15 Surest Ways to Live Unhappy Life

Everyone wants to be happy. Perhaps, this is the sole purpose of our fragile life on Earth. Whatever we do, our every action is aimed at becoming happier and more content in life.

Unfortunately, some of us invite negativity and unhappiness. Sorrow or sadness does not manifest itself. It requires a wanton, conscious effort.

Defining unhappiness

Firstly, let us define happiness. Dictionaries and psychology defines happiness as a state of the mind. It means a right blend of pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentment, delight, enjoyment and satisfaction.

Unhappiness means exactly the opposite.


Indeed, unhappiness means sorrow, pain, distress, discontent, worry, apathy, dissatisfaction and lack of cheer.

Understandably, we all have pressures and stress in our lives. Nobody can deny that. Thus, anyone who claims to be happy all the time would either be stark mad, totally inebriated or superhuman.

To rise above all causes of unhappiness requires supreme effort, intense consciousness and overwhelming faith in something divine.

However, all of us can find some comfort in our otherwise mundane, insipid lives and be happy.

In spite of our best efforts to be happy, we often end up being sad for no apparent reasons. Our behavior towards ourselves and others as well as attitude towards various issues of life decide our happiness or unhappiness.

Therefore, let us examine the 15 best ways to be unhappy.

1: Imagine non-existent problems

This is the surest and most guaranteed way to lead a great, unhappy life. All of us have problems. However, you can imagine more problems and amplify your existing ones.

This helps you remain as unhappy as you wish to be. You can expand your problems using the following methods:

  • Brood over your problems round the clock.
  • Speak to people about your problems and how they affect your life.
  • Ask suggestions on how these problems can increase.
  • Imagine other problems that might arise as a consequence.
  • Think of all the bad things that can happen to you because of the problem.

2: Cry frequently over your problems

A problem over which you cannot shed volumes of tears is useless. Therefore, we suggest you always cry over your problems.

Further, the best way to cry is before spouse, children, relatives, parents, friends and colleagues.

Tell them precisely how miserable you feel because of your problems and worries.

Crying frequently before people you know has distinct advantages. It puts off people from approaching you and sends you into that wonderful loneliness.

Consequently, loneliness helps you to brood more over your problems and imagine a few more that are yet to raise their heads.

3: Find faults with everyone

Of course, nobody is perfect. Further, nobody should pretend to be perfect. Sadly, people pretend to be perfect.

You can help dispel these self-made myths in people by pointing out every single small and large defect in their character.

There is no limit to the number of faults you can find with spouse, kids, parents, relatives and friends or colleagues.

However, you need not stop here. Take every effort to point out faults to others. Further, you can broadcast the fault you find in an individual, to others as well.

Subsequently, your popularity nosedives, taking you to a new, higher level of unhappiness.

4: Set unrealistic goals

Goals are meant to be achieved. Normally, everyone would set personal goals based on existing skills, experience, resources available and needs.

However, you can go ahead and set unrealistic goals. We mean, goals that are extremely difficult to achieve, no matter what effort you exert.

Failed goals cause great levels of frustration. In fact, they help to take away the meaning of your very existence in this world.

Once you fail to attain your goals, you can experience that unparalleled sense of frustration, lack of self worth and unhappiness.

5: Complain about everything

This is something very simple to do. If it rains or snows or is too hot or cold, it is not your fault. If things do not work as you wish, you are above blame.

Thus, you have every right to complain about these things.

You can complain about everything that goes awry. Each day is richly loaded with situations and incidences where things did not pan out as we expect.

Keep complaining incessantly to everyone near you. Complaining amplifies your unhappiness.

6: Imagine illnesses and disease

This can take some time and effort. However, the unhappiness you derive makes it worthwhile. Google whatever symptoms you may have such as headache, body pain, stomach problems, allergies, fatigue and others.

Needless to say, you will find countless reasons for these symptoms.

As soon as you have zeroed on the best list of disease and ailments your symptoms indicate, believe firmly that you are suffering from these.

Tell your relatives and friends about your symptoms and afflictions. Alter your behavior to match these illnesses.

7: Get dishonest about everything

Honesty, they say, is the best policy. Sadly, honesty does not pay great dividends and can be rather boring. Instead, try being dishonest about everything. Surely, unhappiness is not far behind.

