Why Should You Use a Separate Resume for Private Jobs & Govt Jobs?

If you are a young college graduate, who is undecided about a job you want to choose then you must read this article.

As you know, if you have to go for a job then the first thing that you will be asked is your resume.

Stuffs like your qualification, skill set and other qualities come later because first they will look is your resume.

Hence, you might be applying for various jobs. It could be a government job or a private job in a company.

You need to bear in mind that the resume of a private job is going to be completely different from the resume of a government job.

Yes! My dear, resume does matter. There is a lot of difference between creating a resume for a government job and a private job.

Therefore, if you want to standout from rest of the candidates who are going for an interview then you need to create separate resume for both jobs.

So here are the tips to create resumes for both these sectors.

The first factor to keep in mind is the Length of the resume.

Usually length of a resume for a private job is shorter than the resume for a government job. If the length of a private resume is 2 to 3 pages then for a government job it must be 5 to 6 pages.

There is a reason for it.

In government jobs resume they would like to enquire many things. Like educational qualification whether you come under any quota or not, if yes then documents, right date of birth, other certificates etc.

You have to go through many established procedure because the person who is taking interview is a government employee. Hence he has to follow every rules and regulation. So your resume tends to be lengthy.

So, ensure that you include all these things in your resume if you are going for a government job interview.

On the other hand, private job’s resume are shorter because they only look for skills required for a particular job that they are interviewing for.

Therefore, it means they do not want long documents of any kind that are needed in government jobs.

Here, they want only skills and other technical stuffs that are important to be an efficient worker.

So the basic difference between both jobs is the length of resume.

For government job fill the resume with all the possible information and documents. While in private job resume focus more on your skills rather on length.

The second factor that differentiates the resumes for both kinds of jobs is their design. Design means how you are going to present the content of your resume.

It is wise to create private job resume in bulleted statement. It means all your unique selling points must be mentioned in a bullet style.

Your educational qualification, skills, technical knowledge, projects and experience, all should be presented using bullets.

However, if you take a resume for government job then instead of using bullet listings you should explain in long paragraph.

You have to explain your experience or other skill in great details using paragraphs.

So the basic difference is, for private it is short and to the point on the other hand for government it is long drawn.

Whenever, you create resume you should design it, the way mentioned above. These are small things but it matters a lot. It could really help you in standing out from the rest of the candidates.

Thus, design part is very important and you cannot afford to ignore it.

Next difference that you need to keep in mind is the usage of keywords.

In private job resume all the keywords are blended-in with the bullet listed statements. Hence you do not have to highlight separately.

But for a government job interview you need to take care of keywords in a special manner.

For example you have to highlight in bold capital letters like TRAINER, TEAM LEADER, DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER etc.

Special keywords should be highlighted in this way for government job resumes.

However, same thing could be avoided for private job resumes because you had already mentioned in your bulleted statement.

Focus on your right choice of keywords while creating separate resumes.

The fourth difference that you have to consider is presenting your achievements. In both cases it is going to be different.

Generally, while creating resume for private jobs you could avoid your achievements or accomplishments. You could write it but it is not that important. But yes, you can write about the other skills that may be useful for the company.

However, for government job it is advised to boldly outlay all your achievements till date. This is another reason why your government job resumes is generally different than a private job resume.

There is not any hard and fast rule but normally private companies focus more on real talent and work experience, on the other hand government interview looks more for formality like documents and other things.

The last difference would be additional information.

You could surely avoid giving additional information in a private job resume. Things which are absolutely not related to the job you are applying.

But for a government job resume you could include your other co-curricular activities or your hobbies.

Although it depends upon job to job but you could follow the general rule.

Finally in conclusion I would say there is a lot of difference between a resume for private job and a government job.

So while creating both of them you need to take care of following points like

  1. Length of the resume
  2. Design of the resume
  3. Choosing Right Keywords
  4. Mentioning Achievements
  5. Adding Additional Information

These are basic five factors you have to consider while creating a resume for both types of job.

However, as I said earlier this is not hard and fast rule but in general circumstances it is worth noticing.

It is advised that these rules may not apply for certain type of jobs because it may differ from job to job.

You could use your own common sense and create a good resume for both jobs.

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