10 Things You Should Unlearn to Succeed at Work

Someone said unlearning is more important than learning. In fact, it is more difficult to unlearn acquired habits than learn new things. Usually people fail to unlearn certain things in their lives. Therefore, in this article we give you 10 most important things that you must unlearn at work and in your life in order to succeed.

Some of them are easy to unlearn but some are really difficult because they are instilled in your subconscious for a long time now. You have no control over them. That becomes your weakness, you have to overcome them. So without wasting any time starting unlearning following 10 things.

Unlearn to succeed

1. Being Content

If you are happy with the way things are going in your life and you feel content with life, then you have to change that. You might think being content is a great thing because it gives you happiness. Well it may give you happiness but you are happy with the state you are in.

It means you do not have any desire or longing to succeed or do something more in your life. So being content can be misunderstood as being happy. Unlearn being content if you want to succeed at work and in your life.

2. Procrastination

After unlearning being content second most important thing that you need to unlearn is procrastination. We are all good procrastinator. We want to delay our work for the next day.

If you want to succeed, then you must change this habit. You must finish your work the same day. Procrastinating mindset is not good if you want to achieve more in your life.

Yes, it is very difficult to unlearn this because you need a strong will power to do it. Start now so later in your life you stop being a procrastinator.

3. Doing Same Thing Again and Again

This is another difficult habit to unlearn or change. Most of the people do same thing again and again and expect different results. You wake up every morning and go to the office and do same thing what you have being doing all along.

You need to change and learn where you are going wrong. If you do same thing again and again then you stop evolving. You can’t learn new things in your life. So don’t do same thing again and again at your work place and try to change this habit.

4. Going Without a Plan

This is one of the most important reason why people fail in their lives. You waste your day because you do not have a plan and you end up repeating this everyday wasting your entire life.

If you want to do something in your life, then create a plan.You have to follow a plan every single day. Most of the people wants to go with the flow. They do not want to plan ahead. You need to unlearn this way of lifestyle and create a plan as soon as possible.

5. Hard Work

This is another myth that hard work is important in your life if you want to succeed. No it is not hard work it is smart work. Blue collar workers work for 12 to 14 hours a day and earn very little. Why is it so?

Off course they are putting all their effort and working very hard so why they do not move up the ladder. Because they do same thing again and again. So if you are working hard and not succeeding in your life then it is because you are not working smartly. So unlearn this habit now.

6. Learn to Say No

Being good to everyone is not a great attribute. You must muster courage to say no to your boss or friends. You can’t be good all the time even though it is hurting you from inside. So you have to learn to say no when the time comes.

Unlearn the habit of saying yes to everyone because you do not want to hurt their feelings. That’s wrong!

7. Stop Being Impartial

At times you have to take sides because you can’t stay on fence all the time.You have to make a decision whether you are going to part of something or have made your mind to pull out.

Many people thing being neutral or impartial is a great thing but it is not. You have to unlearn being impartial and learn to take sides in your life. People fail in their lives because they simply fail to take a line.

8. It is Normal to Get Along

Again this point is quite similar to point number 6. You can’t get along with everybody. You have to decide some point in time and say no. You can’t be friends with someone who does not share your values.

You can’t get along with people who are not like minded. Getting along is not a virtue if you want to do something more in your life. So unlearn the habit of getting along with everybody.

9. Taking Unnecessary Criticism

This is also a myth that taking criticism all the time is a great thing. Criticism is really good because it helps you to change yourself in a better way. However, there is a limit to it.

You can’t keep taking on criticism for no good reason. You may lose your self-confidence. It happens many times that your boss bad mouths you all the time. You have to say no. In other words, you must stop accepting things. You are not going to take anymore.

And unlearning this habit is also very important.

10. Fear of Failing

Finally fear. Fear of anything, failing or losing something. I know no one can overcome fear and you simply can’t unlearn fear because fear is one of our basic instinct. However, you can overpower fear of failing and can get your self-confidence. You must not be afraid of taking risk. You can’t succeed if you do not experiment and do something new in your life.

So unlearn the fear of failing if it has become your habit. These were 10 things that you must unlearn now if you want to succeed at work or in your life.

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