Some suggestions where you can be dishonest are

  • Hiding money from spouse and relatives.
  • Dishonesty at office by leaving work incomplete.
  • Extra-marital affairs to cheat your spouse.
  • Lying about everything or concealing the truth.
  • Painting a false image about you to others.

8: Compare your lot with others

Furthermore, you can get jealous over everything the other has. Remember, the golden rule here is to compare yourself with people whom you believe are superior to you in various aspects.

Meaning, they are socially popular, financially richer, enjoy excellent physical health, have great family life, successful at career and so on.

Invariably, jealousy is the surest way to be unhappy. Simply compare yourself with what have and the stuff you lack.

Further, become aware of why you cannot achieve those things or qualities or fame and brood over them as much as possible.

9: Neglect personal hygiene

How best to repel people than to appear shabby and smell repugnant? The best way to do this is by neglecting personal hygiene.

After all, you have a problem or several problems. Grooming and paying attention to personal hygiene will not change your situation.

Hence, why waste time and money appearing pleasant when actually you are feeling distressed and unhappy?

Do not comb your hair for a few days. Males can stop shaving and let stubble grow unchecked. Wear the same, unwashed underwear for a few days.

Do not change your clothes. Instead, you can simply sleep in the same clothes and report for work sans change. The unique benefit is, you get shunned by all people.

Further, this helps you to isolate yourself for brooding over problems and imagining more. It adds to the sense of unhappiness.

10: Become a miser

Definitely, you cannot enjoy a meal or good things in life because you are unhappy. This provides you excellent opportunities to save your precious money.

Shut yourself away from TV and radio, music and movies. Neglect meals and eat only when absolutely hungry. Moreover, eat only basic, insipid, uninspiring and tasteless food.

It heightens your sense of unhappiness.

Additionally, you can consume leftovers and stale food. A great diet of stale, rancid food gives you that sense of being unhappy by stealing every pleasure from good food and nutrition.

You can also feel unhappy knowing that your health can suffer due to such food. Similarly, use old clothes, scrimp on every expense.

11: Listen to sad music

Funeral dirges, songs about heartbreaks, renditions blaming gods for evils and woes, haunting melodies from horror movies are excellent tools to heighten your sense of sadness.

The best time to listen to these is mornings, or when you awake. Start your day with a few songs that epitomize the drudgery of life, failed love and despair.

You can continue listening to such music while commuting and during breaks. Further, you can end the day listening to funeral dirges and songs or themes from horror movies.

Blame a divine power or nature for your woes by identifying yourself as the singer.

12: Skip parties and social events

Parties, social events, festivals are all meant to cheer up people. Indeed, countries or states that have the highest number of festivals record the lowest number of psychiatric disorders like depression.

Companies that host staff parties and picnics frequently have lower attrition rates. Therefore, to be unhappy in life, simply skip as many parties, social events and picnics as you can.

Furthermore, you can also stop celebrating festivals at home. If your family is celebrating, you can simply ignore the proceedings and attend with detached mood.

In fact, staying away from parties, picnics, social events and festival heightens the sense of unhappiness.

13: Run away from problems

Every problem has a solution. Nevertheless, you can run away from problems without seeking solutions. This is rather easy to do. Some examples of running away from problems include

  • Change your spouse
  • Take another job
  • Run away from home
  • Change your location
  • Stop earning any money.
  • Just do nothing
  • Ignore the problem

A majority of people on this planet are unhappy because they cannot tackle a problem. They become oblivious to the fact that problems have solutions provided you search for them.

Instead, they focus on fleeing from a problem rather than fighting it. Thus, running away from problems ranks among the topmost contributors if you want an unhappy life.

14: Leave unpaid debts

Interestingly, unpaid debt is billed as one of the major reasons for unhappiness. Needless to say, you can also invite some legal trouble through unpaid debt.

It can involve innumerable visits to your lenders and courts.

However, unpaid debt does not imply utilities and other bills, unless you are willing to live without electricity and water. Not paying these providers will mean your power and water supply gets cut.

If you have a small debt, you can stop paying it and attract unhappiness daily.

15: Get hooked to alcohol or drugs

Now, enjoying a drink alone or with family and friends is enjoyable. However, you can reverse this trend and start drinking alone.

