Top 50 Offline & Online Part Time Jobs in Bangalore (Karnataka)

Bangalore (Bangaluru) is known as the Silicon Valley of India. I have brought you these best jobs in Bangalore, which you can do online, offline, full time part time, or on weekends and earn money without any investment.
Jobs in Bangalore

Young students, women, and retirees do need an extra income. If you live in Bangalore & looking for offline or online part time jobs in Bangalore that can give you regular extra income, then this is a must-read article for you.

These jobs give you an opportunity to make some extra money working for just a few hours. All these jobs are free & without investment.

The first 25 are some of the offline part time jobs in your city that you could go for. The next 25 are about online jobs that you can do part time.

Jobs in Bangalore

Offline Part Time Jobs in Bangalore

If some of your friend or relative is living in Delhi or Chennai & looking for some part time opportunity, then you can ask them to refer to our previous post below-

Now check here the list of 25 part time work that you can start offline & the remaining 25 are for those people who are looking for online part time jobs.

1. Offline Data Entry Job

The first offline job on our list is a data entry job. There are specific offline jobs for data entry operators. If you are interested in data entry jobs, then it could be one of the best part time jobs for you.

You get paid for projects. In a project, you get to finish a particular number of files, and you get paid.

2. Domestic Call Center


Domestic call center job is very popular in Bangalore because of the presence of IT and outsourcing companies. You can make some money taking as a part time job.

If you cannot go for international, then go for the domestic call center.

3. Network Marketing

Network marketing is perhaps one of the oldest, most popular, and easiest ways to make money part-time. You have to find new members in your group, and each new member joining in pays you a commission.

4. Stock Trader

Stock Trader is a bit risky, but you can make money in hours if you know the trick of the trades. I am talking of day trading, where you make money selling stocks on the very same day. Risky Business!

5. Tutor


You could be a tutor for a few hours and easily make Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 or more in a month. You can teach physics, math, biology, etc., for 10 and 10+2 children and make money part time.

6. Insurance Agent

Sell Insurance after office hours. You can sell an insurance policy to customers for just a few hours in a day and make good money. It is really a great part time job option in the city.

7. Mail Order Jobs

In Bangalore, mail-order jobs are very popular. You have to send pamphlets, magazines, etc., to customers packed in an envelope. You need postage stamps and other stationery. That's it. Really good for women.

8. Marriage Bureau

You earn commissions if you set up a boy or a girl. In arranged marriages, people need to find a boy or girl, and the marriage bureau can help to do that. If you run a marriage bureau and set them up, then you earn a commission.

9. Sales Executive

Sales Executive

If there is an exhibition or expo, you can become a sales executive for a day or a few hours and make Rs 300 to Rs 500/-. You need to demonstrate a product to customers.

10. Counter Jobs for Food Chains

You may not like it, but it is one of the city's growing offline part-time jobs. New food chains are opening up, and you can easily find a job.

11. Cashier or Accountant

Supermarkets and other stores are always looking for a cashier or an accountant. You can work for a few hours, maybe in the evening or early morning, and easily make Rs 4000/- to Rs 5000/- in a month.

12. Food and Catering


In food and catering jobs, you need to cater food to your clients. If an order comes, then you can make money in a few hours.

13. Office Boy or Receptionist

Office boys or receptionists are full-time jobs, but small businesses are looking for young students who can work part time in the evening or late at night if you search in your area. You can be the one.

14. Driving

If you have a driving license, you can become a cab driver for a cab service-providing company. I am not talking about companies like OLA and Uber but companies with few cars where you can work for 4 to 5 hours. Money is really great.

15. Sperm Donor


If you are a male candidate looking for a job, then a sperm donor is the best option. You can donate sperm and make good money. I recommend watching the movie named Vicky Donor. You will get an idea.

16. Beauty Parlor or Salon

New parlors and salons are mushrooming all over the city, and you can be the hairdresser or stylist. It is a part time job with good money. But you need skills here.

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17. Child Day Care

Child daycare is also a good option in this city. You can find a job as a babysitter. But this is more suited to women than a man.

18. Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers or HR managers are considered full-time jobs, but you can work part time like 3 to 4 hours. You need to have good contacts, and money is great. Not for everyone.

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19. Event Management


Event management or wedding planner is all of the same. Again this job is not for everyone because you have to have experience. But you can do this as part time like twice a week and make good money.

20. Music and Dance Teacher

If you know music and dance, you could give your clients classes going home. This is very popular in the city as people living in posh areas want their kids to learn music or dance. You can teach them.

21. Librarian

The city has many public libraries run by the government and colleges. You can sit there for a few hours in the evening and make money.

22. Bartender


Bangalore is also known as the pub city of the country. There are many pubs and bars. If you know about drinks and alcohol, you can easily find a job in a new pub or bar.

