14 Best Part Time Jobs in Chennai (+Online Jobs)

Chennai is a rapidly growing city with a booming auto industry. Not just auto industry but Chennai has become hub for FMCG companies also.

The city is growing and gives young students an opportunity to work and study. You can find various numbers of part time jobs in Chennai irrespective of the industry.

In Chennai you can find both blue collar as well as white collar part time jobs. Another best option is online jobs that is becoming popular in Chennai.

Students can live and study in this city. Only problem is weather because it is too hot and humid. However you should not be discouraged just because weather is not too pleasant there.

Part Time Jobs in Chennai

Part Time Jobs in Chennai

So if you want to make some quick cash then here are few of the best best part time jobs and online jobs in Chennai.

1. Food Delivery Boy

Chennai has a number of restaurants, food and beverages retail outlets like pizza hut, McDonald’s etc.

These outlets need someone to deliver food items to the customers.

Now a day’s people prefer to eat at home by ordering the food item rather going to the restaurant.

The reason is simple they want to save money and time both. No one wants to get stuck in the traffic.

So the demand for food delivery boys is very high. Most of these outlets provide their own vehicle so you do not have to buy your own motorcycle.

If you work for part time like in the evening from 5 pm to 9 pm for just hours then you can easily make Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 a month.

They will pay you only Rs 3000 to Rs 3500 but rest of the money comes from the tip. Customers are willing to throw some change.

2. Part Time Cooking Jobs in Chennai

By the way first three part time jobs in the list are connected. First one was food delivery boy, second is cooking jobs and the next in the list is retail jobs.

Chennai city is full of food trucks. To prepare so much food daily every day the owners of these food trucks need good cooks.

Suppose you are pursuing your degree in hotel management and you know to cook then you can look out for a part time cooking jobs in Chennai.

You do not have to cook personally but you can supervise other cooks who will be standing by the stove and cooking in the heat.

You can easily earn Rs 5000 to Rs 6000 a month if you are willing to work for 5 to 6 hours.

3. Retail Jobs like KFC and Mc Donald’s

If you do not like delivery boy job’s or cooking job then you can look for counter jobs at various retail outlets like KFC or Mc Donald’s.

Retail jobs are nothing new. However in Chennai there is no dearth of counter jobs like flipping burger or serving the food etc.

If you like working at counters then you can easily make Rs 6000 to Rs 7000 per month.

However you have to work for over 6 hours a day and it can be very difficult if you are still pursuing your college.

But on the bright side the money is good. If you think you can handle the pressure and put an extra effort then retail jobs are good for you.

4. Tuition Jobs

If you are really not into food and want to look for a white collar job then you can start giving tuition classes to students.

You can start teaching high school students and even college going student for math and physics.

It is very simple. If you know these two subjects very well then you can start a class consisting 5 to 6 students only.

Later on you can increase the numbers and start taking students into different batches.

You can do this on part time basis. You can teach students in the evening after 4 pm up to 8 pm in the night.

You can make good money with part-time online tutoring job option also. Moreover this job is also a white collar unlike previous ones in the list.

5. Animation and Graphic Design Jobs

You can easily find animation and graphic designing jobs. If you are into designing then there are small companies which are interested to hire designers for assistant post.

You do not have to be experienced you just need to do basic stuff so that you can assist an experienced guy who is actually designing or animating something.

Chennai has many studios where films are edited. The city is the center of southern film industry.

You can find many job openings in this field. You can work for 4 to 5 hours in evening and make some extra money.

How much you make depends upon the kind of company you are working with.

6. DTP Jobs

DTP jobs are also about designing however here you have to design color posters, magazine cover, bill boards or other kinds of banner.

You do not have to be experienced designer but you can help or assist someone who is one.

The job is readily available however to find one you have to regularly check newspaper for the ads or ask in your area if a shop needs a DTP operator.

You must know to work with Adobe Photoshop. You have to aware of all the features and if you can’t design on your own you can assist someone at least.

You can easily earn up to Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 in a month for working 4 to 5 hours daily.

7. Healthcare Jobs

Chennai has so many hospitals. The city has a well developed healthcare industry.

Thousands of people come daily to Chennai for treatment. You can easily find a part time job in this industry.

The jobs will depend upon your qualification. There are nursing jobs, lab technician jobs, primary care provider etc.

If you are learning medicine and health science then you can look for a job in the healthcare industry.

However you have to look for a part time job which can be difficult. If you able to get a job on part time basis then you can really make some good money.

8. Online Surveys

If you are going to college and want to earn extra cash but can’t do it because you are too busy in your studies then you can work on online survey jobs.

Online survey is the best way to make money on part time basis without wasting anytime. You don’t have to commute outside and can easily earn Rs 4000 to Rs 8000 monthly without putting much effort.

You just have to answer few questions and fill forms given by the company. Usually it takes 2 minutes to 15 minutes to complete a survey depending upon number of questionnaires.

Bigger the survey you complete more the money you make.

Check some of the best online surveys companies.

9. Affiliate Marketing

With the help of a website or a blog you can start selling products and merchandise online working part time.

You do not have to create or manufacture any product, you just have to sell products on other’s behalf. Merchants pay you commission for each sale you make.

You can become affiliate of popular sites like Amazon, Flipkart and similar companies. You can also promote digital products from sites like Clickbank, ShareASale etc.

Here you will make more money than blogging. However, the only thing you need to keep in mind is selling online is not that easy.

You need some experience in this line before you make money. So this part time job is not for everyone.

10. Online writing jobs

Without having investment it is one of the amazing jobs for those who want to have part time job. There is not any specific demand on education criteria; this is absolutely suitable for high school and college student.

11. Micro Job

This also good & simple online job option for high school and college student and with the help of this job they can earn money more than their pocket money such as Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000.

12. Blog Writing

If you can prove yourself as a right blog writer then you never have to look back. First you need to learn about the basic of blog writing and that you can learn easily within help of online support.

13. Earn money on Facebook & YouTube

In this social media world Facebook and Youtube are the most popular sites. Like this type of sites gives you proper choice earning money and you can choose those as great job option for part time.

You can start earning with Facebook Online Jobs here. And if you are good at creating videos then you can make money with YouTube.

14. Freelancing

Above all freelancing is a better part time options for those who want to earn money independently.

In this special part time or full time job option people have to use their skill from home or any other company for the benefits of other company. Your this purpose makes lots of money for you.

Final thoughts

These all are the special Top 15 Part Time Jobs Opportunity in Chennai. You can easily get the benefits of these jobs if you have internet and a phone connection.

That helps you to get connected with your clients and get order for work. Then submit the work as per the requirement and get cash easily just sitting at your home with having other task in parallel way.


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