Better still, you can get hooked to narcotics, drugs and psychotropic substances. Of course, you need not guzzle a bottle of whisky at one go.

Instead, you could do this gradually by drinking small quantities throughout the day.

The major fallout of alcoholism is complete unmanageability over life. Contrary to popular belief, heavy drinkers and drug addicts do not enjoy the fix anymore.

They become increasingly depressed and lead unhappy lives.

Coming to brass tacks

As we mention earlier, nobody wants to be unhappy. This article is an effort to highlight some behavioral traits you may have inadvertently acquired that make your life unhappy.

We strongly recommend you do not practice any of these, unless you are off mental balance.

Instead, rid yourself of behavior since it is causing immense harm to your personal wellbeing as well as that of your friends and family.

Being unhappy requires conscious effort. However, circumstances in which we get placed sometimes, can dictate our behavior. Consequently, our behavior contributes to our sorrows.

Admittedly, some of these negative traits can prove rather difficult to eliminate. If you have already fallen victim to some of these characteristics of unhappy people, seek professional help from a counselor or psychiatrist.

The old adage

As the old adage states: “Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.” Experiences of millions of people worldwide have proved this axiom time and again.

Furthermore, most people are not interested in listening to your sob story.

Often, those who lend a sympathetic ear, secretly gloat over your problems. They derive morbid pleasure knowing that you are in trouble.

Others are simply indifferent. Happiness, they say, is an inside job. It means, you alone are responsible for your happiness. The same holds true for unhappiness.

Only your thoughts, attitudes and perceptions can make you unhappy. External factors do not play any role.


“Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anything or anyone outside ourselves will affect us.”- Stephen R. Covey


  1. We try for the most part to be happy but because of our imperfections we dwell on things we cannot correct. This makes us anxious and thus we become unhappy, however we can overcome this by remembering that being unhappy does solve our problem.

  2. Running away from problems can’t solve them rather, involving the Supreme Being can. The sad moment we have in life will always come as far as we are human. The only thing we should do is to make the problem a stepping stone to another level. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. The things mentioned here are almost correct. A person can decide personally if he or she have to be happy or unhappy in life by themselves and not anyone else can decide that. Being unhappy is much difficult a task I guess . But it starts the very moment when we loose hope yaa see things are not turning out the way we want it to be.The article was interesting as it made me think about many factors that me myself is doing unknowingly. So thanks to you for the realization that what not to do TO BE HAPPY.

  4. Life is up and downs. There is a proverb in South India in Tamil
    Nobody never enjoyed life for thirty years.
    Nobody never face defeat for thirty years.
    Take it easy and try to live in the World with happiness and without happiness.

  5. great one indeed.and i have to addd We all want to make something of our life’s,and doing something about your circumstances always has a positive outcome,if only you yourself goes the extra mile and not quit ,and once you have succeeded ,dont leave people behind.i belief ones life is changed to change peoples lifes in return,what i mean by that is that we should always worry about our neighbours,spouses and relatives,the reward we mostly need is the reward from the almighty and the more we show love and also help out others the reward becomes priceless..there for we should also care about the next person ,but also put ourselves first in doing that,becsuse in many cases we tend to help others without knowing where we are headed to with our own lives and we loose track of time or loose out on things because we are too busy pleasing other’s,we need to love ourselves the same way we love our neighbours,make something out of our lives,but always have the heart to help out;and give to our neighbours too,a selfless person has doors always opened to them.

  6. unhappiness is not a situation or condition we usually expect as human being we always want to be happy.Though when we were young, we expeerience happiness in most cases with the support of our parent.Things seem to change as we became independent and face reality of life then strange things started coming our ways.so,the we handle our challenges leads to our being happy or unhappy.what outcome we see from our daily activities we should not let it affect our emotion for there to be space for happiness in our lives. Thanks so much administration for this topic.

  7. Humm! Justice was done to how we make ourselves unhappy without knowing we are the root cause of our own unhappiness. Make yourself happy all the time no matter what comes your way. That’s the best medicine to live healthy. Thanks I enjoyed it.

  8. sir in my opinion the following is main.
    thoughts, attitudes and perceptions can make you unhappy.
    Invariably, jealousy is the surest way to be unhappy.
    with regards

  9. Coin has two side like that our life also have two side one side is happy and another side is sad. Without this two side our life is incomplete. So unhappiness is also our part of life.?

