of few years.

Who is Recruiting Cyber Security Professionals?

Well! I said earlier, cyber security jobs are available in Sarkari Naukri as well as private sector.

Jobs in Sarkari Naukri fall in the category of

  1. Computer Specialist
  2. Information Technology Officer
  3. Information technology Specialist
  4. Assistant chief Security Officer
  5. Penetration Tester

Jobs in private sectors are

  1. Cyber Security Analyst
  2. Research Scientist
  3. Senior Information Security Specialist

Salary of a Cyber Security Professional

Now comes the stuff that you would like to listen, the remuneration or the salary of a cyber security professional.

If you have one year experience then you can get Rs 300,000 Per Annum.

If you have 5 years of experience then you can get Rs 8 to 10 Lakhs.

Future of Cyber Security Career

Scope of a cyber security job is very bright. As world is coming together, we need more secure and reliable communication systems.

To make connectivity more secure, we need cyber security professionals. To save our systems from hackers, these professionals are highly in demand.

India needs secure systems to safeguard its vital interests. Hence in future, it would need more such professional in great numbers.

So your future as a cyber security professional is fully bright. You can make this as your career choice.


Finally, in conclusion I would say, cyber security jobs are available in Sarkari Naukri as well as private companies.

But you need some experience because job is very challenging. Moreover, the salary is very lucrative.

I suggest you to go for this job.


  1. Hiiiii friend
    what is the best institute in cyber security course and what is the name of site are government cyber security job. plz tell me the answer anybody.

  2. Sir myself is Jitendra singh. I complete my in april 2016 and I have also pursuing in redhat and ethical hacker v8. I want job in security administrator would I get the that’s like job. In India sir, please suggest me what type jobs opportunity have and which certification course do further.

  3. Hi. I just completed the pg diplma in digital and cyber forensics and related laws from govt institute. M.S. and i m a grad of computer science.. so i will be so thankfull if u suggest me some componies or where to find jobs regarding to my qualification

  4. actually i didn’t see any link for submit or apply the job form. ok so just tell me how can i get the form or further information about this job so again i kindly request to u plz share some link. From that link we could get more information about this job requirements.

  5. hello i m krishna i have 1 year experience in ethical hacking trainer. I want information regarding government jobs in cyber security

    please tell me

  6. Hello Sir,

    Myself W.Jayadeep completely my B.Tech CSE by April 2014.

    I need and want to set my carrer as a professional ethical hacker aka security specialist position in Indian Govt Security Agencies. I am struggling for finding the right path that lead me to that position.I need advice from you regarding my issue.

    Please suggest me complete courses and steps that I need to learn to start my career as a security expert.

    THANKS in advance.

  7. hi,sir i am pursuing course in information network security,so iwant to know that .. can i get job in goverment sector especially in cyber security cell?? and also scope of this course!! TIA

  8. I want information regarding government jobs in cyber security.
    also detail of examination and so on..
    i have 1 year Java J2EE experience ..

  9. Hi ! My self Shekhar Suman.I am graduate (BSc) with Hadware & Networking from IIHT,Ranchi,Jharkhand
    And now i am pursuing ethical hacking level 1 version 3 caurse form innobuzz knowledge solution delhi with distance learning program.can i join entry level of sarkari or private sector ?

    • Hi ,

      Suman this side Rajeev Kapil from Institute of Information Security, good to hear that you are pursuing Ethical hacking with distance learning program but this not enough to under stand the concepts of Information Security.

      You have to do the proper course of Information security i.e. Six months Information Security course.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Rajeev Kapil

      • OK sir it needs a 6 months course but can you tell me from where or suggest some name of college or university in haryana or Delhi or some where from where I can get some idea for distance learning of this proper course. Plzz reply!!!!

  10. Hi Premnath, I would like to answer your question.
    First of all, check whether you want to be in this field or not. I mean it will require really hard dedication to be security expert. Its like you are in computer’s & networks every-time…even in your sleep. Check if you have at least sufficient basic knowledge of cyber security and practical hacking. Here I used word ‘practical’ because many times you know some things by reading articles & blogs but don’t know by doing it. So it doesn’t work like that. Cyber security is one of the fields where your skills matter other that your certs. Of course certifications are also important but many times guys have various certifications and don’t know things.
    About the jobs, almost every MNC recruit security experts. BUT major difference is they require experience and certifications. No one will give all security keys to any newbie who has bunch of certifications. So start by reading articles and searching for entry level positions. You can also try to look closely on government sites. Till then try by exploring things in cyber world by your own.
    best luck!

    • Thanks Gargeya and sorry for such a delayed response. You know it’s so ironic that i was going through this site 4 years down the lane and found your response to my comment. As you said, to get into the field, lot of basic knowledge need to be garnered and i did the same …. had worked hard, completed few certs in information security and now i am into that field for quite some time, also would have to say that i had some luck in getting my first break. But the search is still on for getting into the government sector.
      And to those who want to break into this field, my only advice would be to keep updating yourself with all the basic stuffs, there are lot of materials available over the internet and never loose your hope.

  11. Hi Priya

    I really liked your post. I have a 2 years of experience in networking and would really like to push my career into the field of IT security.
    Please let me know few organizations(public sectors) or companies where the Cyber security professionals are recruited.
    It would be even more helpful if you could suggest me some job sites also for applying to these posts (permanent as well as internships).



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