10 Reasons Your Employer Can Fire You

I remember I was fired from my first job. I was out of college and looked for a job, after searching for few days I got the job.

However, within a week I was fired by my employer. I was very angry and I fought with my employer over this issue.

He told me many reasons why I was fired but I was in no mood of listening. After few years I realized that it was my mistake.

Hence I wrote this article for many young people who will be out working for someone in coming years. If you think, there was no mistake from your side, then check these tips to talk to your employer.

But in most of the cases, it was your mistake that made your boss to fire you. Here are 10 reasons why your employer can fire you from the work-

1. Unprofessional Behaviour – Not Coming Daily and if Coming You’re Late

This is perhaps most common reason your employer can fire you. Any unprofessional behaviour is not tolerated by your employer.

Whether it is a big corporation or a small company you need to be professional. Otherwise you are fired. You are coming late and not very productive at your work then you become a liability for the company.

If you work for a small company and you are an absentee without giving any prior notice then you will be fired next day. No one is going to tolerate this behaviour.

2. Absent Minded – You are Not Doing your Job Properly

For any company especially big corporations productivity is very important if they want to stay ahead in the time when competition is very tough.

Companies give special care about increasing work efficiency of every worker. They pay millions of dollars every month on coaching and special training for increasing productivity.

But if you are absent minded and not doing your job on time then after giving a warning finally they might fire you. I have seen people getting fired because they are not serious.

3. Bad Behaviour – Always Bickering with Your Co workers

Any serious job involves team work and a perfect coordination. There are certain jobs that cannot be done without having a team like construction work or developing a software, you need a team.

If you are fighting with your co-workers and you don’t have a good rapport with them then your manager has no choice but to fire you. It really does not matter how good you are if you cannot work in a team.

4. Embezzlement – You are Stealing Money and other Intellectual Property

This is very dangerous because you will not only be fired but you could land yourself in serious trouble. It is because stealing money or any kind of embezzlement is considered to be a crime.

Although embezzlement or stealing company’s money is done on a higher level but it is still very high in some of the big companies. If you are working then you should not do these things.

Even low level workers can land in trouble.

5. Fabricated Resume – Everything Written there You Made it Up

Your resume could be fabricated and hyped to show you worth more than what actually you are. People write their resume showing their work experience like 4 to 5 years in a particular field.

However in reality they have no work experience. So they might get through the interview but when it comes to active participation in day to day work then they fail.

After few weeks if you don’t deliver according to your resume then your employer has to fire you.

Refer: 5 Things You Should Never Write in Your Resume

6. Moocher – Always Cadging for a Pay Hike or Extra Money

It is quite common that employers in a small company ask for a pay hike or extra money in bonus. But if you are irritating and asking daily for a pay hike then they might fire you.

You have to be honest with your work and you get paid month every month or weekly. If you want bonus then you need to talk to your employer.

You cannot go on asking for a pay hike every month. Workers employed in small scale industries get fired because they ask for extra money and do not work properly.

7. Being High – Coming Office under the Influence of Alcohol, Drugs Etc

Well your employer may tolerate if you are cadging for money but he will certainly not tolerate if you are coming office under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you are drunk and going office then other co workers especially women might complain your behavior to the management and they have to take action.

They might warn you but if you don’t change then ultimately they got to fire you.

8. Criminal Background – You have had Tainted Past

Your employer might not know when you are recruited that you have a criminal background. But if he comes to know that you have a tainted past for a while collar crime then he might fire you for the larger interest of the company.

You might be a great employee but company cannot take risk if your crime is very serious. Sometimes they may not fire you if you have become indispensable to the company.

9. Laying Off – Company Wants to Cut Down on Manpower

Sometimes it can happen that it is not your fault but simply company is looking an excuse to fire you. Employer can fire you because they have to cut corners and the company is running in a great loss.

Hence, without giving any prior notice a company can fire you. It has happen many times that company has fired employees because they are running in losses.

So laying off could be a real possibility.

10. Finally You Had it – A Big Fight with Your Boss

The last reason is that you had a personal fight with your boss. It could be worse because it is getting physical and you are threatening each other.

It is not just you but entire office is involved in the brawl and everyone wants you to be gone. In this scenario you get fired because you cannot work with your boss or your co-workers because they have turned against you.

This is very rare but still many get fired because they had a fight with their boss.

So these were 10 reasons why your employer can fire you. You should avoid a situation where you could get fired by your employer.


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