  10. It is natural for us to be unhappy. Life is like a movie you know? you will never know when will the happy moments will appear and when the happy scene came it is usually followed by negative scene in short it Life is not always bright sometimes it is dark. Just stay positive as possible.

    PS: In every Light there will always be a shadow.

  11. We live ourlives aiming to live perfectly and to be happy.And when that does not happen the way we want it to happen it truly the other way around.So true,I enjoyed it alot,it just proves that not everything cannot go according to the way we plan it.

  12. Unhappiness is common in life. Life cannot always be good all the time. Being unhappy is not only a bad thing but it also makes us conscious and prepared about what is to come. No matter how hard life gets, always be optimistic and keep moving forward.

  13. In my opinion these are the reverse the way that we should go.In some cases I believe we experience one of those but not all.As long as we have the hearth we are here to be happy.

  14. Insan ko hmesha happy e rehna chaiye b.coz 4 din ki zindgi Hy wo b agr unhappy guzry to Kya faida.problms ko Sr py swar kr k unhappy ni hna chaiye

  15. My opinion is always there are 2 sides ie,darkness and lightness,as human being we can’t be so perfect to only posses lightness features although we can try our best not to entertain darkness (unhappiness being included)
    Good news is if you have face challenge like unhappiness situations you will be more aware of it and might help you learn how to overcome it in future.
    In general we can’t stay away from unhappiness as it’s being caused by variable elements and it’s not mathematics formular that we can solve it anyhow,but we should get a habit of learning out of our mistakes and challenges and not dragging ourselves back and forth.

  16. We live ourlives aiming to live perfectly and to be happy.And when that does not happen the way we want it to happen it truly the other way around.So true,I enjoyed it alot,it just proves that not everything cannot go according to the way we plan it.

  17. Unhappiness is not only opp to happiness, it’s enemy to mankind too. The author perfectly explains how we are welcoming unhappy.No one isready to live such a Life.In this present world ? makes one not only perfect but also to think positive and makes one to take bold Soln.Getting adict to alcohol ruins the whole ? and Society.Guys don’t think of sitting alone, always make someone around You,so be happy and make others ? and the ? will be with You.

  18. Wonderfully written and so very true. I had a lot of trouble with this when I was younger. This should be available to everyone, it’s an eye opener.

  19. According to me … Happiness is simply related to positivity … You don’t need to be perfect … If your soul is not happy nd your minds think about negetive things then even your huge empire can not make u happy… So it’s all about being positivity …be positive and think positive .dont think negetive things all time…and not compairing our lives with others …… 🙂

  20. To be unhappy depends on (1) Ourselves -: The type of life we live or want to live, our behaviors and manners, how we treat or deal with others especially in the family or community, what we desire in life, our spiritual and emotional believes and practices and our personal view of ourselves.
    (2) Our Associates-: People around us ( our family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues and the community in general)
    (3) Our Environment-: Our ecosystems (like slums,refugee camps, arid and semi arid areas or warring communities or countries), the government, religious believed and practices ( religious/political/ethnic/ social divided communities or countries)
    (4) Supernatural forces-: Death of loved ones, sickness, old age or natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, floods etc)

  21. Thank you for the listings of the surest ways to become unhappy. This serves as my check list to examine myself. And I thank God because I found out that I don’t cling to any of those in the list at this time of my life though I am blind. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks alot i know now what it means to have ahappy life and am to make sure that am ahappy person the rest of my life on earth. Thats great.

  22. I wish this was available about 2 years ago. I was in a very good relationship until I started going paranoid i literally got rid of the only man that knew me inside and out and i was blaming everyone else for that. It took me 2 years to realize that I was to be blamed. For accusing him of things i though he was doing constantly nagging about things that weren’t even. Because of my past experiences he was being tormented. So I think that we should allow this 15 steps to go viral so more people young or old can see how their thoughts and actions are affecting their lives. 🙂

  23. hapiness is the ability to accept the difference challenges a human kind can encounter and creat a positive mind set towards it. each an every difficulity must be taken as oppotunity for a change.

  24. Being happy is power of soul. As now we are body concious so we define is as state of mind its our choice to be happy in any situation or to be upset and unhappy in even little trouble. Definitely there are problems in life but a powerful soul can be happy in all, can be stable always .we have to give ourself a challenge that we will never be unhappy and accept life as it is because this is beauti of life.