23. Radio/Disco Jockey

Something related to bartending is RJ or DJ. Every pub or bar needs one DJ. You could be the one if you know well about mixing different soundtracks. Similarly, being radio jockey or RJ is difficult, but you can give it a shot.

24. Modeling

Another exciting way to make money part time in the city. If your physique and looks are great then modeling could be an option for you. Photographers and modeling agencies are looking for models for photoshoots as well as for walking on the ramp.

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25. Pizza Delivery Boy


Last offline part time job is a pizza delivery boy. There is nothing new as you know about this. You have to deliver pizza house to house. Tips are really great if you live in Mumbai or Bangalore.

Online Part Time Jobs in Bangalore

So these were 25 offline part time jobs. Now let us see some of the online part time jobs in the city. Although online jobs can be done anywhere on the planet, we are talking about Bangalore.

26. Blogging

The first part time online job is blogging. Blogging is universal and if you are looking for an online part-time job in Bangalore and any other city in the country, then blogging is the best. You need to have a hobby and just write about it and share it with the world.

27. Taking Online Surveys

Online surveys are another online job that can be done on part time basis. You might have heard of this, but do some research and find genuine survey companies. You can check this if you want to earn money from the survey.

Beware of the fraud.

28. Web Designing


Web designing SEO is not for everyone, but if you have a programming background, you can make really good money working just for a few hours. But you must know about designing and coding stuff.

29. Online Data Entry Work

Just offline data entry work, there is online data entry work. Both are the same only difference is online, you have to finish your assignment or project and submit it online through email. You can do it from your home.

30. Medical Transcriptionist

You might have heard about medical transcriptionist jobs. They are real, and you can do it from your home. But you have to decide whether you want to do it part time or full time.

31. Freelance Writing


Freelance writing or blogging is all of the same. In blogging, your blog about your hobby like music, cars, films, etc. Here, you have to write about almost any random topic. In blogging, you write about one particular topic but here, almost anything.

32. Online Tutoring

I mentioned the tutor job as an offline part time job. But tutoring could be done online too. You can arrange a conference on Skype and start giving lectures.

You can also search for websites that are looking for online tutors. You could be the one.

33. Online Consultancy

Online consultancy is also like online tutoring, where you can talk to your client on Skype. But the difference is consultancy is more sophisticated, unlike tutoring, where you teach basic things like math or science.

34. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a very well-known term for working online on blogs and websites. Here you sell products online and make money. Again it is difficult as experienced bloggers become affiliate marketers. So start with blogging first.

35. Playing Games

Do you know that you can play games online and make money? Software companies pay you money if you play games and test their new software. They pay you for your reviews after you have played the game.

36. Writing eBooks and Selling

Again this is related to blogging and freelance writing. If you can write, then you can publish eBooks and sell them for money. It could be done on part time basis.

37. Micro Jobs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a site where you can earn money by offering services for $5 (now it is $5.5). You can offer your services and get paid if you have one skill like designing a logo, coding, writing articles, etc. It can be done part time.

38. Flipkart Seller

Sell products for Flipkart online and make money through commission. You could sell online by just doing it part time.

39. Content Writing


Bloggers and web content-generating companies need a content writer. You need to write content about any topic. Go to and find out more about him.

40. Intra Day Trading

Intraday trading could be done online for a few hours, and you can earn 3% to 5% on commission. You need an account with a brokerage firm and start playing with the stock market online.

41. Writing Reviews Online

You get paid for reviews. Companies pay you money for writing good reviews for your product. You can write a balanced review and get paid by the company.

42. Playing Rummy


Playing rummy online could also make you money for part time. You need to check for a legal website and play the game.

43. Micro Jobs on MTurk

MTurk is managed by Through MTurk, you could make money by conducting online surveys, commenting on blogs, transcription jobs, etc.

It is a nice way to make money on part time basis.

44. Guest Blogger

Guest bloggers are paid well. If you could write a guest post for a good site, you are paid for your views. Viral content works really well.

45. SEO and WordPress Jobs

If you know about Search Engine Optimization or SEO, you could offer your service online. You could also help your client to set their WordPress website up.

46. Columnist for e papers


This is a bit difficult, but you could write columns for e-newspapers and get paid. Do not expect to write columns for Wall Street Journal or New York Times but for smaller local newspapers.

47. Selling Photos and Images Online

If you are a photographer or even a video recorder, you can make money by selling your photos to sites like photo buckets. They could pay you up to $5 for each photo.

In fact, some photos are paid up to $50. However, you must have a passion for photography.

48. Focus Group

Software companies want to assess their new product. They want to test their software whether they are good or not. So they need you to test and tell them whether the product is good or not. They pay you for that.

49. Forex Trading


Final online part time job is Forex trading. This is not for everyone, but there is a lot of money to be made online. You don't have to do it, but nothing wrong with having knowledge of it.

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