7 Things You Should Be Doing while You’re Unemployed

You might have come across a popular saying that reads that ‘life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it’. Yes, rather than reacting to your unemployment, you will have to respond to it and should turn this period to be something fruitful.

Generally, it may take at least six months for an individual to find a new job, if he has come out of his present job for one reason or another.

But, when he attends the next interview, the first question he will be facing is ‘why did you come out of your previous job?’ When this question is asked, you should give your answer as ‘I left my job to do ……’ Yes, this dotted line should be filled by you.

Here are 7 things you can do when you are unemployed:

1. Take a temporary or contract-based agreement:

Many people will recommend you this. The reason is that this is the key to get people to see your work and your capability.

When you show up your great work, even if it is a not a permanent job, the person who was satisfied with your work is likely to recommend you for a permanent position and there are also chances that you will get similar projects again.

2. Educate yourself:

Many experts recommend unemployed people to take up a class during their unemployment period. Generally, it is recommended that for ensuring a career growth, you should never stop learning.

The more technical knowledge you have, better will be your employment opportunity. When you take up a class, it is a sign that you are serious about your career and this is the reason behind your initiative to develop your knowledge.

Taking up classes will also provide you networking opportunities.

3. Volunteer:

Hiring managers are of the opinion that volunteering work will make you more marketable. When you volunteer during the gap in your career, it will show the interviewers that you are passionate about helping others and you are ready to serve others and money is not the most important thing for you.

This is because employers not only look for people with job skills, but they also look for people with good integrity and character.

4. Start your own business:

Even though, this recommendation is given, it is something time-consuming and costly. However, if you have the means to do it, it can turn out to be a resume-booster without any doubt whatsoever.

The great thing about this option is that you can decide to work either on a part-time or full-time basis depending on the movement of your business and can accordingly make a switch over if you find that business is going on well.

Even, when you end up working for others in the future, you can learn transferable skills from your business.

You can also think of doing some online jobs which can give you additional income. There is no need for any education and qualification for this.

There are number of online jobs you can find here.

5. Start a professional blog:

Starting a professional blog can be the great way to market yourself to employers. This is because your blog will show your expertise in your niche.

In addition, it will show up your passion, interest towards gaining knowledge and your individuality as well. The potential employers will consider that you have used your job hunting period for something that you really care about (i.e.) your career.

6. Freelancing:

You can find work over the internet. There are many freelancing portals over the internet and you can register yourself in reliable portals along with your profile.

There are great chances that employers, who find your profile to be interesting, can come forward to give you, work. Even, there are great chances that you can find jobs in your own field.

For instance, if you are an accounting professional, you can look for freelancing accounting jobs, so that you will not lose tract.

7. Network:

Word of the mouth is an excellent tool that can go a great way in finding you the right job. You can just develop your network over networking sites with professionals in your niche, so that you can increase your chances of getting hired.

You can get into some open business forums and local business mixers and can chat with other people, who work in the same field like you.

When these people get to know that you are looking for the right job opportunity, there are great chances that they will let you know about job openings that you cannot find from any other sources.

So, remember that your unemployment story is not going to continue and you can find the right job, when you know how to make your moves during this tough period.

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