  25. In there is all two things are equal.sometimes we are happy or enjoy our life.are else sometimes we are so sad we don’t no what to do then we frequently cry and thought about that at a time..it’s all we are sometimes in a nice mood or in a sad….

  26. Unhappiness comes when someone failed to earn money or lose his job.to get rid of this situation the best way to give that person to earn so that he can earn his bread. To fight against the unhappiness purchasing power is first and foremst

  27. Hum apse sirf itna hi kahege life ka dusra naam un happiness h jo ki happiness se start hoti h…means insaan apne khwahish ko itna badha leta h ki jub wo kam hone lagti h to logo ko lagta h hum bahut pareshan h hamare koi fikr ni karte….humne apni puri life unhappiness me kati h esliye hame dilse yahi pasand h hum esme esliye rehna chahte h kyoki jo khuda ka ghar h waha pe bhi kuch judgement hote h unme mumma kehte h jo log pareshan hote h unko khuda zada chahta h….jinki azmaish karta h jinko pareshan karna chahta h unko khush rakhta h aur hame yakken h apne khuda par kahi na kahi wo happiness jo dikhre hoti h wo unhappiness hoti h jo logo ko dikha kar log apne ap ki insult ni karana chahte…(I AM VERY HAPPY WITH UNHAPPINESS BECAUSE GOD HELP THOSE PEOLES WHO HELP THEM SELVES☺)…..
    Thnk u

  28. Hope is the best way to move towards to success. while loosing hopes in life there is no use to live…
    Trust is our eye.. without eyes we could not find anything.. we could not find any happiness with fake people…

  29. unhappiness from my own perspective is the compilation of someone’s negative experiences and thought affecting our emotions.meanwhile unhappiness is gate gate to all kinds of ailments especially mental disorder.The best solution to unhappiness is having it in mind that everyday is a great day. Don’t think about yesterday because it has gone,don’t worry yourself about tomorrow is on a promisory note. work on today,let it be profitable and achieve greatness in order to make you happy against tomorrow.

  30. Living happy is not an point but living unhappy is broad caste .Manually we think that we are unhappy or we are in stress is major discreption.we feel unlucky or other etc.is major word comes under unhappy. So with my opinion think positive and feel like an happy. We will forget rilences of unhappy.

  31. Hi!
    The above post is an amplifying more inquisitiveness to know more about it. Moreover, this is different and opposite to what we generally often read of. Most of the time our life is filled with above-mentioned things and we live with them forever. The above things will compel us think of them and hence we should drive away all these things from our life.

  32. I found this article pretty meaningful to the present day life. The current lifestyle, relationship, technology even growth and luxury have all contributed to the cause. Present day people are defenitely much more unhappier than the previous generations.
    I also agree with the authors suggestion that this needs to be treated immediately. One unhappy man goes on to make more and more people unhappier.

  33. Unhappiness is not just about a state of mind, it also depends of our habits which we inculcated since many years now they become giant and we don’t learn how to fight with it. Your blog is too good and I feel that you have touched all area of being unhappy. It’s really worthwhile . Thanks guys for your knowledge share with us.

    • Reading the above points. The author haa highlited and defined number of negative points that represent unhappiness. It is a process which consists the elements that make us happy and unhappy. Once ww become expert by making a good compositio using it, both major feelings will start affecting us the way have set their proportion for getting the result in accordance of our dezirability.

  34. Reading the above 15 Points, I would like to comment that the author has beautifully highlighted & defined numbers of negative points that represent UNHAPPINESS. We are acting on each one, hence we are unhappy.
    Let’s understand the reasons of unhappiness & go for the solution for constant happiness.
    It is a process which consists the elements that make us happy & unhappy. Once we become expert by making a good composition using it, both major feelings (Happiness & Unhappiness) will start affecting us the way we have set their proportion for getting the result in accordance of our desirability.

  35. i am v.harishraju.i have read the post that is 15 surest ways of unhappiness.i definitely agree with those 15 ways because our attitude, thinking and perception will only results in unhappiness or happiness.no other external factors influence or it is responsible for our ultimate result.so it is our thoughts that makes us happy or unhappy.working smart and hard and working with satisfaction will lead to happiness and joy in our life.
    i have found your blog very interesting and useful.i am in requirement of online job.so kindly provide online job so that i will abide by the rules and work hard.
    Thank you

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  37. When a live is beautiful, suddenly I made mistake , big mistake, and the effect I have much bill until 2 years latter, so I need earn money more then usually, so please help me to make solution’s for this ..
    Thank you.



    “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”

    ~ Master Oogway

    “It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.”

    ~ Dale Carnegie

    Here’s what worked for me:

    Focusing on the positive. Bad stuff is always going to happen. That’s a fact of life. Instead of focusing on the negative, focus on the good. Put things into perspective and appreciate the moment for what it is.

    Remember that nothing will ever be perfect.

    Focusing on solutions, not problems. When things happen, they happen. They’re done and over with. There’s nothing we can do to change it, except focus on finding a solution. The more we complain and dwell on a problem, the longer it takes to move beyond it and the more time we spend being unhappy.

    Practicing gratitude. This has been a life-changer for me. By simply taking a few minutes each day to appreciate what I have in my life, I have become a much more positive and happy individual. Don’t take things for granted.

  39. If we keep our daily routine good , means to get up early in the morning and to go early on the need. After that Analysis the pending works and finish the same. Finish the liability as early as possible. Finish say to say work on time. Follow the successful people and believe in God always. This will keep us happy alwaya, vice versa unhappy.


  40. Inspiring write-up. Totally true. Every point is a ‘food for thought’. Thanks for sharing this reality-check article and I am glad I came across and read it.

  41. Indeed sometimes we feel happy and sad without reasons. Life is about balance. When I feel unhappy and upset about something, I just think about anything that makes me happy. I often try to reason with myself. It won’t change anything to feel unhappy. Instead try to find solutions for my
    sadness. I know it’s easy just to talk. But when that unhappy feeling comes to us, we have no choice than to be sad and sorrowful. We can cry at that moment. But don’t linger. Get up and cheer ourselves. Let’s not to choose to be unhappy. It’s not good for health.

  42. This is one of the best blogs or topics on which I had ever read.. it’s just simply awesome.. I love it..

  43. this is natural nature of all women. they always wants to live better than others. so always listen her problems and complains and try to solve them. if u are not able to solve it then tell her why u cannot able to solve her problem and try convince her. bt don’t rigid on her and always try to keep her happy because if she is happy u automatically become happy….

  44. In 15 there are 5-6 event in me. I am living because I can’t die… feeling kills me. Thinking for playing blue whale some time..
    Your post is nice and it hits deep inside heart.

  45. Being happy is up to you… do not compare to other people for what we have.. be content for what you have… be nice to other people… and be happy to other people…

  46. I really need help, I have being going through the majority of these things in my life recently. I am going through a divorce and it’s interrupting everything else in my life.

  47. I am a very big fan of your blog and always finds your posts very useful. All the points you have explained certainly .my unhappiness comes from my lovely girl is not with me how can i become happy guys.it is difficult to me.

  48. Expectations are the root of all unhappy matters .dont expect anything from anyone .Whatever happens, just think that it will never affect you.Be strong to remain happy while facing big problems.

  49. According to me … Happiness is simply related to satisfaction… You don’t need a very classy lifestyle to be happy … Even a village men living in a hut can be happy if he is satisfied with what he is having… And besides that inner peace also plays a vital role … If your soul is not happy…then even your huge empire can not make u happy… So it’s all about being satisfied…and not compairing our lives with others… 🙂 … Stay happy

  50. I am sathya ,am a student l think I have to take care of me no need to ask anything from my parents I need to pay my fees and to help my parents so plzzz help me …

  51. The main problem of UN HAPPY is mony..
    mony is the big problem in every person . . See u r lif with out money hw can live .. . K .

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  53. My wife always complain about everything happening in the life though we have everything that makes a happy life.
    She always compare to other and demands things not needed by us just because our friends & neighbours has this. And when she does not get it, she becomes extremely unhappy.
    I don’t understand how to tackle this problem. Please guide me so that we can live a happy life.

  54. I am a very big fan of your blog and always finds your posts very useful. All the points you have explained certainly leads to an unhappy life. One can find these unhappiness in every home without much reasons.

    Although sometime its difficult, but everyone must learn how to live a happy life even in the unpleasant situation.


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